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Extended Interview with Chase Jarvis
In this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV (link), we had a very special guest in the studio; famous photographer Chase Jarvis. We did an interview with Chase on the show, and there is so much to this guy, and he’s got so many cool things going on, that we went way beyond the allotted time on the show, so we put the full extended version of the interview online (where he even answers some questions from his Twitter followers and NAPP members), and you can catch that all right here.

The Top 10 Fonts of 2009! (where I buy most of my fonts) listed their Top 10 most popular fonts of 2009, and there are some great fonts in there (I loved Liza Display Pro and Champion Script Pro). Here’s the link to check out their top 10 picks.

New “Creative Lighting” Online Class from Joe McNally
Hey, we just released a new online class from Big Joe over at Kelby Training Online, and people are already raving about it. It’s his Creative Lighting class and you can check it out right here.

Want to Learn How To Edit Video From Your DSLR?
Then you’ve got to attend Rich Harrington’s Pre-Conference Workshop at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (March 24-26 in Orlando, Florida), because he’s going to teach exactly how to shoot (including an on-location video shoot for the class), and edit the video images from your DSLR. Space is really limited, but you can snag your spot right here.

That’s it (I told you it was a news quickie). Have a great weekend everybody and we’ll see you back here on Monday. :)


Before we get to the news; it was such an honor to have Bill Frakes as my guest blogger yesterday, and I just wanted to give him a big thanks for kicking off 2010 with a bang!!!! Thanks Bill—that rocked!!! Now, onto the news:

The first great quote of 2010
It came from Seth Godin’s blog (which is a must-read daily blog from one of my favorite business authors), and here’s what Seth said that earned him my “First Great Quote of 2010” distinction:

“When was the last time a bad guy was foiled because he couldn’t use a good camera to take a picture of a tourist attraction?”

Come on, you gotta love anybody that so “gets it” like Seth. Here’s the link to Seth’s blog.

My Photo Recipes DVD/Book is Sold Out!
Be careful what you wish for, right? I just announced my new “Behind the Scenes” book/DVD combo on Tuesday (shown above), and by Wednesday it was already sold out at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon (where it became the #117 most popular book of ALL books on So, while the good news is that there seems to be lots of interest in this book, the bad news is that it’s already back-ordered for between one and two weeks at both Amazon and Borders, but right now Barnes & has them back in stock, ready to ship (well, at least they did when I wrote this). You can also get on the backorder list at either or

D-Town is D-Layed
Ugh! The set is taking longer to build than we had planned, and although we all thought that today would be the debut of the new season of D-Town TV—-we were wrong. Looks like we’re going to have to wait for next week (So sorry about that—-it’s totally our fault. Every time I estimate how long a new set is going to take to build—I’m way off. Apparently, estimating building times is not my strong suit). So, thanks for hanging in there and being patient with us, and we’ll be looking (keeping our fingers crossed) for our launch next week. Double-ugh!

The New Season of Layers TV
Apparently RC and Corey are better at estimating their launch date than I am, as their new season of Layers TV (the weekly show about everything Adobe) just kicked off. You can watch it online right here. Congratulations guys! (but you are making me look bad). ;-)

I am so digging “Best SLR”
A big shout-out and my thanks to “” who included two of my Digital Photography books in their “10 Best Photography How-To Books” list. Here’s the link.

That’s it for today folks
I had planned on putting some shots up today from my Lions/Bears NFL sideline shoot today, but I got tied up with some other stuff. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you guys have the kind of Thursday that feels like a Friday! :)


Photoshop Pranks!
The new episode of Photoshop User TV (which goes live some time today), is our year-end episode, and rather than doing the usual stuff, we foolishly decided to instead share our all-time favorite Photoshop pranks (ya know—stuff you can do to co-workers and friends copies of Photoshop so it kind of drives them insane, slowly. Painfully. Hilariously). That part is actually pretty cool, but after that, Dave and Matt went on to reprise the dramatic conclusion of “As The Snowman Turns” which…well…you just have to watch it, but be forewarned—-the acting is…well…you just have to watch it.

