Posted June, 2004

  • It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Courtney Dailey!

    Jun 16th, 2004  |  0 Comments

    Hey, I’m Courtney and I’m a commercial beauty photographer located in Los Angeles. I was pretty excited when Brad asked me to do a guest blog, simply because I respect the Kelby Blog and its audience so much. A bit about me: I’m originally from The Detroit Suburbs. I started my photo business in 2004,Continue…

  • It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Gisela Calitz!

    Jun 9th, 2004  |  0 Comments

    OBJECTIFY YOURSELF Enter my world cautiously, for all is not what it seems, and behind every image, there is always more than a single truth. We’re living in a world consumed by fear of the truth—but is there really such a thing as “the truth” anymore—especially in visual terms? It is fear of the unknownContinue…

  • It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Corey Lack!

    Jun 1st, 2004  |  0 Comments

    “I’ve seen the birth of three amazing boys. I married the perfect woman. I’ve been around the world, a few times. I’ve climbed mountains. I’ve failed. I’ve won. I’ve lost. I’ve fought. I’ve followed. I’ve lead. All with a camera in hand. With a love of adventure and process, I’ll embark.“ -Corey Lack Wow, whatContinue…

  • It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring James Hole!

    Jun 1st, 2004  |  0 Comments

    Firstly thanks to Scott and Brad for the opportunity, and also thanks to Glyn Dewis for introducing me. Hi Everyone, My names James Hole, I’m from Brighton, UK and I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to guest post on Scott’s blog today. I began my journey in photography at the end of 2012, when a friendContinue…