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Joe Killed in San Francisco!
In re-reading that headline, it really doesn’t sound like it good thing, but it actually was (you guys know what I meant, right?). Seriously though—the feedback we’ve gotten from Joe McNally’s standing-room only (700+ photographers) one-day off-camera flash tour in San Francisco last week is just off the charts—-he just absolutely killed! I read some of the emails attendees are sending us, just to tell us what an amazing day they had, and they’re just over the top about Joe and what they learned. Thanks Joe! Ya done us proud, son! (More tour dates to be announced very soon!).

Shoot on the Slidelines with Scott & Mike Update
First, thanks to everybody who has already entered the “Shoot on the Sidelines with Scott and Mike” sports shooting contest. In the first day alone we had hundreds of people register on the flickr group, and many had already started uploading photos. We had a couple of questions I thought I’d address real quickly: (1) It doesn’t matter where you live—you can enter. (2) It doesn’t matter which brand of camera body you have; we’ll order you a lens that works with it. (3) The contest is only open to amateur photographers—not full-time working professional photographers. (4) The thing I used to hang those sports photos behind my desk are little photo ledges (for lack of a better term), from IKEA called “Klang” and they run about $14 each for a three foot length. Then I use those big paper-clip-like clamps to hold them up there. That’s it. Good luck everybody!

Corey’s bringing the Down & Dirty Tour to Indy
Our own in-house Photoshop Wizard, Corey Barker, is taking our incredibly popular “Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks” one-day seminar to Indianapolis, Indiana next week, on Monday, August 10th, at the Indiana Convention Center. If you haven’t seen Corey live, this is your chance (seating is limited, so if you’re thinking of going—-I’d sign up now). Here’s the link with all the details.

Very Cool Stop-Motion Video Shot with a DSLR
One of my esteemed Guest Bloggers, Andrew Kornylak, has done an incredibly cool video where he put the same stop-motion photography technique he showed here on the blog to use in a commercial shoot for his client. Once you see this video (comprised of around 550 still images), you’re going to want to (a) go back and re-read his Guest Blog post, and then (b) Shoot one of these yourself immediately! Here’s the link to the video. Thanks Andrew for sharing this!!!

I’m Really Excited About Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger….
….because I’ve been following his work for quite a while now, and his photography and post-processing just work so well together, and I’m psyched to have him here on the blog….it’s Pennsylvania-based portrait photographer Bill Simone.

Bill is able to very cleverly blend some HDR, some slick moves in Photoshop, along with some really great photography to create some very captivating images.  Best of all; he’s great about sharing his techniques, which is exactly what he’ll be doing here on the blog tomorrow so absolutely don’t miss it!!!! (In the meantime, check out Bill’s portfolio right here).

Get Your Way-Cool Photoshop World Count-Down Clock
Friend of the blog and FOV (Friend of Vanelli), Terry Reinert did something very cool; he designed a Photoshop World Countdown Clock that you can add to your Web site (which is cool by itself. Well, it is for me, anyway), but beyond that, he did something even more cool. On this site (where he posts the free code for the banner), I saw that he wrote:

No cost to you at all. If you feel the need to contribute money for using the counter, please make a donation to the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage that Scott Kelby raises money for. Read posts about the orphanage on Scott’s blog HERE.

Terry, that just made my day! :)

NOTE: If you guys want to help us spread the word about the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo, go to Terry’s site and grab the free code (here’s the link).

That’s it for this Tuesday
I’ll be here reading Bill’s Guest Blog in the morning. Hope you will, too!


Hi gang: Here’s what up:

I love Bill Fortney
If you read the comments posted about Bill Fortney’s Guest Blog yesterday, it’s clear to see that people love Bill Fortney (shown above with me at a workshop we taught together in the Great Smoky Mountains). They love his photography (which is amazing—you really need to see his portrfolio to appreciate it), but they love the man behind the camera just as much, and it really comes through in your comments. Thanks Bill—we love you!

