Posted November, 2007

  • It’s Unexpected “No Blog” Tuesday

    Nov 27th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Hi Everybody: So sorry there’s no real blog post today. I’m up in DC for my Power Tour seminar today, and I thought I’d have time to put up a decent post, but unfortunately time got away from me. So, thanks for stopping by “Unexpected No Blog” Tuesday here at the Photoshop Insider, and we’llContinue…

  • Monday News Fix

    Nov 26th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Before we jump right in; today I’m on my way up to Washington, DC for this year’s last stop of my “Photoshop CS3 Power Tour” seminar (which is tomorrow at the Washington DC Convention Center). If you’d like to join me tomorrow (and around 750 of my new best friends), you can sign up atContinue…

  • Food For Thought From One of Today’s Hottest Photographers

    Nov 23rd, 2007  |  1 Comments

    I read a really fascinating article in the November 2007 issue of “Digital Photo Pro” magazine, about photographer and Photoshop retoucher Gary Land. He is just an absolutely amazing celebrity and sports photographer who captures the biggest stars for everything from Rebok ads to editorial spreads in the biggest national magazines, and he is definitelyContinue…

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Nov 22nd, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Hi everybody. As anyone who knows me would tell you, I’m the happiest, most blessed guy in the world, with so much to be thankful for, and today I’m taking today off to spend it with the people who made me that way. Here’s wishing you and yours a day filled with the warmth andContinue…

  • Volume 2 of my Digital Photography Book

    Nov 21st, 2007  |  0 Comments

    This week I’m just wrapping up the writing and shooting for the soon to be released, “The Digital Photography Book, Vol 2,” which pretty much picks up where Vol. 1 left off. I built the book on feedback from readers of the first book, who asked things like, “Can you do the same thing forContinue…

  • Stuck for a Holiday Gift? I Bet They’ll Like This!

    Nov 21st, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Last year, I got a B&H Photo Gift Card from one of my buddies, and I have to say, I was just ecstatic! Since they carry about every thing any photo or graphics geek could ever want, it’s pretty much “a lock” that it will go over big. Anyway, they start at $20 and headContinue…

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