Posted April, 2007

  • The Unknown El Capitan Pano (click for larger version)

    Apr 30th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    I say “unknown” because I had forgotten I had taken it, and hadn’t run across it until yesterday while searching through my Yosemite photos for something else (the only reason I found it at all, is because immediately before I shoot a pano, I shoot a shot of my hand holding up my index finger,Continue…

  • Here’s The 8 Photos That Made Up The Pano

    Apr 30th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Here’s the eight photos (shown here in Adobe Lightroom), that make up the pano shown in the previous post. P.S. If you’re looking for the Monday News Report, you can get it in person today at the Innsbrook Island Golf Course, ’cause I’m taking a day off!! That’s right baby, I’m chasin’ the little whiteContinue…

  • I Love LA! (and other Friday News)

    Apr 27th, 2007  |  3 Comments

    I just want to thank everyone who attended the kick-off of my nationwide Lightroom Tour Live this past Wednesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center (all 800 of you!). I met so many wonderful people, I learned a lot, I saw some old friends and made some new ones. I posted a few photos aboveContinue…

  • Report from Gate 69, Airside E

    Apr 24th, 2007  |  1 Comments

    OK, this was designed to be a report from Gate 69, Airside E, but they started boarding my flight to LAX earlier than I expected, so this is now “News from Row 11, Seat C” (hey, it’s an aisle seat with an empty seat beside me—I’m not complaining). :-) Interesting tidbit about how popular LightroomContinue…

  • Photoshop TV Shopping Spree at B&H (Photo Contest)

    Apr 23rd, 2007  |  0 Comments
  • Monday News Update

    Apr 23rd, 2007  |  1 Comments

    Good Morning everybody! I’m just finishing off some work today, then I’m off to LA at the “crack of dawn” to kick off my nationwide Lightroom tour, but until then here’s what’s goin’ on: The “Photoshop Guys” are holding their first photography contest, and it’s called “The Photoshop TV Shopping Spree at B&H Photo,” andContinue…

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