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Today in the U.S. we celebrate one of our most popular holidays; “Thanksgiving,” which is a day for giving thanks for the blessings in our lives.

This is a day we usually spend at home surrounded by family, and we enjoy two key Thanksgiving day traditions: a huge Thanksgiving day turkey dinner (an example of which is shown above), and lots of American football on TV (there are three NFL games today!). Thanksgiving also signals the beginning of the Holiday season here (with tomorrow, the day after Thanksgiving, being the #1 shopping day of the year).

I truly lead a charmed life, and I have so many blessings and so much to be thankful for, but today I want to focus my thanks around this blog, which has become a part of my daily life.

  • I am so grateful to everyone here on the blog who helped support “Springs of Hope, Kenya” this year and helped feed so many hungry children and build an Orphanage and clinic in Kenya. I’ll have a report on the construction progress next week, but you will be very proud at what’s been done, and how far it’s come.
  • I’m thankful for everyone who has stepped up to answer questions posed by other blog readers. I can’t answer every question, and I’m so thankful there are people so willing to jump in there with answers (and I’ve yet to see someone post an answer that’s wasn’t correct).
  • I’m thankful to everyone who let me know about a link that was broken, a word that was misspelled, or something I forgot, so I could go in there and fix it.
  • I’m thankful to everyone who linked to my blog from their blog. When you work as hard on something as I do this blog, you want as many people as possible to be a part of it, and your support and exposure has meant a lot.
  • I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful Web team behind me, including my designer Fred Maya, and my in-house crew Michael Ritchie, Tommy Maloney, and Aaron Westgate who all get involved from time-to-time in keeping this puppy up and running.
  • I’m thankful to everyone who has stuck up for me, said a kind word, or came to my defense. It means more than you know.
  • I’m very thankful for my friend Larry Becker, who gets up each morning, proofs my blog, (a job he took on himself just because he’s my friend), tries to make sense of what I wrote at 2:45 in the morning, and actually even makes the edits himself. Larry is a one-of-a-kind guy, and everyday I’m more and more thankful to have him as a friend.
  • I’m thankful to everyone who has dropped me an email with ideas for things to be covered here on the blog. Those ideas have saved my butt more than once.
  • I’m thankful for Vincent Versace’s idea to turn “No Blog Wednesday” into “Guest Blog Wednesday,” and I’m thankful for every author, instructor, photographer, and friend who has volunteered to do a guest blog post.
  • I’m thankful to have such involved frequent commenters, who are always polite, always helpful, always have a kind word to say, and really add to the overall community.
  • I’m thankful to everyone who stops by here, and spends a few minutes with me each morning. I feel very blessed to be able to do this blog, and I’m especially grateful that we’ve been able to keep the blog comments pretty much “without haters” and that means a lot to me.

Wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate a day of thanks or not, I wish you and your family a day of warmth, togetherness, and peace. Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Our offices are closed today and tomorrow, so I took these days off to spend with my family, so I’ll be taking tomorrow off from Blog Posting, too! So, I’ll hope you’ll join me back here on Monday.


It looks like we’re going to have a pretty huge crowd on hand for my December 4th Lightroom 2 Live Tour in Los Angeles, so I’ve asked Matt Kloskowski (from LightroomKiller, and one of the leading Lightroom experts) to come and help me field your one-on-one questions during the day. Matt was there with me in Orlando as well, and that enabled us to answer twice as many questions, and it worked out so well, I wanted him to be there in LA as well. If you haven’t registered for the event yet, here’s the link (see you there!).


First, I want to thank everybody who came out yesterday to help launch my new Lightroom 2 Tour in Dallas (photo above from yesterday’s event; by Jeff Leimbach). Anytime you launch something of this scale, it makes you hold your breath a little, but we had a really great day, and the people in Dallas were incredibly gracious, polite, and just plain fun to spend the day with.

They were especially patient when, for some reason, my seasonal allergies kicked in big time right before lunch and I nearly blew out the overhead speakers a few times with coughs and sneezes that came on before I could hit the mute button.

Despite all that, the real challenge of the day was fitting all the new Lightroom 2 stuff in to a full-day that was already packed to the gills (we actually ended the day nearly 20 minutes late, which means I’ll be tweaking a few things for Orlando tomorrow to bring us in for a landing closer to “on time”).

