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Lots of cool stuff to share today, about some great folks, and friends of the blog:

> First, my buddy, and aviation photographer, Jose Ramos (better known by his call sign “Fuji”), just got a two-page spread (shown above) featuring his photography, including air-to-air shots, in the upcoming Winter issue of “Hook Magazine.” Congrats Jose! (Disco, out).

> You guys who read this blog regularly are already familiar with the incredible automotive photography of UK-based photographer Tim Wallace, and as much as we so know he’s among the world’s best, it’s great to see him getting some of the public accolades he so richly deserves, as Tim recently won the Professional Advertising Photographer of the Year Award for 2010. A big congrats to Tim!!! Here’s the link.

> Last week I ran a short video by our friend Glyn Dewis on a look back at his photography shoots for 2010 (link), and this week I ran across an interview with Glyn that’s really a great read, and there’s lot of great photos as well. It’s over at the BrandonJFX blog (link). If you’ve got a moment, check it out.

> This week we have German retoucher, total Photoshop shark, and all around cool-guy, Calvin Hollywood here at the Kelby Training Studios down in Florida. Calvin’s here taping a series of Photoshop classes he’s doing for Kelby Training Online. He’s doing some really amazing stuff (he’s here with a studio lighting wizard from Germany, and the two of them work together as a team, staging the shots (all live for the cameras), then Calvin takes over with the retouch. Amazing stuff! We had Calvin as a guest on Photoshop User TV as well, so keep an eye out—he may be on this week’s show, or if not, next week’s for sure.

That’s it from here; have a great Tuesday everybody!

Today is the big day… It’s time for the NAPPathon!

You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is a NAPPathon?” I’ll let Larry Becker explain…

Scott Kelby, Larry Becker, Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, and RC Concepcion will be bringing you a mixture of live segments, Photoshop training, video tutorials taken directly from the NAPP member website (never before seen by the public), and various humor-filled videos from the NAPP archives. Most of the archive footage was created for special events (like Photoshop World conference) or aired only once for a specific occasion.

Viewers who pre-register for the FREE event will also be entered into prize drawings for NAPP memberships, Photoshop World conference tickets, and B&H gift cards! Pre-registration is not required to watch the free event but it is encouraged. Viewers are also invited to chime in with questions or comments on the live blog that will be running simultaneously during the event.

Be sure to invite all of your friends to come be a part of this event!

It all happens from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. EST LIVE right here!

Hey everyone, RC here. Aside from all of the cool projects we have going on in the world of Photoshop and Photography, we also keep an ear out there on the world of technology. I figured i’d keep things light today and just share with you a couple of things that were awesome (and funny) in the world of tech this week.

Kevin Bacon On Kevin Bacon on Google TV

Google’s off to take the TV world by storm, and despite a few setbacks with channel providers, theyre still making a full court press to win the hearts and minds of the TV faithful. Theyre newest attempt? Kevin Bacon. I’d love to add more color commentary to this, but it’s just priceless on it’s own.

Adobe Releases Flash 10.2 Beta
If you’re into watching video on your computers, this is something that should definitely interest you. Flash 10.2 beta is now taking all of the processing of video and making it less and less computer processor intensive by enabling more hardware acceleration. The results are just awesome.

Click here to go to the Adobe Labs Website and see a video of 1080p on a Macbook air. With no Hiccups.

“No Color Management” Print Utility for Photoshop
Recently, John Nack of Adobe has announced that Adobe has created a utility to give back a feature that was removed in the newest versions of Photoshop – the ability to print with no color management.

According to John Nack:
“…There are, however, people who need to print without color management. They print color targets which are then used to generate printer profiles for new printer/paper/ink combinations. These users range from printer manufactures to third-party ink suppliers to power users like Andrew Rodney who supply their own high quality profiles.”

For more information this, make sure you click on this link to go to his blog.

A little light nerdiness never hurt anyone. Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


I get asked this just about daily, but yes—-I personally write all the posts that appear on my blog (with the exception, of course, of Guest Blog Wednesday, and any time I have Brad or one of the gang cover for me if I’m on vacation, and in those cases, they always start by saying “Brad here…” or something like that, so you’ll know it’s not me).

It usually takes me between 30 minutes to an hour and a half each night to write this blog, and I have been really struggling with keeping up with doing all this blogging, and getting all my other work done (and still having a family life). Basically, I really, really need another day off.

Here’s The Plan
I do a lot of workshops, and seminars, and I write books, and I do classes for Kelby Training, and so on, and of course it’s important to me that you guys know what I’m doing and where I’m teaching, so I post all that stuff here on my blog. Unfortunately on some days, I’m stuck for a topic, or tight on time, and that’s all I have to post that day (the “I’m teaching in such-and-such city next week type of stuff”), and since I do a lot of training stuff, and so do my buddies here at Kelby Media Group (Matt, Dave, Corey, and RC), I wind up posting that type of stuff a lot more than I’d like.

So, since I need an extra day off, but I still need to let people know where I’m teaching, and which books I’m writing, and so on, I thought I might combine both all into something I call….

“Pimpy Thursdays”

I’ll be off on Thursdays from now on, but the Thursday blog post goes on as Brad Moore (my photo assistant and digital tech), is going to cover all that stuff about books, my seminars, online classes and what my crew is doing all on that one day each week, so those days I can focus more on Photoshop and photography stuff.

