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  • Posts By Scott Kelby

    I'm coming to Boston for one day only, with my Photoshop CS3 Power Tour seminar, and I hope you can make it, 'cause we're going to be doing some very cool stuff with Photoshop CS3, Camera Raw 4.1, and the whole ball of wax (whole ball of wax?) The full day seminar (produced by NAPP, and sponsored by Adobe), is $99 bucks for the day event, or if you're a NAPP member it's only $79. In this day, I only focus on the most important, most useful, and the easiest (and most fun) ways to get the most of your time in Photoshop CS3, and you'll learn lots of timesaving/jobsaving techniques, and we'll generally have a blast. Here's the link where you can sign up or get more details. Hope I'll see you up in Boston! :-)

    Here's a quick look at what's up: Our buddy Jim Dalrymple (over at Macworld.com), has put together a great piece on Adobe's 25th anniversary, with a look back at their amazing history, how they got where they are, their relationship with Apple, and where they're going in the future. It's a great read, so check it out right here. Want to do something really important today? Stop what you're doing, and go right now and back up all the digital photos on your computer. It'll probably take you 10 minutes to back them up to an external hard drive, but trust me--one day you'll be really, really amazingly glad you did. NikSoftware has a pretty nice online newsletter that they publish monthly, and it includes some news, tutorials on their products, they feature a photographer each issue, and overall it's very nicely done. Definitely…

    Here's some crunchy Tuesday news (now with more fiber): I saw this last week on Photojojo.com, and then I got numerous posts and emails about it, so I finally had to try it, and I have to tell you---it's pretty darn cool. It's called "Animoto" and it's a site that creates music-video style slideshows of your uploaded images, and it does it in a very clever, very automated, very MTV-like way.Here's the link to their site; check out their demo, and then upload some of your own images. If you want to see where the future of online services is going; this is just a glimpse. Cool stuff for sure! There's a great article over at LayersMagazine.com from Janine Warner, called, "The Making of a Great Photography Website: Three Distinct Approaches," and it's really quite brilliant (and so is Janine. She was one of…

    OK, the headline makes it sound more dramatic than it really was; I was searching through Lightoom for a shot I took out in Utah's Monument Valley (Click for a much larger version). The only reason I found this pano at all was that I use a little trick so I can spot panos while searching through hundreds of thumbnails: Right before I start shooting my pano, I hold my index finger up in front of the lens and I crank off a shot (that lets me know where the pano starts). Then I shoot the pano (this one was made up of 10 shots), and after the last shot, I hold two fingers up in the front of the lens and crank off another, to let me know that I've reached the end of my pano. That way, when scrolling through hundreds of…

    One of the big announcements made at Photoshop World from our company was the launch of KelbyTraining.com (that's me above, in front of the Kelby Training booth at Photoshop World --photo by Jeff Greene). You can read the official press release here, but if you'd rather hear the plain-English scoop straight from the horse's mouth (so to speak); here it is: If you wanted to go to one of my live seminars, you went over to PhotoshopSeminars.com, and if you wanted one of my DVDs, you went to PhotoshopVideos.com, and if you wanted one of my books, then you could go to ScottKelbyBooks.com and if you wanted to take one of my online courses, you'd have to go to PhotoshopTraining.com, but if you wanted a copy of Layers Magazine (I'm the mag's Publisher), then you'd have to head over to LayersMagazine.com, and…well, we were…

    Hi Everybody. I didn't expect for this to be a "No Blog" Monday, but I was up all night finishing up a project (more on this soon), and now I'm in a meeting, and everyone's staring at me because they're talking and my laptop is open and I'm typing. I'll be back tomorrow, cause I've got lots of news, and a pano from Monument Valley I found yesterday while looking for something else. Have a great "no Blog" Monday! :) -Scott Blogging, but not really