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Hello there.  Me again.  Scott has been in Portland since yesterday morning and spent the day shooting with Laurie Excell.  Today is the next stop on his Lightroom Tour (fingers crossed that this one will run smoothly), and he gave away a free ticket to the seminar to a lucky follower on Twitter last night.

For those wondering about Scott’s computer, it was a hard drive failure (as he always says, it’s not if your drive fails, it’s when!).  And, yes, he did have everything backed up with Apple’s Time Machine.  I’m sure he’ll give you the full run-down when he gets back next week.

One of the things on said hard drive was an embarrassing photo, which was supposed to be for yesterday’s blog.  You’ll will get to see that next week :)

For those keeping up with Photo Walk news, I’m posting daily over on the Photo Walk Blog.  Swing by and check it out!

For fans of Joe McNally, he just posted a video on YouTube from when he was testing out the Nikon D3.  If you like cameras, elephants, frogs, birds, or snakes, you might enjoy it.  You might also catch a glimpse of me.  I’m the guy wearing the red shirt and goofy hat when our friend Suzie the Elephant was with us in the desert.  That was a great day :)

And lastly, there’s a new episode of DTown TV up, which includes tips on AF Priority modes, features on the new D5000, info on Picture Control settings, and a tip on shutter speeds when using studio lights.

That’s it for today.  Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!



….if you’re looking for tweets from me like, “I just dropped my son off at soccer practice” or “Listening to “Precious” by Depeche Mode while retouching pictures.” (Sorry RC—I couldn’t help myself).

I want to use my Twitter account for something different.

  1. Sometimes I have something I want to share, but it’s a day or two before I can blog about it (for example, one day Larry Becker called me to let me know about a site that was selling 8GB San Disk Extreme memory cards for $89, but they were offering an $89 mail-in rebate. Basically, they were free! We bought a bunch). I was dying to tell everyone, but by the time I could blog it the next day—they were gone.
  2. Sometimes I need input on an idea and I need it really quickly.
  3. Sometimes I need your opinion on a training class I’m thinking of doing, or something I want to add to a seminar or workshop, or something I’m thinking of adding to Photoshop World, and I need a direct connection for feedback.
  4. Sometimes I need to get the word out about something and I need your help spreading the word.
  5. Sometimes I want to find out how you feel about a particular topic I’m thinking about blogging about, or writing an article about it. Sometimes I want to gauge the general feeling about a controversial topic I might be tackling, and want to hear what you think before I make it public.

But for this to work, it has to be a two-way street, right? So, for your help and input, here’s my end of the deal:

  1. I’ll give you advance notice on all sorts of things I’m working on, including new seminars or online classes I’m developing; when books are hitting stores, or which books I’m working on, or when we’re considering a city for a seminar, or anything cool coming down the road.
  2. I’ll give you the inside early notice on anything where I wouldn’t be violating an embargo or an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
  3. I’ll keep an eye out for cool deals, great photography, special deals, or anything else that I think you’d want to check out, and I’ll share those with you.
  4. You’ll learn things on Twitter before it goes live on my blog, and I’ll discuss things that aren’t necessarily right for the blog.
  5. I’ll respect your time and won’t abuse this pipeline between us. My tweets will be short and sweet, and to the point.

I also won’t be tweeting every day, or on any regular schedule at all. When I’ve got something to share, or need your input, that’s when you’ll hear from me, so I won’t become a high-maintenance twitter nuisance.

One more thing: I won’t be able to answer Photoshop questions, or photography gear questions, or stuff like that on Twitter (so, I’m not starting a help desk, Q&A line, or anything like that), but I will do my best to make sure if you do follow me, I’ll make it worth your while.

Now you know the scoop, and if that all sounds like something you’d be in to, I invite you to follow me by clicking here.

Hey, by the way; at lunch today, I had a really great whole grain bread (just kidding—-that was a “Stunt Tweet,” just to see if you were really paying attention). ;-)


OK, before we get started—are we so lovin’ David duChemin today or what? He totally rocked it yesterday with his inspirational, and eye-opening guest blog (just read all the comments and you’ll see what I mean), and I’m both honored and excited that he was my guest blogger here on the Photoshop Insider. Thanks so much David.

