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  • Posts By Scott Kelby

    It's a great Monday (ya know, for a Monday), and here's what's goin' on: Photoshop and Politics: check out this article from the UK's Telegraph, about how the French President's love handles were retouched away for a recent article (complete with before and after examples. Thanks to Carl for turning me on to this one). Check it out here. Want some Photoshop inspiration to kick off your Monday right? Check out the amazing retouching, CGI, and photography of Rocket Studios. This is just some amazing work (check out their different portfolios---you will be amazed and inspired for sure). Here's the link to RocketArt.com. Enjoy! More than 500 photographers will be learning the "New Digital Photography Workflow," using Lightroom and Photoshop CS3 with me this Thursday in Chicago at my Lightroom Live Tour. We're almost sold out---if you want to go, you can snag one…

    After I posted my field report on Friday about my experience with the Gitzo Traveler Tripod, I received a wave of posts, calls, and emails from other Traveler users and not a single one was having the leg slipping problems I was having. So my problem is either (a) operator error (meaning I'm doing something wrong), or (b) there's something wrong with my individual tripod, which admittedly could have been caused by "a." I've talked with the folks at Gitzo since then, and I'm sending the tripod back to Gitzo for their tech's to figure out what the problem is (I'm really hoping it's not operator error. I don't want to be known as the guy who couldn't figure out how to use his tripod). I also learned, after talking with Gitzo directly, that the Traveler doesn't use the same G-lock system as my…

    Here's another field report from my trip out West: I'll start with the Gitzo Traveler tripod. This is a kind of a weird review for me, because I've really become attached to this tripod to the extent that I wouldn't want to be without it. But on the other hand, it's got one thing that really bugs me, and it's so expensive that I'm not sure I can justify its cost. So, here's my report: The Traveler is just amazingly light (even lighter than I had imagined). It's fun to hand it to other photographers and watch them laugh and shake their heads at its light weight (even with a BH-40 ballhead attached). When collapsed, it's as small as it is light, and I can't imagine what Gitzo could do to make it smaller or lighter. It easily supports a heavy Nikon D2X and…

    Hi everybody! Here's the Thursday stuff: It's been a big week for both Canon and Nikon who intro'd lots of very, very cool stuff. On Monday Canon kicked things off by introducing the long rumored 10 Megapixel 40D, and the new 21 Megapixel EOS-1DS Mark III, along with some very sweet lenses.Then today, Nikon announced their new 12 Megapixel D300, and supercharged D3, along with some (you guessed it), very sweet lenses (Fast VR supertele's and zooms). Right now I'm shooting both Nikon and Canon gear so this has been a really great week for me!!! I'm totally psyched!!!Check out Rob Galbraith's site or DPreview for all the details on one of the most exciting weeks in DSLR history! Hey, this is cool; my Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers was on CNN. OK, it wasn't quite as cool as it's sounds---Mike Mackenzie (one of…

    It's Wednesday everybody, and you know what that means? That's right, it's not Tuesday anymore. Here's the latest: Very interesting article over at the UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper on how everyone is getting their photos retouched these days---not just the big celebrities. The article is titled, "My brush with absolute perfection" and a great example accompanies the article. Click here to read it online. Our buddy Jason Moore, over at Soup Questions, has an online interview with one of our favorite guys: Photoshop Project Manager John Nack. It's a quick read, and gives some great insight into one of the most fascinating and brilliant individuals in our industry. Take a moment to read it right here. Photographer and author Derrick Story just posted another episode of his popular Podcast "The Digital Story," and the focus of this one is helping you build your own…

      My buddy Matt Kloskowski just released a kick-butt training DVD on Lightroom, called "Photoshop Lightroom Basic Training" (Matt is the guy behind the incredibly popular "Lightroom Killer Tips" weekly video podcast.). This 2-hour DVD takes you from start to finish, in workflow order, and teaches you how to get up and running in Lightroom fast. Highly recommended for anyone who's ready to make the jump to Lightroom. Click here for the full scoop, or to order your copy.