Posted February, 2008

  • The Book Report

    Feb 18th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    I’ve got a bunch of book news, so I thought I’d put it all in one quick post, so here goes: Joe McNally’s landmark book, “The Moment it Clicks” is already sold out just about everywhere, and the publisher has already gone back to press for a 2nd printing to print another 25,000 copies, soContinue…

  • Friday News Wrap-up (and a “Scott Thinks It’s Hot” Award Winner!)

    Feb 15th, 2008  |  1 Comments

    Hi everybody. I’ve been in Vegas all this week, first for some business, then I took a few days off with my wife and some friends to just hang out and see some shows (saw Cirque du Soleil’s “Love” show Wed. night, featuring the music of The Beatles and it was just unbelievable!!! My favoriteContinue…

  • Thursday’s Industry Communiqué (For Lover’s Only!)

    Feb 14th, 2008  |  1 Comments

    When you’ve been writing news every Thursday since 2005, sometimes you just have to call it something other than just the “Thursday News,” so since it’s Valentine’s Day I came up with this name, which includes just a hint of French (the international language of love. Hey, my first thought was to call it “ThursdayContinue…

  • The “Missing Episode” on Fox Business (Update)

    Feb 13th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    OK, I just found out why the show didn’t air last night, but I actually have good news. Here’s how it was explained to me: “A 24 hour period of 5am to 5am is a day of programming for them.  So when they said 1:30am on Wednesday it actually falls on Thursday at 1:30am whichContinue…

  • Taken “The Day Before…”

    Feb 13th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    Jeff Revell over at PhotoWalkPro had a post last week that left me speechless. It was a series of ads for the Cape Times newspaper (in Cape Town, South Africa) that showed photos taken the day before tragic losses of human life. The one above, from that series, has the caption, September 10, 2001 (I’mContinue…

  • Tuesday News Nuggets (including my pick for Photoshop Book of the Year)

    Feb 12th, 2008  |  1 Comments

    If there is some lingering question in your mind of what’s actually in a “McNugget,” then one can only imagine what’s in a “News Nugget.” Well, imagine no more, friends; here’s a tasty box of Tuesday News Nuggets (now with added nutrients and infused with a hint of magnesium and zinc): OK, it’s pretty clearContinue…

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