That way, I get a day off, and the marketing stuff on my blog will pretty much be consolidated to just Thursdays. It’s important to me that you to know where I’m teaching and what I’m doing, so I hope you’ll still stop by on Thursdays to see what’s up (plus if you don’t, Brad will get lonely).

Now, I’ll still share things like I did last Thursday, when I wrapped up a shoot with Jeremy Cowart (there’s no way I could have waited to share that story), and occasionally because of timing issues, I’ll have to break my “no pimping” rule, but if I can take Thursdays off, and still get the word out what I’m doing, I think we’ll both be happier (that’s you and me—not me and Brad).

So, thanks for understanding, and giving me an extra day to breathe. Ya know, with all that extra time, I could probably write another book, or add another city to my seminar tour, or do another online class. Or…… (just kidding). ;-)


Hi Gang: Just a coupla quick news thingys for today:

Shooting Tethered Wirelessly into an Apple iPad
Check out this very cool video (below) from photographer Brent Pearson, who figured out how to make this all work. This makes sense if you have a desktop computer that’s not near where you shoot in your studio. (Obviously, if you have a laptop, it doesn’t bring that much to the table, because if you have a laptop, you can just use it for tethering, but anyway, it’s worth a quick look either way, and might be handy for having multiple monitors so your client can see images live as you shoot as well). Also, check out his blog for the step-by-step set-up.

iPad Wireless Tethered Photography from Brent Pearson on Vimeo.

New Class From Laurie Excel for Beginning Photographers
Photoshop World Instructor Laurie Excel did an awesome online class exclusively for NAPP members who are new to photography, and it covers tons of tips, tricks, settings & advice for new shooters. If you’re a NAPP member, here’s the link to your free online class. Thanks Laurie!

Dano’s Dictionary of Fine Art & Photography Printing Terms
Ron Mortinsen’s blog has a really helpful resource put together by our friend, and photographer Dan Steinhardt (of Epson), and it’s basically a dictionary of fine art printing and photographers terms. Very cool and definitely worth checking out. Here’s the link.

Yesterday Was a Blast!
First, I had a visit from my buddy Terry White, and we shot a one-hour bonus video for our new iPhone 4 Book (which is on press now), and that’s always one of the highlights of the whole year, and then we had concert photographers (and Photoshop World instructors) Scott Diussa and Alan Hess here shooting online classes for Kelby Training on “How to Shoot Live Concerts.” I went out to the venue where they were shooting the class (their venues and bands have changed each day while they’re taping, to vary the lightning and shooting conditions). I have to tell you this—-as soon as their class goes live—I’ll be the first to watch it—that’s how cool it looks. This guys are the real deal, and the stuff they’re sharing is absolute gold for anybody who wants to shoot concerts!!!!

Yesterday’s Guest Blogger
I really enjoyed yesterday’s Guest Blog Post from Ben Van Hook. Of course, he had great images, but his message was really enlightening, and there are about a dozen lines you can pull out as separate quotes about photography, finding your vision, and taking portraits with emotion, that would all stand on their own. Thank you Ben. What a great read! (if you missed it, click here).

My Free Online Lightroom Class for Photo Walkers is Online—watch it anytime!
Just a reminder—the Online Lightroom Training Class that me, RC, and Matt Kloskowski taped live for anyone who walked as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk has been archived, and you can watch it anytime, completely for free, right here.

That’s it for today
Hope you guys have an awesome day today!!!!

top news

Hey gang, Brad here again. We’ll return to Scott’s regularly scheduled programming on Thursday, but for now just a few pieces of news…

  • Scott’s doing a Photo Walk in NYC sponsored by Adorama this coming Sunday, July 18. It was just announced and has already sold out, but you can still get on the waiting list. Click here for details.
  • The day after that is Scott’s Lightroom LIVE Seminar at the Javits Center in NYC! It’s not too late to sign up for that one, so you can get details and register right here.
  • Speaking of Adorama, if you’re a NAPP member, be sure to check out the latest discounts from them – 10% off ALL Think Tank Photo gear and more!
  • We just received a shipment of Scott’s new Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers, so if you pre-ordered, you should be getting yours any day!
  • If you’re a Joe McNally fan, be sure to check out the latest addition to Kelby Training Online, Shooting with the Elinchrom Quadra System.
  • Joe also just kicked off a new round of one-day lighting workshops up in Dobbs Ferry this week. It’s not too late to grab your spot in one of those.
  • If you’re on Scott’s or RC’s waiting list for the Worldwide Photo Walk, Dave Cross and I have plenty of room in our walks! Join Dave in Safety Harbor or me in Downtown Tampa. We’re at over 1,000 walks and nearly 24,000 walkers, so come take part in this fun event!
  • If you know me, you know that I’m into concert photography. You have got to check out the absolutely killer work of Petr Klapper [some of the artists he’s shot can be a bit off-color, so be careful]. This guy blows my mind!
  • And, last but not least, tomorrow’s guest blogger is one many of you know and love… Aaron Johnson, author and creator of What The Duck. Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see what he has in store!

That’s it for today. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!