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Before There was Photoshop
Rick Sammon has a cute post over at his blog called ‘Before there was Photoshop.” If you’ve got a sec, it’ll make you smile. Here’s the link.

It’s Time for Another D-Town TV Episode
Actually, the new episode should be up live later this afternoon, so if you get a chance a little later, stop by and check it out right here.

“Vacation with Vanelli & Friends” Workshop
Vanelli’s back with another of his now famous four-day “Vacation with Vanelli” workshops. This time the workshop is in St. Augustine, Florida, it and runs June 16-19, 2010. Here’s how “V” describes it:

Vacation with Vanelli is a unique style workshop that teaches the art of digital work-flow covering the FIVE P’s: Plan, Photograph, Process, Post and Print. Vanelli and friends travel to exciting places working on projects for their books and portfolio. Vacationers get a chance to work and learn alongside these photographers as they refine their own skills. The vacation workshop is designed to be hands-on. All levels from beginners to advanced can attend. Imagine having a personal instructor looking over your shoulder whispering tips and tricks in your ear! [He forgot the Sixth P: “Plague!” – Ed].

The four-day workshop is limited to just 15 participants, and runs $395 per person (but Vanelli is giving $50 off to readers of my blog, if you use the special link below).

Besides the four-day workshop, he’s adding a special hands-on HDR break-out session on Friday, June 18 (open to everybody—not just workshop attendees) from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm with HDR & Architectural Photographer Randy Van Duinen.

Regular price for the break out is $59.00, but he’s cutting a deal for the readers of my blog for just $39). NOTE: This break out session is free to anyone attending the Vacation with Vanelli & Friends Four Day Workshop. For all the details, or to sign up (with a special discount), click here. NOTE:  if you do sign up, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bail bondsmen on your speed dial. Ya know, just in case. ;-)

Cute Wedding Photo Idea
Portuguese photographer Luciano Meirelles sent me a Tweet (@scottkelby) asking me to take a look at the new design for his blog. I checked it out, and his new layout is really top notch, but as I was looking through his photos I came across a very cute use of the iPhone’s built-in camera which he used as a prop in some Wedding photos he had taken. Very clever! (nice photos, by the way Luciano!) Take a quick look right here. When you get there, keep scrolling down ’till you see the iPhone wedding photos.

See you in Atlanta tomorrow!
I hope to see you guys at my seminar in Atlanta tomorrow. I’m having dinner with a couple of  my blog readers tonight (Ken Toney and my buddy Jeff Rease, the Chancellor of Birmingham). I’ll let you know if we make bail in time to be at the seminar. ;-)

See you tomorrow here for the big “Challenge.” Don’t miss it!


Hi Gang. Here’s what’s up:

Surprise: The P-7000 Still Has Its Fans
OK, first I have to admit; I was a bit surprised to see that the Epson P-7000 has more fans (and with it more life) than I thought it did. I thought this would be a slam dunk for the iPad, since it’s so much more than just a storage device, but the P-series still resonates with some photographers. Perhaps the thing that surprised me the most was that so many people pegged the increased storage size as a big advantage for the Epson. It’s rare that I ever shoot 10GB in a single day, even when covering a sporting event, so a 64GB iPad would cover me for literally days before I had to back-up to my laptop, so that caught me off guard. Thanks to everyone who shared their comments yesterday, because now I’m having to reconsider giving my P-7000 the boot.

Flash Comes To The iPhone. No, Really!
Yesterday, I saw the Flash version of my photography portfolio, watched D-Town TV served up in Flash, and I even saw Adobe’s home page, in all it’s Flashy glory, all on my iPhone, thanks to an amazing new FREE App. Terry’s got it covered over at You will be amazed (well, at least I was).

Travel Photography Tips from Nat Geo
National Geographic published a nice series of travel photography tips (just in time for summer), so if you’ve got a sec, check ’em out right here.

Accept: The Concert Shots
My buddy, and concert photog, Scott Diussa recently shot the sold out New York City reunion concert of German rockers “Accept” and he got some absolutely killer shots. Here’s the link. Also, yesterday I got to see some of the concert photography of Drew Gurian (Joe McNally’s full time assistant), and I was very impressed with not only his concert work (which is outstanding), but his portraits as well. Stop by and check out Drew’s work here.

