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  • Buy Dave Cross’ Clothes (hey, it’s for a good cause).

    Mar 2nd, 2007  |  0 Comments

    If you watch Photoshop TV, they’ve by now you’re very familiar with Dave Cross’s tradition of wearing a “Canada-shirt’ of some kind on every single show. In fact, it’s a different Canada shirt nearly every single episode, which means Dave must spend a significant amount of his discretionary time searching for new and different CanadaContinue…

  • Web-based version of Photoshop coming!

    Mar 2nd, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Yesterday, CNET reported that Adobe’s CEO Bruce Chizen noted that a free Web-based version of Photoshop would be released this later this year, and that Adobe would make money off it by selling Web advertising (ala Google). Apparently, this version won’t have the full feature set of either Photoshop CS3 or Elements 5, but willContinue…

  • Brrrrrrrrrrr!

    Mar 2nd, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Me and McNally shooting in less than ideal conditions on Tuesday night. (Photo by Dave Moser).

  • Images from the Industry: Dan “Dano” Steinhardt interviewed in Double Exposure

    Feb 7th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Double Exposure is running a great interview with Dan Steinhardt (we all know him as “Dano”), who is Epson’s Marketing Manager for their pro products, but beyond the interview are his images. I’ve been a fan of Dan’s photography ever since he showed me some of his recent shots on the screen of an EpsonContinue…

  • Cool Stuff: The Japanese version of Apple’s Mac vs. PC TV ads

    Feb 7th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    This doesn’t have a stinkin’ thing to do with Photoshop, but you’ve just got to go and watch this: It’s the Japanese version of Apple’s popular “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” TV ad campaign, and although you might not be able to understand a word of Japanese, you’ll still get a kick out ofContinue…

  • From Last Night’s Shoot

    Feb 1st, 2007  |  0 Comments

    I took this shot last night (click for the larger version) using 2 Nikon SB-800 flash units: The first was mounted on a Bogen light stand, with a Justin Clamp on top to hold the flash. This SB-800 was fired thru a Lastolite 33″ 1-stop tri-grip diffusion panel to soften and spread the light. TheContinue…

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