Why Yes, That Photo is Embarrassing
Yet another blast from the past has snuck its way onto my blog today, and the one above (circa 1983) is a self-portrait where I’m posing with an old Minolta SLR that my brother handed down to me when he upgraded to a Nikon F3. It was shot with my Pentax SLR using the self timer, and this was taken in a small studio another photographer and I rented, and it was shot on white seamless using a Sunpak flash unit set to bounce off the ceiling. How high tech! ;-)

Of course, the shot below is even more embarrassing (that’s right, a bonus embarrassing shot), which was taken one night when I was in the band “The Edge” around 1986. I played keyboards mostly, but if the song didn’t have keyboards, I’d play rhythm guitar, and I sang lead on a dozen or so songs (as seen below). And yes—I am wearing sweat bands (they were all the rage back then. Well, if you were in a band anyway). Behind me is “Big Electric Cat” drummer Scott Stahley. He was all of 18-years-old at the time. The photo was taken at a club called “The Landing” in Haines City, Florida. Yeah, I really played the choice gigs, didn’t I? ;-)


Now, onto the news:

Something Big is Coming Here on Monday
I wanted to give you guys a heads up that on Monday I have some mondo big news, so make sure you stop by to check it out. If you wait until Tuesday….well…it just might be too late (you’ll see what I mean).

Mike Wong Gets a Face Lift
OK, that’s not exactly what happened; it’s actually just a face lift for Mike’s excellent 1 on 1 blog that he writes on behalf of Photoshop plug-in maker OnOne Software, but I just couldn’t let a headline like that go to waste. Here’s the link to his younger, healthier-looking blog. ;-)

Jeff Revell’s New Canon 50D Book Now in Bookstores
When I was at my seminar in DC last week, Jeff Revell (of PhotoWalkPro) came out to the seminar and brought me a copy of his new book, “The Canon 50D: From Snapshots to Great Shots,” and I have to say; it is, hands-down, the best “how to use your camera” book I’ve seen, because it goes way beyond a “how to use your camera book.” When Jeff was writing the book, he told me that the last thing the world needs is another author rewriting the manual, but saying in four pages what the manual said in two pages. Instead, Jeff said “The reason people buy a book on how to use their camera is because they want to make better photos, but all they wind up doing is learning how to use the menus and buttons,” which is why he set out to rewrite how this genre of books is done, and by golly he did just that. It doesn’t just teach you the camera’s buttons and menus—it teaches Canon 50D users how to take better photos with their camera and that is what’s going to set this book apart (This book is going to be huge!) Here’s the link to it on Barnes & and Congrats Jeff on totally delivering on your vision (and for including such great looking photography to boot!).

Don’t Miss David Ziser’s Digital Wake-up Tour!
David Ziser’s “” blog has won legions of devoted fans because of the amazing amount of info David shares daily—-not just about photography technique, but about the business of photography as well. As great as that blog is (and it truly is among the best out there), there is absolutely nothing that compares with learning from David live (I’ve done it myself—-it’s an eye-opening, career-changing experience). David is out on tour right now with this acclaimed “Digital Wake-Up Tour,” and if he’s coming anywhere near you—you absolutely, positively just have to go (you’ll thank me later). His next stops are:

  • Los Angeles, CA, May 18th
  • Ontario, CA, May 19th
  • Irvine, CA, May 20
  • San Diego, CA, May 21st
  • New Orleans, LA, May 26th
  • Houston, Texas, June 1st
  • Dallas, Texas, June 2nd
  • Ft. Worth, Texas, June 3rd
  • Oklahoma City, OK, June 4th
  • Louisville, Kentucky, June 8th
  • Cincinnati, Ohio, June 9th

For details and/or to reserve your seat, here’s the link.

Video Review of Wacom’s New Intuos 4 Tablet
Terry White, over at Terry White’s Tech Blog, did an excellent video review of Wacom’s latest tablet (the same one you’ve heard me raving about—the same one I have both at home, and on my desk at work and now can’t live without), and if you’ve got a quick minute and you’re wondering, “Well, what makes this particular tablet so much better?” then just watch Terry’s review and it will all make sense. Here’s the link.


That’s it for today folks. I’ve got some other cool news tomorrow, so make sure you check back here then, and of course on Monday. Could be really big! :)


Think Tank’s Airport Security 2 Gets a “Scott Thinks It’s Hot!” Award
My recent trips to Birmingham and DLWS in the Other Banks totally cemented it—-the Think Tank Airport Security 2 is the rolling camera bag of my dreams. It has totally replaced my beloved Lowe Pro Pro Roller 1, which served me well for the past two years, but this Think Tank rolling bag is truly that next level of bag, and now there’s no looking back.

I’m still amazed at how that bag holds as much as it does (I load mine with a 200-400mm f/4 lens, a large 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, a large 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, two full-sized camera bodies, an Epson P-7000, two chargers, a monopod, an SB-900, multiple filters, a Di-GPS unit, and loads of little gadgets that wind up in our camera bags). Besides what it holds; it’s very cleverly designed, well-built, and it’s just a smart bag all the way around (from it’s built-it security cable, to it’s built-in emergency backpack conversion, to it’s hidden ‘secret compartment’).

Think Tank really understands photographers, and what we need, and that’s why I’m giving the Airport Security 2 my “Scott Thinks It’s Hot!” Editor’s Choice award. Here’s the link to their site with all the details. (Note: They have an International version, which conforms to Int’l carry on restrictions, but I only have the US edition. If you travel internationally, here’s that link).