I did a quick show of hands to see how many people were already using Lightroom 2; how many were still on Lightroom 1, and how many didn’t have Lightroom at all, but were there to see if this was their workflow of the future. Only around 40% of the nearly 500 photographers on hand yesterday actually had Lightroom 2, but by the end of the day, people were lining up to tell me they were going straight home to upgrade (some ordered it online right during the day). The lightbulb really went on for a lot of people yesterday (which I totally dig), and for a lot of folks it was the first time they had seen Photoshop CS4 (I dedicated nearly an entire class to using Lightroom 2 and CS4 together).

We’ll be back in Dallas in early December with Ben Willmore’s “Photoshop CS4 for Photographers” Tour, and I can tell you this; Ben is going to love the friendly hospitality of the folks in Texas. Thank you all so much for your support; for coming out and spending the day with me, and I hope what you learned yesterday helps you in your work, and fun, in Lightroom 2. Now onto Orlando!


If you’re going to PPE (Photo Plus Expo) in New York City this week, I want to invite you to stop by some training sessions I’m doing on the expo floor. Here’s the schedule for my classes and demos:


  1. 1:00 pm at the Adobe Booth: “Lightroom and Photoshop CS4 Killer Tips”
  2. 3:00 pm at the Peachpit Press Booth: “Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques”
  3. 4:30 pm at the Westcott Booth: “Portrait Lighting Using The Spiderlite TD-5s”


  1. 11:00 am at the Adobe Booth: “Lightroom and Photoshop CS4 Killer Tips”

If you’re at the show, I hope you’ll catch one of my sessions, and if you do, make sure you come up and say “hi.” Hope I’ll see you there!


Photoshop Hall of Famer, and legend of Photoshop, Ben Willmore, had a couple of spots open up at the last minute for his upcoming Advanced Photoshop Workshop at the prestigious Lepp Institute for Digital Imaging in Los Osos, California. If you act really quickly, you can snag one of those last spots and spend an incredible week learning Photoshop at a whole new level, from one of the best trainers on the planet today.

The dates are October 6-10, 2008
You can read all the details at Ben’s site (click here), but the scoop about what he’ll be teaching is below.

In this class, you’ll learn to change the way you think about shooting so that you take full advantage of all the digital tools available. If you haven’t changed your shooting mindset (beyond shooting to the right, inspecting a histogram and using RAW), then you have a lot to learn. This class includes many procedures that Ben has never demonstrated in the past. Techniques will include:

⢠High Dynamic Range Imaging
⢠Extreme Panoramas
⢠Exposure Blending
⢠Slowing down water without reducing shutter speed
⢠Shooting with composites in mind
⢠Using White Balance Aids
⢠Understanding how exposure relates to Photoshop
⢠Using Lightroom for efficient sorting, tagging and initial processing
⢠Mastering Curves (the most powerful adjustment in all of Photoshop)
⢠Sneaky Contrast Adjustments
⢠Directing Viewers Attention by changing focus, brightness, contrast, color and more.
⢠Advanced Adjustment Layers (well beyond simple masks and blending modes)
⢠Digital Infrared Simulations
⢠Black & White Conversions
⢠Making Flash Look Natural
⢠Creative White Balance Techniques
⢠Correcting Lens Distortions

This really is amazing opportunity, so if you want to snag that opening, here’s the link to Ben’s site.



There are always opportunities for attendees to participate in some live shoots on the Expo floor at Photoshop World, and over the years we’ve had booths where you could walk up and shoot perfectly pre-lit motorcycles, and professional models, and a wide range of products and people, and these are usually hosted by lighting companies.

But this year, Microsoft Digital Imaging (one of Photoshop World’s sponsors) had a shooting opportunity this time, that I think was, hands down, the coolest one at any Photoshop World yet. In fact, it was so cool to see (and shoot) in person, that it created a huge buzz on the floor, and they were drawing big crowds the entire time.

They brought in Melissa, a professional ballerina/model, and had her leaping high into the air in front of a gray seamless paper background (the height was courtesy of a trampoline), and once she was airborne, she’d strike a ballet pose so you could capture the shot (a couple of mine are seen above).

Microsoft had a large strobe with a software and a wireless trigger available, and every hour she’d start leaping, and you could come up and start shooting. It was just amazing, and some of the photos people were getting were just incredible (they were shooting tethered to a large screen). My hats off to the digital imaging team at Microsoft for really thinking outside the box on this one, and coming up with a such a creative, fun way to get the attendees involved.

It really makes you want to make sure you bring your camera to the next Photoshop World, because you never know what shooting opportunities might crop up.