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First, I want to thank everybody who came out yesterday to help launch my new Lightroom 2 Tour in Dallas (photo above from yesterday's event; by Jeff Leimbach). Anytime you launch something of this scale, it makes you hold your breath a little, but we had a really great day, and the people in Dallas were incredibly gracious, polite, and just plain fun to spend the day with. They were especially patient when, for some reason, my seasonal allergies kicked in big time right before lunch and I nearly blew out the overhead speakers a few times with coughs and sneezes that came on before I could hit the mute button. Despite all that, the real challenge of the day was fitting all the new Lightroom 2 stuff in to a full-day that was already packed to the gills (we actually ended the day…

Hi everybody! It's Monday, and while it's not a happy day to be a Tampa Bay Sports fan (I watched my Bucs lose live at Texas Stadium, and then went back to my hotel room and watched the Tampa Rays lose another World Series game on TV), I can overlook that for now, 'cause it's time for the news: If you've got a friend into photography; have I got a perfect Holiday Gift for them; Barnes & Noble has put together a special "Boxed Set" of my book, "The Digital Photography Book," where you get both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, along with a set of four 5x7 prints, for just $35.96 (even less if you're a B&N member)--that's it pictured above. You can get this specially boxed set at any Barnes & Noble store, or online at Barnes & (link). They printed…

A great day at the show yesterday; I did three demo sessions (that's me above during my gig at the Adobe booth---photo by Ted Waitt); met some great people, saw some old friends; made some new ones; had dinner with some good friends at my favorite restaurant: Carmine's on West 44th in Manhattan, then watched the Rays win. I'm totally beat, but what a great way to spend the day! :) I didn't get much time to visit booths today, but here's what I saw that was creating a buzz: The Epson booth was insane, and their new printers were getting a lot of attention. When I went by, I saw a long line, and followed it up to the front and found out why; Joe McNally was signing prints. Stopped by the Bogen Imaging Booth (or should I say, "booths" because they had…

Hi folks! It's Thursday, here's what's up: First, a big thanks to Rich Harrington for his excellent Guest Blog yesterday. You can see how much time and thought Rich put into that post, and from the wonderful comments he got, you can see the impact what he shared will have on many users. Nice job, Rich (as always). :) Adobe has released a free update to Lightroom 2, and Camera Raw 5, which includes supports for new cameras, and in Lightroom's case, a few bug fixes are included as well. You can download the free updates from Adobe (here's the link). Big News: Michael Tapes (and the crew at Imagenomics) have released an update to the incredibly hot new utility "Instant JPEG from Raw." The update (like the utility itself) is free with added camera supports and some minor fixes. Download it free from…


Regaining Your Digital Life
So You Can Have More of a Personal Life

I frequently find myself scratching my head…why is it that each new tool that is supposed to save us time seems to keep us occupied more often. The more people try to enhance their productivity, the more likely they are to stay attached to their computers. This is really a shame as the goal is to get more time back, more time for shooting, more time with family and friends, or even just more time to sleep.

I make my living being fast in Photoshop. Whether it's for clients who hire my shop to create broadcast graphics and multimedia projects or for those who read my books and watch the weekly podcasts. It is my job to get things done… in this spirit, let me share ten things you can do to speed up Photoshop and carve out more time for your personal life. On their own, not one of these are not going to change your world, but together you'll find yourself with literally hours freed up each week.


Scratch Disk & RAM
For many of us, the days of RAM costing as much as the computer seem like recent memories. I remember buying my first Mac clone for my startup business, a Power Computing tower. The RAM cost more than the computer. Hard drives weren't much better.

Just last week, we added a new Mac Pro to the office. A quick online shopping experience and we added 8GB of RAM for $269 and 1 TB if internal storage for $145. The cost to take the machine to screaming fast? About $425 with next afternoon delivery. That's not to say you should go crazy with upgrades, but $400 well spent makes the machine significantly faster at opening files and managing memory.

While we are on the topic, if you are going to Photoshop CS4, be sure your graphics card is beefy with Open GL support and you'll see a much more responsive Photoshop.


Shoot Raw and Use Camera Raw, Lightroom, or Aperture
I am continually amazed at how many people do not shoot Raw, and I mean just Raw. I

If you're a NAPP member, not only will NAPP have a booth on the show floor at PPE, we've arranged a special deal where NAPP members can get a FREE expo pass (you can click here for the link to sign up free as a NAPP member, but you have to use the special VIP code which is posted on the NAPP member Website). We are also offering a special deal where, if a member brings by a non-member and they join, the referring member gets a free book or DVD of their choice. Sweet! NAPP's Executive Director, Larry Becker, will be in the booth (along with some other NAPP folks), so if you see our booth, be sure to give Larry some love.)