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I just found out that my latest book, “The iPod Book” is now in bookstores (and available from online booksellers, too).

bk_ipod_6thThe book is written in the exact same style and layout as my books, “The Digital Photography Book,” (with just one topic per page, and a photo to go along with every topic), so if you’re familiar with that book (or volumes 2 or 3), you’ll feel right at home with this one.

This is the sixth edition of the book, and this time around I did a pretty massive update to the book to reflect what iPod users are doing now, and I really worked hard on making the whole iPod/iTunes experience really simple and fun, and a lot of the book is dedicated to the iPod nano and iPod touch, and I cover all the latest iPods and how to get the most from them. It’s in bookstores now, or you can buy yours now online, in time for Christmas, at Barnes & or (it sells for around $14).


iphon3The iPhone Book
This one, which I co-authored with one of my very best friends and total iPhone guru, Terry White, and if you’ve got an iPhone, or know someone who has an iPhone, they will totally dig this book, which (like the iPod book above), uses the same format, writing style, and layout as my Digital Photography Book series. You can find it at Barnes &, or (it sells for around $12. Cheap!).


allthreeThe Digital Photography Book Boxed Set (Vols. 1,2, & 3)
If you want to give a boxed set of all three of my Digital Photography Books (Volumes 1, 2 & 3), you can get a pretty sweet deal on the set at Barnes & (the boxed three-book set sells for around $50).


d&dtMy Photoshop & Lightroom Books
Of course, my Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers book might make a nice gift, or my Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers, or maybe my Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks Book (or hey—-why not all three)? If you use Photoshop Elements 8, take a look at my book, “The Elements 8 Book for Digital Photographers,” which I co-authored with Matt Kloskowski. You can find these, and all my books, at Barnes &, or


Hi gang:
First I want to thank yesterdays Guest Blogger Scott Rinckenberger for his very cool post yesterday, and thanks to my own assistant Brad for coming up with the idea to feature the assistants of famous photographers. I love how this is shaping up! Now, onto some quick news:

Joe’s Number One!
A big congratulations to my buddy Joe McNally, whose book “The Hot Shoe Diaries” was just named to the “Best Books of 2009” list as the #1 bestselling book in the Arts & Photography category for 2009 at (as seen above) If you don’t have a copy yet, it would make a perfect Holiday gift (and it’s a totally kick-butt book, which is precisely why it’s number 1). My congrats to Joe and the great folks over at New Riders Publishing, who together put together one heck of a book (and I didn’t want to say ‘heck’).

Got Lots of Lighting Gear to Ship? Take a tip from Big Joe
Larry Becker pointed this tip out to me last week, when a bunch of Joe McNally’s equipment arrived at our offices. He noticed that some of his larger gear was stored in cases that looked just like golf travel cases (the kind intended for shipping golf club bags). Larry pointed out that Golf travel bags are generally a lot cheaper than photo-lighting equipment bags that are about the same size and shape. So, Larry went checking and last weekend he spotted a hard shell golf bag at Sports Authority on sale for $89! That’s about $200 off compared to something similar for photo gear. Thanks for the tip Larry (and Joe).

Meet me in Tampa on Monday
My last seminar of the year is coming up on Monday, as my new “Photoshop for Digital Photographers Tour” makes it’s final stop at the Tampa Convention Center. Hope I’ll get to see you there! (Here’s the link with details).

Want to see some Amazing Art?
My buddy Mike “Hollywood” Kubeisy turned me on to the art of Tom Fritz who is just an incredible traditional artist. In fact he’s so good, he does exclusive work for companies like Harley Davidson (among others), and his stuff is just totally amazing. If you want to start your day off right, two one minute and check out his paintings right here. Wow!

That’s it for today folks
Have a great Thursday everybody, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow, cause I’m working on setting up a special deal for you guys for the weekend.


First, a big thanks to the hundreds of photographers who came out to my “Photoshop Tour for Digital Photographers” seminar yesterday in Boston. I totally had a great time, and it was an awesome way to kick off this new tour.

Next Stop: Philadelphia on Monday
The next stop for me on the tour is Philly, next Monday, November 2nd, and I hope you can join me. There’s already well over 400 photographers signed up, so if you’re thinking of going, I hope you sign up quick (here’s the link). See you in Philly!

Jeff Schewe updates “Real World Sharpening” Book
Photoshop Hall of Famer Jeff Schewe has just released a major update to a very important book; “Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Lightroom” (by Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe; published by Adobe Press; cover seen above). I can’t think of anyone more appropriate, or more qualified, than Jeff to take Bruce’s original work forward (since Bruce’s passing just a few years ago). There are few topics as important as sharpening (and few that can support an entire book), but this topic, and this author, are right on the money. Kudos to Jeff for his work, and for his dedication to honoring Bruce’s legacy. I think Bruce would be very proud indeed. Here’s the link to it on Barnes & Noble, and Borders (and it’s available wherever Photoshop books are sold).

