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Hey gang, Brad here with some quick news:

David Ziser will be doing a webcast TODAY at 2PM Eastern called Building Lifelong Clients, presented by Animoto, that you won’t want to miss!

Here’s a quick description:

What’s the easiest sale to make?  One with a client you already have.

Perfect the softer side of your marketing from internationally renowned photographer (and founder of DigitalProTalk), David Ziser in this free webinar!

A master of client relationships, David Ziser has been a leading photographer and educator in the industry for over twenty years.  His 2009 Digital WakeUp Call tour was called the best of the year and one of the best digital photography seminar series ever.

Recently, David produced the book Captured by the Light, the Essential Guide to Extraordinary Wedding Photography.

After David shares his expertise, Animoto will do a quick walk through of the video creation and sharing process.

This webinar is free, but space is limited, so sign up now!

Rim Light, A Page from Avedon’s Book

Richard Avedon has captured my imagination ever since my dad bought me my first camera. At 16 years old, I wasn’t savvy enough to know how he created such compelling and visually stunning portraits – all I knew was I couldn’t stop looking at his images and felt an immediate, spellbinding connection with his subjects. Over the years, I’ve studied and learned a lot about his technical style, and one of the most important is rim lighting – a skill all portrait photographers should incorporate into their arsenal of tricks.

Sometimes called “back light” or “hair light,” rim light creates a silhouette of light around the side or top of a subject, without illuminating the background. This light allows the viewer to visually separate a subject from the background. A subtle sheen around the silhouette of a subject can be achieved by placing an artificial lighting source behind a subject or by placing the subject in front of the setting sun. A master at rim light, Avedon uses lighting techniques that give his human characters an exceptional and differential depth.

Taking a page from Avedon’s book, I consider lighting one of my most important technical investments. I have been consistently amazed by people’s positive reactions to lighting in my portraits. I believe our eyes and minds are wired to look for depth in every photograph – and lighting can completely change your perception of the entire composition of the image and the depth of the characters.

I’m fondest of Avedon’s early years, when he often used soft, blurry rim effects in his famous fashion portraiture. Artists have a tendency to mimic their heroes and I, too, often steer toward less extreme, softer set-ups. In the following photograph, I used the after hours, early evening sun as rim – using a 4×6” zebra California Sunbounce as the key light and natural ambient light as the fill. Notice that the rim light helps the viewer focus on the human subjects before identifying with the surrounding environment. The result is a soft, romantic portrait of a couple doused in a sheen of natural light in a vineyard – and it’s just so beautiful.

I’ve learned the hard way, however, that I should step out of the box and try something other than what I’m naturally inclined to do. My lighting director is extremely passionate about lighting (duh) and has taught me to be more adventurous with different kinds of lighting. Thanks to him, I’ve experimented with artificial light to create stronger rim light in some of my shots – which instantly creates a completely different emotional effect. In the following photograph, I used a hard rim light set at about 1 f/stop higher than the key light softbox. The rim light was actually tucked into an alcove behind the bar. This prevents lens flare while creating a golden glow on the silhouette of the model’s hair.

There is no hard and fast rule about how you should use rim light. You should have a vision and design your shot using your available tools and techniques. This might mean adjusting the placement of the rim light, having more rim light, or using natural ambient light (instead of an additional fill light) to complement the rim effect. I meter all my shots; this makes it easier for us to compose the shot again – or know how much we have to modify.

The most important thing is to define your style as a photographer and let your style define what tools and techniques you use in each shoot. For Avedon, it was always more about the emotional darkness and lightness of his human subjects and less about the technical setup. Create a lighting style that best represents your own artistic sense, but don’t be afraid to change it up. You’ll be surprised at some of the shots you will get.

You can see more of Catherine’s work at, keep up with her on her blog, see her on TWiT Photo, follow her on Twitter, and find her on Facebook.

Matt Kloskowski’s new book, Photoshop Compositing Secrets, is now available for pre-order on!

Matt will be signing the pre-order copies, AND if you order by July 31st, you get to partake in the “Christmas in July” promotion (3 free sale DVDs with any regularly priced book, DVD or bundle order) – so your order will include a signed Compositing Secrets book and three free DVDs.  (Remember though, that Matt’s book doesn’t ship until mid-August, so your DVDs and book will all be sent in the same order.)

So head on over to to reserve your copy today!

