Posted September, 2007

  • Q&A on my Nikon D3 Experience

    Sep 25th, 2007  |  3 Comments

    Thanks to everybody who posted questions, emailed me directly, or called me on the phone with your D3 questions. Disclaimer: Since I don’t work for Nikon, these are not in anyway official answers; just my take on the camera after spending a few days in the field with it, and my answers may not correlateContinue…

  • Air Travel Just Got Worse for Photographers

    Sep 25th, 2007  |  4 Comments

    I wound up getting stuck overnight in Minneapolis/St. Paul due to a late flight that caused me to miss my connection back to Tampa (thanks Northwest Airlines, which not only made me miss my connection, but then wouldn’t release my own luggage to me, or provide me with a room, or well…pretty much anything. ItContinue…

  • Fielding Your Questions on the Nikon D3

    Sep 24th, 2007  |  8 Comments

    I’ve had a number of posts and emails about my experience with the new Nikon D3 this past week, and to make sure I address the questions you want answered about the new camera, so I invite you to post questions here (in the comments section of this post), that you’d like me to takeContinue…

  • Another Stream Shot From Montana

    Sep 24th, 2007  |  2 Comments

    Here’s another from my Montana workshop (click on it for the larger version, which looks much better). I only had time to go through a few of the shots I’ve taken, because we had been going nonstop from dawn till late at night, but I took this one last night, as we returned to theContinue…

  • Shooting After Dark

    Sep 24th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    SPECS: Taken using the same D200, and the same 70-200mm VR lens as the previous post, but I only pushed in to 130mm. I set the camera to Manual mode at f/22 with a 20 second exposure (which wasn’t enough. I should have stuck with 30 seconds). It was so dark outside by the timeContinue…

  • A Pano From One of my Students

    Sep 24th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    During my GAPW Workshop (with famous landscape photographer Bill Fortney) this past week out in Montana’s Glacier National Park, I showed my students how easy it is to shoot and stitch a panorama, thanks to Photoshop CS3′s incredible Photomerge feature (which incorporates the mind-blowing Auto Align and Auto Blend features). I gave my students theContinue…

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