Just got my copy of David DuChemin’s New book, “Within The Frame”
When I got to my office yesterday morning, a copy David DuChemin’s just released new book, “Within the Frame” was sitting on my desk. I took it home last night and just couldn’t put it down! There’s nothing like a photography how-to book with stunning photography to inspire you, but his book goes way beyond just inspiration, and teaches you how to think about creating captivating images, and I think that’s why this book is going to be the next big thing. Hats off to David (who is my guest blogger for tomorrow) for creating a very special book (here’s the link to it on Barnes & and Way go go, man!


Adobe deal: $25 off Lightroom 2 until May 31st.
I saw where Adobe has a $25 off deal on Lightroom 2 running until May 31st. Here’s the link to their online stores (including Int’l) to take advantage of the deal.


Photos From my DC Seminar
Vithaya Photography attended my DC Photoshop Seminar/Audiofest and they were kind enough to send me a link to a gallery of images they took from the day (photo above by Vithaya Photography). Here’s the link to see a gallery of some scenes from the event. My thanks for Vithaya Photography for coming to the seminar, and for being so kind to share these images with my readers.

That’s it for today folks. Don’t forget to check out David’s guest blog tomorrow, and we’ll see you here on Thursday for a photo I’m sure will make me shudder (along with other news bits and stuff).


Hi folks. How ’bout a big round of applause for Andrew Kornylak for his excellent Guest Blog post yesterday! Besides his very cool adventure photography, I loved what he did with this videos, and I know it got a lot of people thinking about ways to extend what they’re already doing, and that’s one of the things I love best about Guest Blog Wednesday; it gets us thinking and seeing things in a new way. Thanks Andrew for an inspiring and informative post! Now, onto the news:

  • One from The Outer Banks
    The image above is another one from my trip to DLWS Workshop in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and this one is from Tuesday morning’s dawn shoot at the commercial pier (click on it for a larger view). These rusty abandoned old boats made some really great subjects for the class to shoot, and although the sun went in and out of the clouds, I did manage to get this image I kinda like. Thanks again to Moose & Co. for letting me be a part of their creative world for a couple of days. I totally had a blast!
  • Off to DC!
    Today I’m on my way up to Washington, DC for tomorrow’s Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks special effects workshop and I am so excited!!!! Corey Barker, who worked with me to help develop the tour, is coming up with me for the kick-off of the tour (He’s teaching the day himself in Richmond at the end of the month), and I’m hooking up with some buddies for dinner, so it’s going to be a great trip all the way around! If you’re going to be at the DC Seminar (like Stacie), make sure you stop me and say “hi.” It’s always a lot of fun for me to meet people who follow this blog.
  • Making Poster Layouts (like the one you see above)
    I had a number of questions from readers, and even from other students at the DLWS workshop who read this blog about how I made the poster border I put around the image shown above, and those shown on Tuesday. It’s easier than it looks, because all you’re really doing is adding some Canvas side to the left and right; a little more to the top, a bunch at the bottom, and then adding some text. Here’s how it’s done:

canvas1STEP ONE: Go under the Image menu and choose Canvas Size. Turn on the Relative checkbox, then enter 3 inches in the Width field and click OK (this adds 1-1/2″ of white space on either side of your image).

canvas2STEP TWO: Go to the Canvas Size dialog again. In the Anchor Grid, the darkened square represents your images, so click on the bottom center square, so your white space is added above your image. Then enter 4 inches in the Height field, and click OK.

canvas3STEP THREE: Go to the Canvas Size dialog one last time. Now you’re going to add 8 inches of white space below your image (the bottom needs to have more white space to accomodate your text), so click the top center square in the Anchor, then enter 8 inches in the Height field, then click OK to add 8″ of white space below your image.


STEP FOUR: Now add your text, centered horizontally below your image. I used the font Trajan Pro (which comes with Photoshop CS3 and higher), and increase the Tracking Amount (the space between the letters) to 120, as shown in Photoshop’s Character panel above.

OK, that’s all there is to it.

  • Join me in Denver or Portland For A Lightroom Lovefest!
    We’re just a few weeks away from my first time ever bringing my Lightroom 2 Tour to Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon, and I hope you’re coming out to join me (hundreds of photographers are already signed up in both cities, so don’t wait until the last minute; we have less room than we do in DC). The Denver seminar is on Wednesday, May 20th, and Portland is on Friday May 22nd (hey, that leaves me a day to go shooting with Laurie Excell, who’s based in Portland, on Thursday. Whoo Hoo!!). Anyway, you’re invited to come join me at either workshop, and I hope you’ll be there, because Lightroom (where I now do 80% of my work) will change the way you work and manage your images forever! Here’s the link.

That’s all for today, folks. Hope I’ll be seeing you in DC tomorrow—we’re going have one heck of a great time!