Greetings from Canada! Brad here with this week’s pimpy news. Let’s get to it:

Sallee Nordstrom Tour featuring Scott Kelby in Atlanta
Scott Kelby will be the featured speaker for the Atlanta stop of the Sallee Nordstrom Tour on August 15! Scott will be teaching lighting, shooting, and retouching during his session, while JB & DeEtte Sallee and Lori Nordstrom will be covering topics ranging from client relations, marketing ideas, pricing for profit, album designs, and plenty of other topics every portrait and wedding photographer needs to know.

The tour is hitting plenty of other cities and features other guest speakers like Joe Buissink, Skip Cohen, Sal Cincotta, and lots of other great instructors! Click here to register for Atlanta on August 15, or any of the other upcoming cities!

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! in Orlando & Miami
As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I’m in Canada with Scott for his Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! tour stops in Calgary (today) and Vancouver (Friday). Between these two seminars, there will be over 900 photographers in attendance!

Next month we’ll be heading to sunny Orlando on August 5 and Miami on August 22. Make sure you head over to for all the info and to register, and make sure you check out the feedback from attendees on the bottom left of the page :)

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Hands-On!
Want to some hands-on experience with Scott Kelby’s Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. seminar? You’ll have the opportunity when he takes part in the Dave Cross Workshops on July 29 in Tampa, FL! Scott will walk attendees through multiple lighting setups, and they’ll have the opportunity to photograph models using those setups, then walk through retouching their photos as Scott guides them along.

Do you teach Photoshop?
NAPP is looking to find new ways to help support college instructors and professors as they teach the power of Photoshop, so we sent out a survey to members with an educational membership on Monday. If you are a teacher and/or trainer of Photoshop, and didn’t get the survey by email, we’d like your input too. The survey is short and should take 5 minutes or less. Please complete the survey by midnight Friday, August 5 EST.
In Setup, Shoot, and Photoshop: Creating A Commercial Photography Package, Jim DiVitale shows you the basics of putting together a complete photo package for a local business. From interior shots of the business, to headshots of the owner and staff, Jim covers everything you’ll need to provide materials for business cards, websites, and commercials!

In Using The Pen Tool in Photoshop, RC Concepcion walks you through everything you need to know to take full advantage of one of Photoshop’s most powerful tools.

Calvin Hollywood Wokingham Workshop
Calvin Hollywood is teaching a hands-on workshop in Wokingham, UK on August 27 & 28. On the first day, he’ll cover photography and studio lighting, where he’ll walk you through developing a concept, setting up and organizing the shoot, working with the talent, different lighting styles, and more!

On the second day, he’ll cover his Photoshop workflow for RAW processing, skin and beauty retouching, compositing, developing creative styles, and the details of his “freaky detail” techniques!

Click here for all the info and to sign up (there are only a few spots left, so don’t wait!)

Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet App
Rick Sammon has added a “baker’s dozen” of lighting tips to his app, Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet. Rick shows you simple ways to get the most out of your lights in this app. Check out his site for a full list of tips, plus a sample tip on using a grid spot for dramatic lighting effects.

That’s it for today. Check back in tomorrow for a report from Scott on shooting around Banff National Park and the Calgary Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! seminar :)

It’s strange how life comes full circle when you least expect it. I was born and raised in South Florida into a family with a long history of fishing, surfing and diving. My deep respect for the ocean and the life that inhabits the majestic waters came from my father, who also spent his formative years enjoying Florida beaches. Little did I know my two passions, the ocean and photography, would collide.

Surfing kept me out of trouble in my teens, which eventually led to a 10-year career as a professional surfer. When reality set in and I realized I needed to get a “real” job, I knew the cubicle life wasn’t for me. Photography had always been a hobby, but when I focused on making my hobby a career, the stars aligned and doors opened that I never dreamed possible.

By my mid-20s, I had earned positions shooting sports photography with the Sun Sentinel, Getty and Reuters. Some of it had to do with talent, but most of it had to do with luck. I shot a handful of Superbowls, Stanley Cups, NBA Finals and MLB World Series. During this time, I fell in love with the science of lighting and found a talent for shooting portraits of athletes. There is nothing in the world that comes close to capturing a thought, feeling or personality when the light hits the subject just right. It’s all about chasing moments…

I bought my first Ikelite underwater housing for a side project I wanted to do while spending quality time with my dad fishing and diving. I wanted to find out if I could capture the same type moments with fish, rather than people. My first underwater portrait was a mahi-mahi about 30 miles off of Fort Lauderdale. When I got home and viewed the images from that day, I was hooked.