Photo Recipes Live” Lighting Techniques Reviewed
There’s an in-depth review by guest reviewer Brian Reed over at the Tenuous Thread Photography blog of my recent lighting techniques DVD/Book Bundle: Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes. Here’s the link.

If you’re a Wedding photographer….
…and you want to take your shooting to the next level, you’ve gotta check out Cliff Maunter’s workshop. I got to see Cliff teach at the Photo Plus Expo last year in New York City and and Matt and I were blown away! (“American Photo magazine named him “…one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world”)

So much so, that we asked Cliff to come and teach for us at Kelby Training Online (he just wrapped up two classes for us), and this guy is just amazing! His in-depth workshops are always sold out in advance (his July workshop has been sold out for months), but he’s got just a few spots left for his November workshop in Philadelphia. If you’re serious about this stuff, you’ve gotta grab one of those last spots. Here’s the link with more details.

Mike’s New Photo Blog
My buddy Mike Myer just relaunched his photo blog, which features great photos of Skies, Clouds, Storms and Landscapes, and he’s really got an eye for color. Here’s the link if you’ve got a quick sec.

Am I going to see you in Atlanta on Friday?
Nearly 500 photographers have already registered for my “Photoshop For Digital Photographers” seminar in Atlanta this Friday, but there’s room for a few more if you’d like to join me. Here’s the link with the scoop (and you can still snag a seat while you’re there). Hope to see you in person this Friday.

That’s it, folks
I’ve gotta call it a day. Hope you guys have a great Tuesday, and that you join us again as we once again celebrate the anniversary of our “Guest Blog” program, featuring the man who came up with idea—-Vincent Versace.


Hi folks!!  Well I thought I would just bring you some news bits today. Just a few things I have heard pop-up in the last few days.

Sports Photographer Producing “How To” Web Vids

Mike Olivella is a sports photographer in Tallahassee, FL whom you have no doubt heard Scott mention a couple times here on his blog. Recently Mike has been doing something very interesting. He has been bringing a small video camera with him to the sporting events that he shoots in an effort to give viewers an inside look on how to he preps and shoots these events. He just recently shot videos at an FSU spring football game and pro tennis tournament. You can also find more information at Mike’s website by going here.

The Lighter Side of Apple Drama

Well you have no doubt seen or heard about all the drama surrounding Apple these days with Flash technology issues, misplaced iPhones, and now possible antitrust inquiries. What the heck is going on? Remember when Apple was just a computer company that made computers. Things were so simple back then. Oh well, despite this drama you can always count on people to make light of the issues. In case you missed it, you have to watch this rather hilarious bit that Jon Stewart did on The Daily Show regarding Apple’s response to the misplaced iPhone debacle involving Gizmodo. Ellen Degeneres also seems to be under fire for making her own spoof of the iPhone commercials. As funny as the spot is, it didn’t thrill the good folks at Apple and Ellen is quick to apologize.

Dating! Yeah, there’s an app for that!

Okay. It’s not an app. It’s a new dating site recently launched called dedicated to Apple users looking for that special someone to iDate.  I am not kidding, this is a real site for Apple fanboys and fangirls who are looking for someone with similar Apple interests. The catch is that it will only run on Apple platforms like Safari, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The site isn’t live yet but there is an intro page that describes the purpose of the site. So, hey, give it shot! Who knows, you could meet the Apple of your eye!  (Insert lame drum sound here!)

Don’t Forget to ‘Ask Dave’!

Dave Cross recently launched a new podcast called Ask Dave where the content is made up by you. Meaning you write in your burning Photoshop questions and if selected Dave will answer it right in the video. To submit a question you simply go to Dave’s Twitter page and submit it there. Then check out the videos over at There already a number of episodes on the page already so it might be a good idea to check those out first to see if your question has already been addressed. Hey, and while you are there check out Layers TV!

Oh yeah, Iron Man 2 starts this weekend! Anyone going to see it?

Be sure to check out tomorrow as I will be posting a new tutorial based on the movie.