Here’s the link to watch the new episode, but just for the record—I apologize in advance for the whole snowman/monkey art nuoveau film at the end, which some viewers may feel is a trite, pompous soliloquy weighed down by an obvious lack of imagination saddled with awkward script that sometimes feels forced, leaving the viewer frustrated and confused as the monkey fails to establish himself as the hero of a post apocalyptic utopia where  the snowman, who phones in a somewhat pedestrian performance in what could have been his On Golden Pond moment, falls pray to a director whose cinematographic swan song may be this mostly unwatchable slow-paced and grossly clichéd story that barely stays afloat with two clashing perspectives that neither delight nor challenge the viewer.  (Note: the new episode is #215, so make sure that’s the one you watch).

Monday Night Football
Yesterday morning my wife and I flew up to Chicago to catch the Monday Night Football game featuring the Chicago Bears (my adopted team), who gloriously beat the Minnesota Vikings in Overtime, and get this—-I did not shoot the game. That’s right; I could have shot the game from the sidelines (in fact, my wife even encouraged me to go ahead and shoot), yet I chose to just hang out with my wife and friends and miss my chance to not only shoot The Bears from the sidelines, but my only chance to shoot Brett Farve playing probably ever. I should get some serious husband points for this. ;-)

Catch my short interview with Cafe Press
Cafe Press, the company that printed the “Channel 1, Group A” off-camera flash t-shirts for me (and my Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirts as well), asked me to do a short interview with them on a variety of topics (stuff like, “If you could lead a photo walk anywhere in the world, where would it be?”) and you can read it online right here.

Very cool Photographer and Photoshop Compositor
One of my readers, Mike V., turned me onto the word of Sean Busher in a comment posted here last week, and I took a look at his stuff, and it is very cool (I love it when great photography and great Photoshop skills come together). :) Here’s the link to check out his work (thanks for the heads-up Mike).

Epson videos
Our friends at Epson have posted a series of videos at the Epson Professional Imaging site about their printers hosted by folks I’m sure you know well, like Jay Maisel, John Paul Caponigro, Jeff Schewe, and Greg Gorman (among others). If you got a sec, they’re very well done, and you can catch them right here.

That’s it for this week everybody!
We’ll see you back here next year (that’s right—-I’m sluffing off on New Years Eve and taking the day off New Years Day). Hope you guys have a wonderful New Years, and see you next year!!! :-)


Signature Guitar Raffle Update
First, thanks to everybody who graciously bought raffle tickets for the Schecter Diamond Series electric guitar, signed by all the Photoshop Guys at NAPP (shown above), which we’re raffling off as our final fund-raiser for the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphange (here’s the link to a short video with details). Just wanted to let you guys know, you can still buy raffle tickets up until January 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 midnight EST (we pick the winner on Monday the 4th).  Anyway, raffle tickets are just $25 each—buy as many as you like (and your odds are way better than Powerball lotto, where they’re like one in 195,249,054) and  here even if you don’t win the guitar, there’s a guaranteed winner in Kenya under the age of 12, and that’s an amazing consolation prize for all of us. Here’s the link to do something great today!

This Week’s Photoshop User TV’s Episode
I forgot to mention last Tuesday that another episode of Photoshop User TV came out, and here we are the following Tuesday, and sometime today another episode comes out (that’s the good/bad thing about being a weekly show). I’m not going to be posting all the episodes here on the blog, but you can watch them over at Photoshop User TV (link).

A New DVD Series from Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro
JP has just announced a new series of DVDs called R/Evolution, and two of these new titles are available for pre-order (from Acme Education) and they both sound really intriguing. Here’s how they describe them:

(1) Fine Art Digital Printing
Make your digital prints the very best quality possible. Achieve this by learning all the components and aspects of a printing system: substrate, ink, printer, driver/RIP, profile, ink limit, print speed, viewing light, environment, and presentation. Learn what each component contributes to print quality and how they all work together to ensure your prints are as good as they can get.

(2) XDR: Extending Dynamic Range – HDR
Always the detail you want in the shadows and highlights. Extend the dynamic range in all of your images. Unlike yesterday, with today’s technology, you only need to make sacrifices if you want to. Many people think that HDR and merging images are synonymous when in fact it is one technique amid a range of possible options. It’s not only what we do at capture but what we do after. This array of choices for extending the dynamic range spans the gamut from simple to complex. By learning a variety of techniques and understanding how they work, it will make it easier for you to choose the technique that is most appropriate.

You can pre-order these titles, at their Pre-order price of $59.95 each, with free S&H, direct from Acme at this link (the price goes up to $69.95 once it ships). Here’s the link.

