Posted May, 2008

  • It’s “Guest Blog Wednesday” featuring Vincent Versace

    May 21st, 2008  |  1 Comments

    Before I begin my blog I would like to deeply thank Scott for the opportunity to be the first guest blogger. I am honored in a way that words seem lacking to express the depth of how I feel. I would also like to set the tone of “Guest Blog Wednesday” which is to notContinue…

  • Tomorrow: The End of No-Blog Wednesday!

    May 20th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    That’s right, starting tomorrow I’m replacing “No-Blog” Wednesday with (wait for it, wait for it…) “Special Guest Blogger” Wednesday! Each Wednesday I’ll be featuring a special guest blogger and I’m honored to announce that we’re kicking things off tomorrow with the man who convinced me to to start “Special Guest Blogger Wednesday;” celebrated photographer andContinue…

  • Tuesday News Nuggets

    May 20th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    It’s time for a fresh bowl of crunchy news nuggets (now with more lightly sweetened multi-grain oat clusters, and added Beta-carotene): Now, I haven’t had a chance to research this one myself, but one of my readers posted a comment about a “Photographer’s Rights Protest” (scheduled to take place on June 1st, in LA). Here’sContinue…

  • My Day With Jay

    May 19th, 2008  |  9 Comments

    When I was up in New York a couple of weekends ago to take that workshop from Lou Manna, I got the incredible opportunity to spend the day before shooting the streets of New York with a true living legend; Jay Maisel. I’ll describe it to you the same way I described it to myContinue…

  • Live Portrait Shoot With The Westcott Spiderlite TD5′s

    May 16th, 2008  |  2 Comments

    I’ve been getting so many questions, and requests for more information on the Westcott Spiderlite TD5 lighting Kit that I used on my Lightroom Live! Tour, that we put together a short demo video (below) to show them in action, and tell you the story of how I wound up using the TD5′s, and howContinue…

  • Friday News Quickies

    May 16th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    Here’s a couple of quickies to wrap up the week: First, thanks to my blog reader Bill Dragga, who sent me the hilarious movie poster spoof you see above (and was kind enough to allow me to post it here), based on Matt, RC, and my experience at the tripod-weary Marriott Marquis in Times Square.Continue…

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