Posted June, 2008

  • Your Final Votes Are in: Here’s “The Top 10 Things You Want Most In The Next Version of Photoshop”

    Jun 30th, 2008  |  11 Comments

    Over 2,500 of you voted on Friday’s survey. Here are the top 10 results, in order by popularity: Interesting stuff to note: You didn’t ask for wild new features, and stuff Photoshop can’t already do; instead you just asked for improvements to things Photoshop can already do. A lot of things you asked for, canContinue…

  • How I Did Those Italy Calendar Layouts, Step-by-Step

    Jun 30th, 2008  |  2 Comments

    I had so many questions and requests to show how I made those calendar layouts last week using photos from my vacation to Italy, that I’m going to give you a step-by-step on how it was done (and how to make your own). Now, before I go any further; most of this was done usingContinue…

  • Time to Vote For Your Top 10 “Most Wanted” Photoshop Features (see yesterday’s post for details)

    Jun 27th, 2008  |  0 Comments


  • Italy Photos, Part IV (Final Set)

    Jun 27th, 2008  |  2 Comments
  • The Day Before Photoshop World…

    Jun 27th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    Last year we had a number of disappointed people who found out too late that a Photoshop World pre-conference workshop they wanted to attend was sold out, so I’m just giving you a heads up now—-they’re gonna sell out, so if you want to go to one, you need to snag your spot now. [Note:Continue…

  • The Initial Results Are In For “How to Get Exactly What We Want in The Next Version of Photoshop…”

    Jun 26th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    A couple of weeks back, I ran an article called “How to get exactly what we want in the next versions of Photoshop and Lightroom” (here’s the link), and in it I floated this fairly “out there” concept: Imagine if Adobe agreed to contact it’s registered Photoshop users to find out exactly which features theyContinue…

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