My MPIX Pro Journey
OK, so last week I signed up for MPIX Pro (see the link here for details on why), and one part of the process is to upload five images to the MPIX Pro web site, then they print them as 8x10s and send you back printed proofs, so you can compare them with your monitor (and your monitor calibration) and see if any adjustments need to be made (for the record; the color was spot on, but the prints came out a bit darker than my MacBook Pro’s monitor, but I usually keep my brightness turned all the way up, so I know to dim it down about three or four notches—not exactly sure which yet, but I will after my first print job. I’m going to start with three steps down and see from there).

The quality of the printing, as expected, was excellent, but what I was most impressed with was (and this might sound silly), was the quality of their welcome kit. It was very smartly designed, and put together like you’d hope it would be, complete with a calibration test print, and access to an online course for how to calibrate your monitor to work with MPIXpro. I’ll be placing my first order this weekend, and I’ll let you know more when it comes in, but so far—I’m very impressed.

Corey’s New Online Class Breaks New Ground in 3D
This week we released a new online class on Kelby Training on working with 3D from Photoshop wizard Corey Barker called “Outrageous 3D with Photoshop CS4 Extended.” The stuff Corey has figured out to do with 3D in Photoshop is just absolutely mind-boggling (stuff I haven’t seen anybody doing anywhere), and if you’re into 3D–you’ve got to see this! Here’s the link to the lesssons he covers.

Tomorrow’s the last day to get your Photo Walk t-shirt
Well, it’s not technically the last day; it’s just the last day to make your purchase worth $10 a shirt to the Spring of Hope Kenya Orphanage. Do it now—it’ll make you feel better than anything else you’ll do all day. Here’s the link.

The Photo Nomads review Down & Dirty Tricks
I just ran across a review of my Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks book over at the Photo Nomads blog. Here’s the link (By the way; although it’s called the “Photoshop CS4 book” about 95% of the techniques work on Photoshop CS3 as well. Here’s the link to the book on and Barnes &, ya know…just in case).

That’s it for today, folks
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you guys have your best Thursday ever!


Hi gang: here’s what’s up:

Scott Bourne Rocks!
A big thanks to Scott Bourne over at for including my blog in his post called “My Favorite Online Places to Get More Info About Photography.” Here’s the link to check out all this picks (Thanks Scott—it’s a honor to be included in such great company).

Just Four Days Left…..
Don’t forget about Rob Jone’s wonderful offer of a matching donation on the official Photo Walk t-shirts. The deadline is July 31st (at this point with Rob’s matching donation, every shirt you buy creates at $10 donation to the Spring of Hope Kenya Orphanage). Here’s the link.

Matt’s Workflow Video
We’re getting a lot of love from Matt’s Lightroom workflow video that he did for the photo walk participants. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s right here.

A totally kick-butt contest is coming on Monday
On Monday, I’ll be announcing just about the coolest photography contest ever (well, it’s the coolest I’ve heard of recently, anyway). It’s not my idea (it’s actually a friend of mine’s, but you’ll know who he is), and we’re trying to put it together for a Monday launch, so make sure you mark your calendar to be here on Monday for sure.

Tomorrow’s  Special Guest Blogger is…..
….one of the finest landscape photographers in America today; one of the best photography instructors out there, and one of my very dear friends….Bill Fortney.

Bill is the photographer who wrote (and shot) the award-winning book “America from 500 feet” (the best selling aviation photography book ever) and co-author of “American from 500 feet II” (his latest book), and it is such an honor to have him here as my guest. Don’t miss his guest post tomorrow!!!


Hi folks:
Well, now that most of the Photo Walk stuff is out of the way (until we come to the judging portion, then all %&$* will break loose), here’s what’s up:

The Free Prize Inside (apologies to Seth Godin)
First, I want to talk about yesterday’s Guest Blog from Bryan Hughes, because there was a “Free Prize Inside” a lot of people missed (and I’m not talking about the unprecedented super-early reveal of three user-driven improvements to the next version of Photoshop), but something bigger that a lot of people missed entirely. In fact, one of my buddies called me late last night, and said, “I saw you Tweet that something really surprising was in Bryan’s post, and I skimmed it, but didn’t catch it.”

A lot of people missed the fact that Bryan, Photoshop Product Manager for Adobe, actually gave out his private email address, and said to my readers (I’m paraphrasing here), “Hey, if you’ve got an idea for something you want fixed or addressed in Photoshop, here’s my personal email address. Drop me a line.” Come on—that’s pretty much unheard of. Now, Bryan is probably regretting that today, but I thought it really showed an amazing level of access and interaction between Adobe and end users like us, and I applaud Bryan for doing that, and for giving us a peek inside their development process this time around.