My first “Light it; Shoot it; Retouch It” online class is now live!
It took a while to get it up there, but the first in my three-part series called “Light-it, shoot-it, Retouch it” is now online at Kelby Training. In this series, I pick one particular lighting look, and built it from scratch (you see every step along the way), then once the lighting is set, we do the shoot with you along for every aspect (including all the on-set tweaking), and then I take the images from the camera and show you how I edit the shoot from start to finish, so you see every step along the way. Here’s the link with more details. ALSO: Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom 3 Beta “Power Session” just went live, too! Here’s that link.

What I learned From Julieanne
I mentioned in my post yesterday that I learned something new while stepping into Julieanne Kost’s Lightroom session at Photo Plus East last week, and a couple of folks asked exactly what I learned. Now, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to post a comment that says anything along the lines of , “Scott!!!! You didn’t know THAT??? I knew that three years ago!” I thought you were supposed to know these things, etc, blah, blah). OK, here it is; you know how the Crop Tool has that rule of thirds Grid that appears over it when you click on the Crop tool? Well, there’s a setting you can choose called “Auto Show” that makes the Grid invisible until you actually touch one of the adjustment handles, and only then the Grid appears, which for me, is great because although I like the Grid, I don’t like seeing it all the time. It’s found under Lightroom’s View menu, under Tool Overlay.

Tim Mantoani at Photo Plus
At Photo Plus, I finally got to meet a particular person face-to-face, whose work I really admire; Tim Mantoani. I don’t know if you remember Tim’s fantastic Guest Blog post here (link), but one of the projects he talked about was his project where he made portraits of famous photographers posing with one of their favorite prints, but he shot these with a huge 20×24 Wisner camera. Well, he had the camera set up at Photo Plus, and I got a chance to check it out in person,  (Tim and I have emailed back and forth, but this was the first time I got to actually shake his hand). I saw a couple of the prints while I was there, and I was so impressed with him, and his work. Besides this project, Tim’s sports portraits are just fantastic, and if you’ve got a minute, stop by Tim’s site and check out his latest work—-it’ll start your Tuesday off right.

Tomorrow’s Special Guest Blogger is….
….someone very special indeed. Photoshop Hall of Famer, and one of the fathers of modern digital art. Photoshop World instructor, brilliant artist, and my friend, Bert Monroy.

Bert is truly a living legend of Photoshop, and if you’ve got two seconds, jump back with me to my post on Bert’s recent gallery showing outside San Francisco, and take a quick peek at some of his work, and then make sure you’re back here tomorrow to experience Bert’s Guest Blog for yourself. It’s truly an honor to have him guesting here on the blog. Can’t wait!!

That’s it for today, folks.
Here’s wishing you a wonderful Tuesday—-I hope it’s your best yet!

bk_ipod2book3My new iPhone book is here!!!

Last Thursday I got my first copy of our new 3GS version of “The iPhone Book,” which I co-authored with iPhone super genius guru guy, and one of my very dearest friends, the amazing Terry White.

Of course, we added all the new stuff found in the iPhone 3GS, plus we added lots of new tips and tricks, and we basically took the whole book up a big notch, showing you faster and better ways to do…..well….just about everything on your iPhone! (People who buy the book always tell us they’re amazed at what they didn’t know about their iPhone).

This book is written in the exact same style and exact layout as “The Digital Photography Books, volumes 1, 2, and 3” so if you have any of those books from me, you’ll feel right at home with this one, too.

By the way: The first edition of The iPhone Book was chosen by’s editors as their Computer/Technology Book of the Year. The second version of the book was chosen by Amazon as one of their “Top 10 Must-Have Books” in their annual list of the most “gift-worthy” books of the holiday season, and this 3rd edition has even more tips, techniques, and ways to get the most out of your iPhone than ever before.

Also, when you get this new version of the book, you get access to a free one-hour video Terry and I did where we share our favorite iPhone accessories, our very favorite iPhone apps, and some of our favorite iPhone tips, too.

It’s just hit the bookstores, so order your copy today from Barnes &, or or head into your local Barnes & Noble store and get your hands on a copy.

P.S. If you’ve got an iPhone, don’t forget every Friday is “iPhone App of the Week” day over at Terry White’s tech blog, where each week he picks another cool app that you won’t be able to live without. Here’s the link.

51fjgl1oarl_sl500_aa240_When I was in Italy, and wound up having to buy that Nikon D-5000 because I left my other gear back in New York (here’s that sad story), I immediately called my buddy Jeff Revell and asked him if he’d real quick write a book on the D-5000, and anyway….the first batch just came off press, and Jeff just got his first copies yesterday. By the way; I’m totally joking about asking him to write the book—-I just got lucky that Jeff was already writing that book, and yesterday I was begging him to send me one of that first batch.

Anyway, the book will be hitting bookstores shortly, and you can pre-order it right here from Barnes & or, or wherever great camera books are sold.

Congrats Jeff, not only on expanding your series, but for creating a new way to learn our cameras—-not just so we know which buttons do what, but how to use those buttons to take better photos, which is what it’s really all about.