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Howdy, folks. Here’s what’s up:

  • Each week NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker does a short video  show called NAPP News, and it covers industry news, stuff for NAPP members like new discount and offers, and just generally a bunch of stuff Photoshop freaks would be interested in. We’ve had a number of people ask that we also make it available as a downloadable video Podcast in Apple’s iTunes, and well…now it’s available as a downloadable podcast in iTunes. You can subscribe to it free right here or just watch the show right there in iTunes. (By the way; if you haven’t checked out the show in a while, it has really grown tremendously, and Dave Cross has a very cute guest appearence in this week’s show).
  • This Sunday I’m shooting the Bucs vs. Raiders NFL game from the sidelines. This is a must-win game for the Bucs, and besides the win, we also need the Eagles to beat the Cowboys this weekend to snag a Wildcard spot in the playoffs. Here’s something you don’t hear me say very often; Go Eagles!
  • LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA: My friend Janine Smith sent me this one. She wrote, “I LOVE my 5-second frames. Very easy to frame (just drop the photo in the back, no need to take it apart). Then you can add more photos (10 in the back compartment). Hang it on the wall (they offer easy templates) or stand it on a table, horizontal or vertical. To change photos, just pick it up, slide one photo out, another one in. This has to be the greatest grandparent gift ever. Nice looking, affordable ($15 or so), available at Target or Bed Bath &  Beyond. (Thanks Janine for passing this one one).
  • LIGHTROOM 2 TOUR: Make plans now as Matt Kloskowski brings our Lightroom 2 Live! Tour to Covington, Kentucy (near Cincinatti) on January 23, 2009. This seminar is going to sell out in advance, so if you want to attend, sign up now (tickets are available on a first come/first served basis). Here’s the link.
  • Terry White has a post up today on his popular TechBlog that you’ve got to read. It’s about “Adobe Connect” (Adobe’s web conference software) and the reason I’m hoping you’ll read about it (and sign up for a free Connect account), is that after the first of the year, we’ll be doing some special live training events using this technology, and I want you to be able to be a part of them. The first step, is signing up for that free account, but beyond that, the technology is pretty amazing, so if you’ve got a minute, check out his post right here.
  • NO BLOG TILL MONDAY: Just a reminder: I’m taking the rest of this week off, so there will be no blogging until next Monday, so I can take some time off to enjoy Christmas with my family. Hope you’ll be taking things easy too, and enjoying all the wonder this season can bring.

That’s it for today folks. See ya on Monday!


Hi gang. It’s Friday (and Happy Hanukkah!); here’s what’s up:

  • First, I have to thank my buddy Matt Kloskowski for his rockin’ Guest Blog post on Wednesday. It was cool to see how many people needed to hear what Matt had to say (and it was something I hadn’t heard anyone say publicly before. Way to go, Ski!).
  •, which is an incredibly cool new news resource that aggregates a whole bunch of daily blogs by topic, just added a Photoshop section (I already visit their Photography category daily). What I love is; you can just hover your mouse over a headline, and it shows you the first paragraph or so. Hover your cursor over the blog’s name, and it shows you a mini graphic of the blog. The whole thing is very cleverly done, with a slick, clean layout. You’ll love it! Here’s the link to the Photoshop category.
  • A quick word about the new blog design here. I’ve gotten loads of great comments on the new look and functionality, but the credit totally goes to my in-house uber-designer Fred Maya who cooked up this new design for me, and to our in-house code wizard Tommy Maloney, who tweaked the Flash code so the image up top would be random. The way that top part is designed is pretty clever; Each time it loads, it loads a different set of images, so if you scroll through the images now, tomorrow it will have a new main image, and a different “deck” of gallery images. Also, this new blog allows me to show larger images on the home page, and it makes the process of updating the blog easier on me, which I love. The commenting is better and more powerful, and we’ll be adding more features as we move forward, so it will keep evolving as well. Also, we updated my Bio page, and my Gear page, and we’ll be updating my horribly out-of-date portfolio soon as well.
  • CORRECTION: I got an email from someone at Lastolite yesterday letting me know that in my review yesterday, not only did I link to the wrong EZYbox on B&H Photo, but since the link was wrong, the price was wrong, too (The one I linked to wasn’t for “hot shoe” flash). The correct link is right here, and the correct price is $208. The only good news is; B&H Photo actually does have these in stock. Sorry for any confusion, Agita, or other frustation this may have caused. If it’s any consolation, this isn’t the biggest mistake I made yesterday.
  • Joe McNally has a wonderful post over at his blog, called “The Best Assignments are Free.” Joe is a great story teller and teacher, and this post is really a great read, so if you get a few minutes this weekend, take a break and check this out.
  • My thanks to Digital Photography School for including my book, “The Digital Photography Book” in their “12 Great Digital Photography Books for Your Christmas Stocking.” (Here’s the link), and to Ronald R. Martinsen’s Photography Blog including my Photoshop Seven-Point-System in his post on “What Photoshop Books Should I Read.”(Here’s that link).

That’s it for today folks. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


Photoshop Hall of Famer, and SVA Department Chair Katrin Eismann sent me some interesting news: The School of VISUAL ARTS is taking the The Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography program online for the fall of 2009 (image above by June Young Lim).

The students will complete the fall and spring classes (Advanced Imaging, Color Management, Photo Illustration, Studio Management, etc) online and then come to New York City to complete their thesis projects, which includes taking the Large Format Print class, developing a web presence, designing a brand, and producing the collateral for a NY Exhibit.