MPIX Launches MpixPro!
I knew this was coming, but I couldn’t spill the beans until it was official (which it now is), but the folks over at have launched a very intriguing new service exclusively for working pros called “MpixPro,” which has special products (and a product catalog twice the size of and lab services (including fine art printing) for working pro photographers. As much as I love (they have been my one and only lab for the past couple of years), I’m now moving up to MPIX Pro to access these new services and features aimed at pros. You can check out the video on their site which explains it all, and I’ll have a lot more next week after I get my first orders back from them, so look for more details then. In the meantime, here’s the link to MPIX Pro.

Joe McNally’s Kelby Training Flash Workshop is Sold Out!
You knew it was going to happen, and sure enough—last week Joe’s upcoming off camera flash workshop sold out, and there’s going to be a record-breaking 700+ photographers there that day. Seriously, that’s probably one of, if not the biggest, one-day lighting workshops ever. Way to go, Joe! (more dates for Joe’s tour to be announced shortly).

Also, hats off to my buddy Matt Kloskowski who, following in Joe’s footsteps, sold out our Lightroom 2 Live Tour! in New York City yesterday, with more than 650 photographers filling the place to capacity.

Catch my Photo Walk Audio Interview at LensFlare35
I did a very fun interview yesterday with Dave Warner over at where we talked about the whole World Wide Photo Walk phenomenon; how the whole thing came about, where it’s been, and what’s next. You can listen to it right here.

Hotel Rooms for Photoshop World Las Vegas are Going FAST!
There are two hotels at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino (home to the Photoshop World Conference & Expo), and the room rates this year are an absolute bargain, which is probably why one of our two host hotels “THEhotel at Mandalay Bay” has sold out of our special room deal reserved for conference attendees. If you’re going to join us in Vegas this October, you can still snag a special room deal right at the Mandalay Bay itself (yes, it’s confusing—one’s called “THEhotel” and one’s just “Mandalay Bay” but it’s the one called “Mandalay Bay” that still has rooms available at our killer deal price). Here’s the link to the Photoshop World Travel Page with all the details. Hope I’ll be seeing you in Vegas!

I’m Hitting the Sack
It’s pretty late, so I’m heading to bed. Hope you guys have a great Thursday, and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow for some news and stuff to take you into the weekend. See you then!


Hi gang. I’m off to the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean to teach a workshop with Joe McNally and then I’m going to spend a few days doing absolutely nothing but reading and sitting by the pool (I know, I’ve got it rough), which is all the more reason I feel I should share yet another embarrassing photo. This was taken in the mid-80s (note the cool gloves, blond tips, and excess mousse in my hair. The trademark black shirt is there, along with a Korg DSS-1 keyboard [bottom], which had sampled sounds I used to load into the keyboard with a floppy disk). Man, I gettin’ old. ;-)  Now, onto the news:

First, a shout out to the Deke Man for a fantastic guest blog and video tutorial yesterday. The comments were nothing short of a love-fest, and it was a real kick having Deke here on the blog. If you’re going to Photoshop World in Vegas this October, make sure you check out Deke live.

What’s the Difference Between Vols. 1, 2, and 3?
I got another email yesterday asking if Volume 3 of my book “The Digital Photography Book” is just an another update to the original book, or if it’s an entirely new book, so I thought I’d better tackle it here. Volume 2 is a completely new book from the ground up that picks up right where the original Volume 1 left off.  I did the same thing with Volume 3, but of course it picked up where Volume 2 left off, so while the three books are designed to work together (and the Publisher is planning a three-book set), the content is completely different in each of the three books. Hope that helps.

Check out Syl’s Canon Speedlite Wishlist
Spend any time around Joe McNally and you’ll become a Nikon off-camera flash believer, and that’s exactly what happened to Syl Arena over at the PixSylated blog, who just did a post on his wishlist for Canon’s off camera speedlites, and he really did a great job with it. Here’s the link to check it out.

