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Hi everybody. It’s Thursday—but before we get to the news, a big thanks to Scott Bourne for his kick-butt tutorial yesterday on bird photography. Nobody’s ever covered that topic here, and I thought his 10 tips were terrific (though he did leave out one of my favorites bird shots of his;  a black & white shot he used in a recent post that I just loved. Here’s the link to see for yourself). Now, here’s what up:

My Rock n’ Roll Studio Shoot’ Tutorial Now Online
The image you see above (of professional model Orsolya Bergman), was shot after I wrapped up a photo shoot for Volume 3 of my Digital Photography Book. I created the 3-up rock shot as a tutorial for the NAPP member Website, where I show the entire process, from the initial set-up and shoot, through the post-processing retouching, and compositing after the fact in Photoshop.

Well, good news; that tutorial is now live online at the NAPP member Website, and you can check it out there (it’s 23 minutes long, but I cover everything from the lighting to the Photoshop stuff). Hope you NAPP members enjoy it! (and if you’re not a NAPP member, why not? Here’s the link for details).

NOTE: My EDP tutorial is scheduled to go live (at NAPP) in just a few weeks.

Making the Top 10 and the Top 5 in One Week. Whoo Hooo!!!!
A big thanks to the, who named this blog one of their “Top 10 Photography Sites” (here’s the link) and to “Beyond Megapixels” who named my blog one of their “Top 5 photography Websites they rely on.” (link to their list). I’m honored that you guys would include me, and a sincere thanks!!!!

My MPIX Pro Journey Continues
I got my first prints back from MPIXPro, and they included a number of shots from my Black Hawk helicopter shoot (see Tuesday’s post) and they did an phenomenal job. I had the one of Lt. Ozburn walking away as a metallic print, mounted on a black foam core, and it just looked great (in fact, it looked better than the shot I took. I can’t believe what that metallic finish did for the image!!! Hey—I’m not complaining—if their printing makes my image look better than it really did, I’m totally OK with that). Anyway, I received this round of images the very next day after I ordered them (Terry White just got approved as an MPIX Pro customer last week, and I told him one thing that got him totally hooked—-the next-day Fed Ex shipping for MPIX Pro customers is only $4. Four bucks! Sweet!).

I also got an acrylic print done as well with one of the image from my Tuscany trip (these are gallery style prints that appear between two clear Plexiglas sheets, like you’ll see in some photographic gallery exhibits. These are mounted with four brushed aluminum round mounts in each corner which just adds to the gallery look. However, I made a mistake a silly mistake in Photoshop that caused the image to come out differently than I had imagined.

I ordered a 12″x12″ acrylic frame, and I wanted my image to appear “floating” in the center of the frame, with the area around it clear. In Photoshop, I made a new 12″x12″ document, and then I put my 7″x7″ square image centered within it, and forgot (ugh), to delete the background layer, so my image printed with a white background (not MPIX Pro’s fault—that was my fault. I created it with a white background, so they printed it with a white background). Just a heads up in case you order one yourself (even the one with the white background looks great—-it’s just not what I was going for). What I should have done was just made a 7″x7″ image in the first place, and then it would have floated automatically in a 12″x12″ frame. Double Ugh. Anyway, just an update for you guys on how my move to MPIX Pro is going.

The “Live Concert Shoot” Pre-Con Gets Even Cooler!
Now that Nikon Professional Services (NPS) is officially sponsoring our Live Concert Shoot workshop at Photoshop World next month in Vegas (taught by concert photographer Alan Hess, with special guess instructor Scott Diussa), Nikon is bringing some extra bodies and some really fast glass for any Nikon shooters in the class who want to try some new fast gear. They’re also sending an NPS tech rep to answer your question right there on the spot. If you’re thinking of being a part of this, there are only about 9 spots left, so snag one now before it’s sold out! (Here’s the link with details).

There’s Still Time
Want to go to Vegas, and be a part of the world’s largest Photoshop training event? I’m teaching some really cool classes (including two classes on portrait retouching, and one on Creative Print Layouts in Lightroom).

