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  • We Have Some Outrageous Cyber-Monday Deals Today!

    Nov 29th, 2010  |  10 Comments

    Last year on the Monday after Thanksgiving (known as Cyber-Monday, the biggest online sales day in the US), we ran absolutely the best one-day deals on NAPP, Kelby Training, Photoshop World, our Books, DVDs, and well…everything ever! They tell me that this year, TODAY-–we’re taking it up a big notch, and that we have outrageousContinue…

  • D-Town Live Hits The Big Apple on Monday!!!

    Nov 26th, 2010  |  5 Comments

    On Monday we’re broadcasting a special LIVE Cyber Monday episode of our free weekly show for DSLR users—D-Town TV, from the floor of B&H Photo’s store in New York City. Watch the video above for all the details, but I can you’ll we’ll have special guests, and lots of tips, plus a live tour ofContinue…

  • The Latest Episode of D-Town TV (extra)

    Apr 2nd, 2010  |  22 Comments

    I wanted to run this week’s episode of D-Town TV (The weekly show for all DSLR users—it’s not just a Nikon only show anymore), here because I wanted to add something that I would have liked to have been included in the show, and also because it’s so timely with the Indy shoot that IContinue…