RC Concepcion Snags’s Pick for “Picture of the Year”
A big congratulations to our own RC Concepcion whose amazing mother/daughter portrait (or should I say mommy ballerina/baby ballerina portrait) of his daughter Sabie posed with her mom Jenn, was picked by as their “Picture of the Year.” It’s just such a magical shot (I featured it here on the blog just after RC took it earlier this year), and you’ve just got to see it for yourself (here’s the link). Way to go RC!

The Tom Tom GPS Navigation App for the iPhone Totally Rocks!
Last week Terry White posted an article on his new iPhone App site (, about how Tom Tom was running a special deal on their iPhone GPS Navigation App (only $49.95) so I went ahead and bought it, and during my NFL shoot in St. Louis on Sunday, I used the Tom Tom to get me from the airport, to the stadium, and back. I have to say—it rocked. It was even better than I expected. It gave spoken turn-by-turn directions, it had a large easy to read map (including lane assist), and all-in-all I was really impressed from top to bottom. The Tom Tom deal is only good until the end of the year (then it goes back up to $69.95), so get it while it’s hot (you can buy one of these as a last minute Christmas Gift by buying an Apple iTunes Gift Card for $50). Here’s the link to Terry’s review of the Tom Tom App, and to his end of year deal post.

Want Some Cool Photo Presentation Ideas?
Then have I got a cool site for you. It’s called, and this site it packed with lots of clever ideas of how to display your work. You’ll totally dig it.

That’s it for today, folks
Remember, tomorrow is “No Guest Blog” Wednesday (see the post below), but make sure you’re here Thursday for some Christmas spirit. :)

Hi Gang: As we head into the weekend, here’s what’s up:


McNally Scores Big!
First, a big congrats to our buddy Joe McNally, whose book, “The Moment it Clicks” has been honored with a prestigious 2009 HOT ONE Award from Professional Photographer magazine (here’s the link). Way to go, Big Joe!!!!

A Big Thanks to Bart Babinski
Bart was my guest blogger on Wednesday, and as Howard Schatz’s assistant continued our series featuring the photo assistants of famous photographers. I don’t know if you got to read Bart’s post, but here’s what one of my readers had to say, “Brilliant article. A perfect explanation of the passion for learning. Loved it.” I agree. If you missed it, go back to Wednesday and check it out (plus, there’s a couple of nudie naked photos of nakedness, which is always a plus). ;-)

A Photographers Guide to Avoiding Common Business Mistakes Class Live
Another amazingly insightful online class is now online at Kelby Training, this one is from our copyright experts; intellectual property attorney Ed Greenberg, and Photographer’s copyright advocate Jack Reznicki. This is the final segment in their series which has covered everything from model releases to how to register your copyright to protect your work, and now they’re covering common mistakes. This has been an amazing series, so make sure you check out this latest installment (here’s the link).

A Great Learning Tool for Photographers with an iPhone
This new App, called Strobox, lets you create sketches of lighting layouts and even share them with other people. You can drag and drop in a background, a strobe, a softbox—you name it. Now, you might be thinking, “When would I ever use that?” I can tell you where I’ve used a computer-based version of the same thing (except it was a layered Photoshop file). I use it when I go to workshops, or spend time working with another photographer. I can totally map out the lightning set-up they used right there on my phone in just seconds—it’s a great tool for doing just that, and best of all—it’s free!!! Here’s the link.

PhotoFocus Picks Their “Photo Educator of The Year”
I just learned yesterday that had chosen me as their “Photo Educator of the Year,” and am just so honored that they chose to honor me with this award. Although it’s my name on Kelby Training, it’s an organization of nearly 90 full-time employees, and a group of dedicated and truly gifted individuals, and it takes every single of one of them to do what we do as a training organization, and I couldn’t do any of this without them, and I’m so blessed to get to work alongside them, who all share this honor with me today. I want you guys to know that the wonderful people at did the very best thing for me they could possibly do, and that is to send the award in the form of a donation to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, which is an outstanding organization (link) that we feel very strongly about at Kelby Training, and it was so fitting that they chose them. My humble thanks to everyone at PhotoFocus who nominated me.

Thanks PC World Magazine!
A shout out to the folks at PC World magazine who included my book, “The Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers” in their Holiday Gift Guide for digital photographers. Here’s the link.

