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  • Tuesday News Stuff

    Sep 8th, 2009  |  14 Comments

    Howdy folks: I had something different planned for today, but it didn’t work out, so…how ’bout some news? Epson Releases New Stylus Pro 3880 Printer I know, you probably read about this last week on Dave Cross’ blog, but just in case you missed it: “Hey, Epson released the 3880!” (shown above—photo courtesy of Epson).Continue…

  • Thursday News (and my Rock Studio Tutorial Goes Live)

    Sep 3rd, 2009  |  29 Comments

    Hi everybody. It’s Thursday—but before we get to the news, a big thanks to Scott Bourne for his kick-butt tutorial yesterday on bird photography. Nobody’s ever covered that topic here, and I thought his 10 tips were terrific (though he did leave out one of my favorites bird shots of his;  a black & whiteContinue…

  • Thursday News Stuff

    Aug 27th, 2009  |  8 Comments

    Just a quick couple of things: First, my thanks to Jeremy Cowart for his Guest Blog/Call to Action yesterday. Brad and I will be participating in Help – Portrait in our area this December, and we’ll give you more details as things move ahead, but I think this is just a fantastic way for usContinue…

  • Tuesday News Stuff

    Aug 11th, 2009  |  19 Comments

    Win Some Sweet Adobe Goodies Layers Magazine (the how-to magazine for everything Adobe) is running a contest called “How Photoshop CS4 Saved The Day” where you tell about a time you were in a jam and you used Photoshop CS4 to save the day (Basically, they’re looking for your creative solutions to everyday challenges). TheyContinue…

  • Check Out Alltop On Your iPhone

    Aug 7th, 2009  |  23 Comments

    You guys know I’m a hooked on Alltop.com (it’s how I keep up with everything. Well, that and my daily call from Terry White), but for some reason I only look at Alltop on my Mac, until last week I saw how Alltop works on the iPhone with their new mobile version. It’s the formatting.Continue…

  • Tuesday News Stuff

    Aug 4th, 2009  |  16 Comments

    Joe Killed in San Francisco! In re-reading that headline, it really doesn’t sound like it good thing, but it actually was (you guys know what I meant, right?). Seriously though—the feedback we’ve gotten from Joe McNally’s standing-room only (700+ photographers) one-day off-camera flash tour in San Francisco last week is just off the charts—-he justContinue…

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