– Corey


Hey folks. As you know, Scott is taking a break this week. But that doesn’t mean we’re not doing everything in our power to welcome him back next week with a full plate :) (sorry Scott). One of the things on his plate is a special (free) Photoshop CS5 Extended Live webinar that you’re invited to join.

Along with Scott (and some great Photoshop tips), there will be experts from Adobe, Dell, and NVIDIA there to answer any hardware and other related questions. It could get geeky and it could get techie, but if you’ve had questions about video cards, 64-bit power, and how to best configure your computer for Photoshop then this will be the place to get them answered.

Since Photoshop CS5 has been released our live webinars have been a huge hit so don’t miss this one next Wednesday, May 12 at 1pm (EDT). You can find out more info and register for the free webinar right here.


Over at my blog I have a regular feature called “Bits ‘n Pieces” that is really just a way for me to include several random things in one blog post. Today, I bring some bits and pieces to Scott’s blog.

Portolio Night

On May 20th in various cities around the world, graphic design and advertising students have an opportunity to show their portfolio to Creative Directors and agencies. There is a cost to the event but it looks like a great opportunity. For all the details visit


The (Almost) Prefect Camera + Laptop Bag


For the last couple of months I’ve been using a bag that lets me cart around my camera gear and laptop in one nice compact size. I can fit a ton of gear and yet it still fits under the seat on planes (for those times when the overhead bin is full). It has a place for a laptop, 2 zipped pockets with plenty of space for accessories, cables, and even a key ring, It has 2 insulated pockets for water bottles, a large “hidden” pocket etc and plenty of room inside. It even has a rain shield you can pull out from the bottom.

It’s almost perfect – there are only two things that stop it from being ideal, but luckily they were easy to “fix”.

1. The pocket where I keep my laptop doesn’t have as much padding as I’d like, but I simply keep my laptop in a padded sleeve for some extra protection.

2. The inside compartment doesn’t come with any dividers, meaning all your gear would pretty much rattle around. I was able to address this with a couple of extra velcroed dividers I had from another camera bag. NB: I just watched a video on their web site where they say it does come with dividers – I know I didn’t get any :(

Now this bag rocks! Along with my laptop and all necessary cables, I typically carry all this stuff in this bag: Nikon D300 w battery grip, 18 -200mm, 50mm, 70 – 200mm, 2 SB 800 flashes, benro travel tripod and ballhead (plus Bose headphones and a Kindle). It’s heavy with all that stuff, but the mammoth strap makes it easy to carry.

Believe it or not, this great bag comes from 5.11 Tactical, a company that makes law enforcement gear. The bag is called the Side Trip Briefcase and it retails for $99.99.

Overall, it’s the best solution I’ve found for the gear I want to travel with.

(If you decide to purchase one, enter the code FREEHAT10 at Checkout for a free ball cap with purchase over $75)


Artists Wanted

There’s a very interesting sounding search for photographic talent taking place at Here’s their description:

“Our goal is simple: we want to find amazing photographic talents and expose them to the world in the most potent way possible. Rewards and benefits will be given to all who participate. One grand prize winner will be awarded an art-star New York City gallery reception, international publicity and their choice of $10,000 cash or 1 year living rent free in a $1.2 million apartment provided by The Edge in New York City”


Science project meets Photography


Take a look at the amazing photography of Caleb Charland, who combines science with photography. Very cool stuff!

That’s right! CS5 IS FINALLY HERE!! If you pre-ordered, you should be getting your copy any day.

If you can’t wait, go HERE and download the trial to play around, I mean work with, the new software.

And, don’t forget… NAPP has their completely FREE Learning Center for you right here (You don’t even have to be a NAPP member!). For those who are NAPP members, you get a 15% DISCOUNT on purchases through the Adobe store. Log into your account at and look in the Discounts section to take advantage of it!

And if you’re a Kelby Training Online subscriber, you can check out all of the latest full classes on CS5 (Photoshop Power Session & Crash Course, HDR, Channels & Masks, 3D, Camera Raw, & much much more!) right here. And if you’re not a subscriber but would like to be, you can get all the details and sign up here.

TGIF much? ;)