It took time to perfect my technique, but I quickly learned that I only had a split second to get the right shot. There was never room for hesitation. Capturing the distinct details of an individual fish quickly became an obsession. Each fish has unique differences. These differences set them apart from the rest of the school.

It’s not always easy and there have been many fishing trips when I came home with nothing. It can be extremely difficult to get a shot because I have to get within two to three feet of the fish. The fish also have to be close enough to the surface to get enough light to capture the brilliance of each fish’s coloring.

Although I don’t have fear while I am taking the portraits, I look back at times and wonder where I found my courage. On one outing, I was even able to jump in the water with two big eye threshers. One measured 14 feet and the other one measured 16 feet. There have been a few bites and a couple close encounters, but I am thankful that fish and sharks are usually more curious than aggressive.

The key to taking great photos is finding the adventure in every moment. Whether you are shooting sports, weddings or fish, there is always an adventure waiting and a story to be told.

You can see more of Jason’s work at, follow him on Twitter, find him on Facebook, and keep up with him on his blog.

Hey gang, Brad here with this week’s edition of Pimpy Thursday!


It’s “Christmas in July” at Kelby Training Books!
Ok, we know… that whole “Christmas in July” thing always feels a little silly. I mean, who likes singing carols when it’s 95 degrees outside? However, there’s one thing that’s never silly, and that’s PRESENTS! So from now until July 31, when you buy any regularly priced book, DVD, or special bundle from Kelby Training, we’ll throw in 3 free DVDs!

No codes and no special links necessary. Just make a purchase and poof! “Christmas in July!” Well, ok, there’s a couple catches. We get to choose the DVDs, and they will be from our sale-priced DVDs. We can pretty much guarantee that one of them will be the Best of Photoshop User – The 12th Year DVD, and no returns, trade-ins, special requests or whining is allowed :) But hey! That’s still a whole lot of extra training. Plus, if you already own one of the DVDs you get, you now have an instant re-gift!

Wallpaper of the Week
Be sure to check out the Wallpaper of the Week on the members home page. Each week an image from a NAPP member will be featured as the wallpaper of the week, so if you see something you like for your desktop, iPad, iPhone or other device – grab it!

Armed Forces Discount
As a way of saying “thanks” to our armed forces, NAPP would like to extend a $20 discount to every new or renewed NAPP member actively serving in our armed forces. Visit this page for complete details, and please feel free to share this via your referral program. If you know of an active duty serviceman or woman who is into Photoshop, a digital membership will put Photoshop User magazine right on their laptops, iPhones and iPads no matter where in the world they are.
Corey Barker is back with his latest class, Photoshop CS5 In-Depth: Interface and Preferences. He’ll show you how to save workspaces and customize Photoshop so you can optimize the time you spend working for maximum productivity.

Kelby Training Live
In addition to Scott Kelby’s Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! Tour, you can also catch Fay Sirkis on the road with The Art of Photo Painting with Photoshop CS5 Tour! She’ll be in Washington, DC on July 29, and in Los Angeles, CA on August 3. You can get all the details over at

Special Deal for Nik Software and OnOne Software from Acme Educational
Speaking of Vincent Versace, he and the team at Acme Educational have teamed up with Nik Software and OnOne Software to offer you a 10% discount on their products! Just use the coupon code ACME when you’re making your purchase.

The discount doesn’t apply to Nik Software’s third party products or specials (like the current $100 off Color Efex Pro 3.0 Complete or $60 off HDR Efex Pro), but everything else is fair game!

$100 Off Design Services for Photographers at
Through the end of July, the team over at is offering $100 off graphic designs for photographers! If you’re not familiar with them, they let you upload your photos to one of their design templates for brochures, business cards, newsletters, and display banners, then print and deliver them to you. Then you turn around and use those items to wow your clients, and increase sales!

Blog Collage from Fundy Software
Fundy Software, Inc. has just released its latest product, Blog Collage – ­the fastest way to create stunning collages for a blog or Facebook marketing needs. Features include designing for any blog/web width easy branding with logos using color or transparent backgrounds creating dynamic layouts with easy design and unlimited module combinations, and auto-saving for the web. You can see Blog Collage in action over at

That’s it for this week. Have a great Thursday!