Catch the finale of our series on lenses
Later today we’ll posting the final segment of our five-part segment on lenses on D-Town TV. This has been one of the most popular set of shows we’ve done on the program thus far, and if you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the link (the fifth installment is episode #20).

A Special Deal on two new DVDs from Vincent Versace
Vinny is about to release a new in-depth DVD called, “Oz to Kansas 2.0: The Black and White on Black and White Conversions” where he goes into detail about the process, which includes:

  • When and why you should and should not use global de-saturation.
  • When and why you should and should not use LAB conversions.
  • Split Channel conversions –  what they are good for and a way to get the same effect with a file two thirds the size.
  • When to use the Black and White adjustment layer to bring out and separate the tones in a color image.
  • The only soup to nuts overview of the Silver Efex Plug-in. How to use it and when.
  • Multiple Channel mixer black and white conversions that replicate the physics of film.
  • What is “Faux-infrared” and a look at how to convert files to black and white from digital cameras that have been modified to shoot Infrared.
  • When and how to most efficiently use the Gradient tool for black and white conversion.
  • Mid-tone Contouring
  • Combining multiple conversion techniques to get the optimum black and white image.

He’s also got another DVD about to release as well, called; “The Lazarus Effect: Raising the Dead Pixels in the Mist and In Blur to Focus. Here’s how he describes it:

This four DVD tutorial is for anyone who has ever taken an image in which the focus was a wee bit “off.” Maybe you tried to photograph a waterfall and, regardless of your exposure and how carefully you set up your tripod and camera, the focus was a little too soft, or perhaps you have images that you know were in focus when you shot it them, but because of the type of sensor or the way the RAW file was processed, the sharpness you knew the lens could deliver is missing in the images on the screen.

This DVD not only teaches you how to bring detail back from both landscape (Pixels in the Mist) and portrait images (From Blur to In Focus), it also presents a new way of thinking about your images as well as a new approach to seeing and creating.

Vinny has extended his special pre-order offer of $59.95 for either DVD to readers of my blog until July 22nd (the DVD’s are scheduled to ship on July 15th). Here’s the link with all the details.

Another Cool Video From Last Year’s Photo Walk
We’ll wrap things up with a video taken during last year’s Photo Walk in Hollywood, California as part of my world wide photo walk last year.

Hope you all have a great Thursday, and just remember; there’s a 50/50 chance I won’t be blogging tomorrow because I’m on a topical island and just flat out don’t feel like blogging. Hey, it could happen. ;-)

Hi Folks. It’s Tuesday, it’s my birthday (and my wife got me a Les Paul guitar as a birthday present—sweet!), but besides me getting older, and not even a bit wiser, here’s what’s up:


McNally Live!
San Francisco, the first stop on Joe McNally’s new Location Lighting Technique Workshop tour for Kelby Training looks like it’s going to sell out way in advance, so I’m giving you a heads up now; if you’re planning on going (it’s on July 31st), this may be your last chance to sign up here. Here’s the link.

Thanks Vinny!
Just a word of thanks to my buddy Vincent Versace. He took the promo photo of me you see up at the top right corner of this blog. We use that image in a lot of my books and videos, and I just wanted to both thank and credit him, especially since the photo makes me look a lot better than we all know I really look. Thanks Vinny. You da man! :)

Down & Dirty Review
Ron Martinsen did an in-depth review of my latest book; Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks, and you can read it right here.

50 Issues and Counting!
Also celebrating a birthday this week is UK-based Photoshop Creative” magazine, as they have just published their 50th issue. Congrats to everybody at Photoshop Creative, and here’s to 50 more! :)

Local Photo Walk Videos
I got an email from Ian Pack, who is leading a Photo Walk in Brighton, UK as a part of my Worldwide Photo Walk, and he sent me to a video clip about the Photo Walk on and I’m embedding his video below. I also found other Photo Walk videos from last year (including my own), and I’ll be posting one each day until the Walk kicks off a week from Saturday. Thanks Ian for sending this my way. :)

That’s it for today folks. Make sure you check back here tomorrow for our very special guest blogger, and I’ll see you back here on Thursday for my first blog as a somewhat older, but even more devistatingly handsome blogger than before (if that’s even possible). Have a kick-butt Tuesday, everybody!