Plus, Matt will be there. Dave wiil be there. Corey, RC, Deke, Ben, Moose, Jack Davis, Katrin, McNally, Julieanne, Russell, Jack and Ed, Bert, Eddie (HCIET!), and even more of nothing but the best and most talented Photoshop instructors and photographers (Jay will be there), in the world.

They’ll be all there for one reason—–to teach you their latest stuff. To give you the edge. To make you better, more creative, more marketable, more valuable, and to take your career to a whole new level.

We’ll all be there! You can be, too! There’s still time. Here’s the link.

That’s it for this Thursday.
Have a really kick butt day and don’t let the Goobers get you down! :)


Just a quick couple of things:

First, my thanks to Jeremy Cowart for his Guest Blog/Call to Action yesterday. Brad and I will be participating in Help – Portrait in our area this December, and we’ll give you more details as things move ahead, but I think this is just a fantastic way for us all to give back to those less fortunate this Holiday Season. This kind of stuff is really what it’s all about, so I hope you’ll visit and get involved. Now, onto the news:

Photoshop User TV’s 200th Episode (and some big news!)
This week’s episode in our 200th consecutive episode (our first show was in October of 2005), and it features a look back at our very first show (ugh!), how the show has morphed and grown (complete with embarrassing flashbacks), and of course, what would our 200th episode be without a look at Matt’s now famous “Steam” tutorial. Plus, there’s some other great stuff (including outtakes and our trademark “after credits” spots). Here’s the link to watch it online.

Now, that being said; as of this episode, we are taking a one-month hiatius, as we totally revamp the show with a cool new set, a brand new slick format, with even more content, tips, and tutorials than ever before. In the meantime we’re posting some mini-tutorials and news (just so we don’t go “dark”) until the relaunch here in just a few weeks. I’ll let you know when the new show “goes live.” Thanks everybody for a wonderful 200 shows, and keep an eye out for the new, slickity-slick, mondo-Matty, semi-Canadian, pointy, choppy, goodness of our new fall season!

A Contender For Your On-Location Back-up
Terry White, over at Terry’s Tech Blog has an interesting in-depth review on an on-location back-up solution that goes head-to-head with the Epson P-6000/7000s but at a faction of the cost. Definitely worth hearing what Terry has to say, and the pros and cons of each. Here’s the link.

Only Two Days Left to Save $100 on Photoshop World Tickets
Just today and tomorrow, and then the “Save $100” Early Bird ticket deal is over, so if you’re thinking of joining me out in Vegas—I’d do it right now (airfare’s cheap, hotel rooms are cheaper than ever, and it’s going to be a blast!). Here’s where you’ll find all the details.

That’s it for today. It’s late and I’ve got to work on my seminar for Friday in Orlando. Have a really great Thursday everybody, and thanks for stopping by! :-)


Win Some Sweet Adobe Goodies
Layers Magazine (the how-to magazine for everything Adobe) is running a contest called “How Photoshop CS4 Saved The Day” where you tell about a time you were in a jam and you used Photoshop CS4 to save the day (Basically, they’re looking for your creative solutions to everyday challenges).

They pick weekly winners (for the next five weeks) which get a copy of Lightroom 2, plus an Adobe 18-1 Card Reader, an 8GB USB Drive, and a three-year subscription to Layers. Plus you’ll be featured in a Layers magazine article and on the website, as well the Adobe website.

At the end they pick one grand prize winner who gets the entire Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium or Web Premium (or equivalent value), a full conference pass to the Photoshop World Conference & Expo, a one-year subscription to Kelby Training’s Online Training, and $250 of books or DVDs from our own Kelby Training. (The Grand Prize winner will also receive special recognition at Photoshop World in Vegas on October 1 during the opening ceremony). For all the details, or to enter, here’s the link.

Update on Yesterday’s “How I Display My Prints” Post
I learned yesterday (from some of my astute readers) that IKEA has discontinued the KLANG ledge I showed yesterday, but Joe P. pointed out that they have something that looks like it might be better (for the same $14.99). It’s called the “RIBBA Picture Ledge” and you can see it at IKEA online (here’s the link). It’s 45″ long, so you’d only need two to cover the same space as three of the KLANGs (so you save about $15). Also, Ken C. pointed out another cool option—-a thin cable used as a Curtain Wire, but of course we’d use it to hang prints. It’s called “DIGNITET,” it’s $14.99 as well, and here’s the link to it on (but sadly neither are available for online order—-you have to go to an IKEA store to get yours).