Another great Gear Guide for Photographers
My buddy Jeff Revell over at Photo Walk Pro put together a really nice gift list this year over at his blog, with some suggestions I hadn’t even thought about (but includes some that will end up on my personal gift list this year). Here’s the link (really nice job, Jeff). :)

That’s it for today
There’s probably more, but I’m beat! Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

Hi everybody. It’s Monday, here’s what’s up!

Lesson One: Don’t Let McNally Hold Your Camera
This past weekend, my wife and I flew up to New York City to spend a few days with Joe McNally and his wonderful wife Anne, and we just had an absolute blast!!!! They took us to Broadway shows; unbelievable restaurants; we went shopping everywhere, and it seemed like we were laughing or giggling for three straight days—it just rocked! But an odd thing happened along the way. At some point, I had to run into the hotel to grab a jacket and I asked Joe to hold my camera for a minute. It wasn’t until the later that night, after shooting shots of Manhattan from across the Brooklyn Bridge, that I actually started looking through my shots, and that’s when I ran across the images you see above—ones that Joe had taken of himself while supposedly watching my camera for me. I just started cracking up (I also learned a valuable lesson—if you let Joe hold your camera while your back is turned, he’s going to get seriously loopy). Thanks Joe and Annie for a weekend we’ll never forget! (and some really beautiful self portraits). ;-)

Check out this Very Clever Photography Project
I got an email from one of my readers, Dan Francis, about a project he has been working on that is just so darn clever (I wish I had thought of it). He lives in Fargo, North Dakota and has studied old historical photos of the city from the late 1800s, and then took those same shots, from the same perspective and shooting angle as the original photographer. Then, in Photoshop, he has created a split-view to show a side-by-side of what the town originally looked like, and how it looks now. Anyway, it’s a very ingenious idea, and definitely worth checking out. Here’s a link to a video Dan did on YouTube about the project (Thanks Dan for sharing this with us).

Terry White’s Creative Suite Podcast hits it’s 300th Episode!
Congratulations to my buddy Terry White who hit a real milestone today as he releases the 300th episode of his top-rated Creative Suite Podcast. Here’s the link to check it out for yourself! (Way to go T!!!!). :-)

It’s not too late to enter our Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 kit giveaway
To kick off the new season of Photoshop User TV, we are giving away (courtesy of our friends at FJ Westcott), a Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 kit (complete with lightstand, softbox and carrying case). The contest ends next week, so if you want to enter, you can right here.

I loved Eric’s Guest Blog last Wednesday
I don’t know if you got a chance to read Eric Anderson’s Guest Blog last Wednesday, but I’d have to say it was one of my favorite guest posts of the year (and in a Guest Blog Wednesday year like we’re having—that’s saying something). Some of his comments really resonated with me (and with a lot of folks judging by the 50+ comments), and it really made me start thinking about my own photography, and I found it both inspiring, challenging, and very thoughtfully written. Thanks Eric for honoring us with your message and your photographs.

Great New Blog for Digital Photographers
Last week I mentioned Rick Sammon’s and Juan Pons new “Digital Photo Experience” podcast, and now concert photographer (and Photoshop World Instructor) Alan Hess has joined their team as a regular contributor. I just checked out their blog last week, and even though it’s new, it’s already packed with great info. Check it out right here.

Big Daddy Don Page interviewed
OK, his name isn’t really “Big Daddy” (I just borrowed that nickname from drag racer Don Garlits), but he’s a buddy of mine (you may remember me talking about him during my sidelines shoot at Louisiana Tech or while hanging out with him and Matt Lange during Photo Plus Expo in New York). Anyway, there’s a great online interview with Don, and if you’ve got a quick minute, it’s a good read. Here’s the link.

Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts On My Tiger Woods Photo Situation
When you guys post comments here on stories, I hope you already know that I always read them, because hearing from you is really important to me. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I read each and every one of the more than 220 comments you posted regarding Friday’s Tiger Woods photos story, and I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time, and for keeping everything so civil on a topic that has a lot of emotion behind it.

Syl Arena Kicks Off Flash Workshop for Canon Shooters
Friend of the blog Syl Arena, over at the blog, is kicking off a new 1-day off-camera flash tour designed for Canon shooters, using Canon Speedlights. Syl notes that this is the only independent Canon-specific program out there, so if you’re a Canon shooter and want to get up to speed fast on off-camera flash, this is the ticket! Here’s the link.

That’s it for today, folks.

I sincerely hope every one of you has an absolutely kick-butt Monday, that feels like a Friday. Hope to see you back here tomorrow.