The MPS in Digital Photography is a concentrated course of studies in both commercial and fine art digital photography that addresses the entire imaging workflow – from image capture and enhancement to online distribution and final display. Under the guidance of leading photographers, retouchers, designers and studio managers, students master the latest tools and techniques to create technically perfect and aesthetically compelling images. In addition to developing a body of work, students become versed in the critical aspects of branding, marketing, studio operations and current business practices.

The one-year, 33-credit degree is designed to advance students' understanding and application of cutting-edge digital imaging technologies through in-depth coursework, specialized workshops and seminars, and presentations by contemporary artists. Culminating in a thesis project, the required curriculum includes classes in color management, editorial photography, photo illustration, large-format printing and studio management.

For information about the program, visit


Howdy. Hope everybody had a great weekend. Here’s what’s up!

  • You’ve heard me talk about photographer/retoucher David Cuerdon numerous times here on the blog. Right after Photoshop World Las Vegas I got to talk to him about a new “Retouching Kit” he had put together, with included not only more advanced retouching techniques, but a specialized set of brushes, actions, textures, shapes, and color swatches for retouching that he uses together in a very clever way in his everyday work. Well, I’m happy to announce that not only were we able to convince David that he needs to be a part of KelbyTraining, but his Beauty & Retouching Kit online class (along with all the downloadable actions, brushes, and more) is now up online at! (here’s the link to see his sessions).
  • I just saw somewhere that keeps a running list of their bestselling digital cameras, and their #1 selling camera (at only $110.95) might make a great stocking-stuffer for someone on your holiday list. It’s the Canon PowerShot A590IS 8-megapixel point-and-shoot with 4x optical image-stabilized zoom. Here’s the link.
  • My humble thanks to everyone who not only donated on Friday to help build the Springs of Hope Orphanage. You can’t imagine what a difference your donations will make. For example, I was really touched by what Melody from Let it Shine Candle Supplies is doing. She wrote, “My family business has decided to have this be our highlighted charity of the month and will be donating 10% of our December sales to the cause.” That’s really amazing! So, if you’re planning on buying any candle supplies this holiday season—by all means, send your business to Let it Shine (here’s the link to their site). Also, thanks to those who wanted to donate but couldn’t because Springs of Hope Kenya can’t accept PayPal or credit cards. I’ll be working with them this week to work on the Paypal/Credit Card issue, and I’m sure we’ll get that addressed.
  • My thanks to for including my “Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers” in their 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (here’s the link).
  • We’ll end this post with a chuckle; remember I mentioned photographer Scott Diussa’s shots of Big Electric Cat on Friday? Well, it seems like Scott has a secret—he was in a 80s band as well, and posted some shots on his blog. Here’s the link (way to take the heat, Scott!). :)

Have a great week everybody!


Here’s a few things to take us into the weekend:

  • Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro has just announced three new Photoshop training DVDs, seen above (produced by Acme Education). The titles are: (1) Black & White Mastery (2) Photoshop Color Strategies, and (3) Photoshop Color Tools. All three are available for pre-order, and you can reserve yours now by clicking here.
  • I ran across a photography blog this week that looks pretty cool. It’s called “ProPhotoNut” and the author shares a number of interesting techniques, and posts some great images. If you’ve got a few minutes, check it out right here. 
  • Here’s another cool Holiday Deal (but it expires on December 15th, so you have to get on it pretty quick). If you buy a Ray Flash from ExpoImaging (the Ray Flash is a ring-flash attachment that turns your off-camera flash, like a Nikon SB-800 or Canon 580 EXII), into a ring flash (you can see it on this week’s Photoshop User TV “Gear Guide Live” episode). Anyway, if you buy one direct, you get our DVD, “The Best of Photoshop User Magazine, The 10th Year” free as a bonus. Sa-weet! Here’s the link for more info.
  • Let’s wrap things up with a little photographic inspiration. The work of Livingston, Montana photographer Tony Demin isn’t the type of stuff you usually see me highlight here, but I dunno—I just really like his images. They have a freshness and realness about them that I really enjoyed. See what you think (here’s the link).

That’s it for this Friday folks. Take some shots this weekend. Hug the kids. Take a moment to enjoy some of the wonders this season can bring.


Hi everybody, he’s some quick Tuesday Stuff:

  • A nice follow-up piece to my tutorials last week on making photo books, comes from Syl Arena who did a survey and research about photo book sources. Worth checking out (here’s the link).
  • We released another very cool new online class at; this one’s called “Classical Lighting and Posing Techniques with David Ziser (shown above).” His classes have been a HUGE hit with subscribers, because he has a way of just bringing things down to earth, and really making them stick. Here’s the link to all the lessons.
  • This week’s “Quote of the Week” is from my buddy Matt Kloskowski, who was interviewed in Dave Cross’s “Finish the Sentence” segment. When asked the question, “If I could give one piece of advice it would be…” Matt replied, “…forget about the technical stuff sometimes. Don’t concentrate so much on histograms, 8-bit, 16-bit, JPEG/Raw, Adobe RGB vs. sRGB etc… Concentrate on what you’re seeing, take better photos and that stuff won’t be as crucial.
  • This one’s totally just for fun, but it’s worth seeing just to see the amount of effort that went into it. My book designer Jessica sent me this—-and well, you just gotta see it. Here’s the link (make sure you look at the high-res version).
  • Lastly, renown outdoor photographer and educator Moose Peterson is at NAPP Headquarters this week, and I’m having him do a guest spot later today for an upcoming episode of Photoshop User TV. Let me know what you’d like to see Moose cover on the show, and maybe we can get him to talk about/demo/discuss it.

That’s it for today. Have a great Tuesday everybody!