The First in-Depth Review of Volume 3
The first in-depth review I’ve seen of my new book, “The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 3” is now online at Ronald R. Martinsen’s Photography Blog (Unfiltered Reviews with Real Feedback). Here’s the link to check it out.

My Down & Dirty Seminar in Orlando is Just A Few Weeks Away
We’ve already got more than 400 people signed up for my Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks workshop coming to Orlando, Florida on Friday August 28th. If you’re thinking of joining me for the day, make sure you sign up right away, as seating is limited, and when it’s full, it’s full. Here’s the link with all the info.

Sweet Deal on Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper
Friend of the blog Michael Tapes turned me on to a sweet deal on my favorite paper, at more than 40% off. It’s from a company called, and here’s the link with details. Thanks Michael for the heads-up.

Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger is…….
…..the full time photography assistant for living legend Jay Maisel, it’s Jamie Smith!

My assistant Brad Moore came up with the idea of having some of the photo assistants of famous photographers do a gig as guest bloggers (just as Brad did about his experiences working for Joe McNally), and I loved the idea on a bunch of different levels. One of the first people Brad wanted to feature was Jamie—who being Jay’s full-time assistant has to have just one amazing job!!!! I can’t wait to hear what Jamie has to say tomorrow, so make sure you join me here to catch Jamie’s Guest Blog.

That’s it for today folks!
I hope you have a kick-butt day everybody!!!!!


You guys know I’m a hooked on (it’s how I keep up with everything. Well, that and my daily call from Terry White), but for some reason I only look at Alltop on my Mac, until last week I saw how Alltop works on the iPhone with their new mobile version.

It’s the formatting. You still see the top five headlines from all your favorite blogs (you can see the one’s I follow daily at, and what I love about Alltop on my computer (the simplicity) is amplified on my iPhone. Next time you’re on your iPhone, check out and you’ll see what I mean.

The Daily News

Joe Killed in San Francisco!
In re-reading that headline, it really doesn’t sound like it good thing, but it actually was (you guys know what I meant, right?). Seriously though—the feedback we’ve gotten from Joe McNally’s standing-room only (700+ photographers) one-day off-camera flash tour in San Francisco last week is just off the charts—-he just absolutely killed! I read some of the emails attendees are sending us, just to tell us what an amazing day they had, and they’re just over the top about Joe and what they learned. Thanks Joe! Ya done us proud, son! (More tour dates to be announced very soon!).

Shoot on the Slidelines with Scott & Mike Update
First, thanks to everybody who has already entered the “Shoot on the Sidelines with Scott and Mike” sports shooting contest. In the first day alone we had hundreds of people register on the flickr group, and many had already started uploading photos. We had a couple of questions I thought I’d address real quickly: (1) It doesn’t matter where you live—you can enter. (2) It doesn’t matter which brand of camera body you have; we’ll order you a lens that works with it. (3) The contest is only open to amateur photographers—not full-time working professional photographers. (4) The thing I used to hang those sports photos behind my desk are little photo ledges (for lack of a better term), from IKEA called “Klang” and they run about $14 each for a three foot length. Then I use those big paper-clip-like clamps to hold them up there. That’s it. Good luck everybody!

Corey’s bringing the Down & Dirty Tour to Indy
Our own in-house Photoshop Wizard, Corey Barker, is taking our incredibly popular “Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks” one-day seminar to Indianapolis, Indiana next week, on Monday, August 10th, at the Indiana Convention Center. If you haven’t seen Corey live, this is your chance (seating is limited, so if you’re thinking of going—-I’d sign up now). Here’s the link with all the details.

Very Cool Stop-Motion Video Shot with a DSLR
One of my esteemed Guest Bloggers, Andrew Kornylak, has done an incredibly cool video where he put the same stop-motion photography technique he showed here on the blog to use in a commercial shoot for his client. Once you see this video (comprised of around 550 still images), you’re going to want to (a) go back and re-read his Guest Blog post, and then (b) Shoot one of these yourself immediately! Here’s the link to the video. Thanks Andrew for sharing this!!!

I’m Really Excited About Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger….
….because I’ve been following his work for quite a while now, and his photography and post-processing just work so well together, and I’m psyched to have him here on the blog….it’s Pennsylvania-based portrait photographer Bill Simone.

Bill is able to very cleverly blend some HDR, some slick moves in Photoshop, along with some really great photography to create some very captivating images.  Best of all; he’s great about sharing his techniques, which is exactly what he’ll be doing here on the blog tomorrow so absolutely don’t miss it!!!! (In the meantime, check out Bill’s portfolio right here).

Get Your Way-Cool Photoshop World Count-Down Clock
Friend of the blog and FOV (Friend of Vanelli), Terry Reinert did something very cool; he designed a Photoshop World Countdown Clock that you can add to your Web site (which is cool by itself. Well, it is for me, anyway), but beyond that, he did something even more cool. On this site (where he posts the free code for the banner), I saw that he wrote:

No cost to you at all. If you feel the need to contribute money for using the counter, please make a donation to the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage that Scott Kelby raises money for. Read posts about the orphanage on Scott’s blog HERE.

Terry, that just made my day! :)

NOTE: If you guys want to help us spread the word about the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo, go to Terry’s site and grab the free code (here’s the link).

That’s it for this Tuesday
I’ll be here reading Bill’s Guest Blog in the morning. Hope you will, too!


Hi gang: Here’s what up:

I love Bill Fortney
If you read the comments posted about Bill Fortney’s Guest Blog yesterday, it’s clear to see that people love Bill Fortney (shown above with me at a workshop we taught together in the Great Smoky Mountains). They love his photography (which is amazing—you really need to see his portrfolio to appreciate it), but they love the man behind the camera just as much, and it really comes through in your comments. Thanks Bill—we love you!

My MPIX Pro Journey
OK, so last week I signed up for MPIX Pro (see the link here for details on why), and one part of the process is to upload five images to the MPIX Pro web site, then they print them as 8x10s and send you back printed proofs, so you can compare them with your monitor (and your monitor calibration) and see if any adjustments need to be made (for the record; the color was spot on, but the prints came out a bit darker than my MacBook Pro’s monitor, but I usually keep my brightness turned all the way up, so I know to dim it down about three or four notches—not exactly sure which yet, but I will after my first print job. I’m going to start with three steps down and see from there).

The quality of the printing, as expected, was excellent, but what I was most impressed with was (and this might sound silly), was the quality of their welcome kit. It was very smartly designed, and put together like you’d hope it would be, complete with a calibration test print, and access to an online course for how to calibrate your monitor to work with MPIXpro. I’ll be placing my first order this weekend, and I’ll let you know more when it comes in, but so far—I’m very impressed.

Corey’s New Online Class Breaks New Ground in 3D
This week we released a new online class on Kelby Training on working with 3D from Photoshop wizard Corey Barker called “Outrageous 3D with Photoshop CS4 Extended.” The stuff Corey has figured out to do with 3D in Photoshop is just absolutely mind-boggling (stuff I haven’t seen anybody doing anywhere), and if you’re into 3D–you’ve got to see this! Here’s the link to the lesssons he covers.

Tomorrow’s the last day to get your Photo Walk t-shirt
Well, it’s not technically the last day; it’s just the last day to make your purchase worth $10 a shirt to the Spring of Hope Kenya Orphanage. Do it now—it’ll make you feel better than anything else you’ll do all day. Here’s the link.

The Photo Nomads review Down & Dirty Tricks
I just ran across a review of my Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks book over at the Photo Nomads blog. Here’s the link (By the way; although it’s called the “Photoshop CS4 book” about 95% of the techniques work on Photoshop CS3 as well. Here’s the link to the book on and Barnes &, ya know…just in case).

That’s it for today, folks
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you guys have your best Thursday ever!