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keynote6.jpgHi everybody—here’s what’s up:

  • During Adobe’s opening keynote presentation at Photoshop World last week, John Loiacono (Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit), gave the crowd on hand a sneak peek at the “Next” version of Photoshop (he initially called it “CS Next”, but you’ll have to watch the video yourself for more details). Terry White, over at the Creative Suite Podcast, video’d “Johnny L’s” keynote presentation (that’s Johnny during the keynote above), and you can watch it online right here. (You can click the “Direct Download” link, or subscribe for free and watch it in Apple’s iTunes). Now, you’re going to see some really amazing technology that may or may not have to do with Adobe’s announcement last week that they’re unveiling something big on September 23rd (Sorry for being so vague—just trying to make sure I stay out of trouble). Anyway, go check out Terry’s podcast and then you’ll get it straight from Adobe (here’s that link again).
  • Some bloggers (and instructors) are already starting to post stories about their Photoshop World experience. Here’s one over at “LeggNet’s Digital Capture” (link) and lots of photos from instructor Jim DiVitale over at his blog (click here).
  • I saw a TV ad recently for Hanes, and it featured Jennifer Love Hewitt in a photo shoot, and at the bottom of the closing frame, in small letters, it had a link to see a “behind the scenes” video of a photo shoot. I don’t know how much real “behind the scenes” it shows (you do briefly see a C-stand, reflector, and the occasional strobe into an umbrellas), but the idea of seeing a high-end shoot like that is pretty cool (I just which they had actually done it). Here’s the link in case you’ve got two-minutes you don’t mind losing forever.

That’s it for this morning. Have a kick-butt Tuesday everybody! :)


Here’s a couple of quick news morsels:

  • I mentioned last week that the amazing Joe McNally (above) was out in Santa Fe, New Mexico doing an on-location online class for Kelby Training. Well, Joe wrote a post, and shows some of the images he made during that class over at his blog (here’s the link). Very cool stuff!
  • National Geographic has put out their “Call for Entries” for their annual “World in Focus” competition. If you win that one, I think you might have some serious bragging rights, eh? You can find the details right here.
  • Some new stuff I’m working with:
    1. The new Firewire 800 version of my beloved Drobo. I just made the switch this week (it was totally painless—it took all of 60 seconds).
    2. Nik Software’s new Silver Efex Pro Black & White plug-in for Photoshop. I haven’t had enough experience with it do a full-blown review yet, but OMG it kicks butt!!! I’ve never seen anything better for creating Black & White conversions. Scary stuff! More once I’ve had more time to play.

Well, that’s it for today. Don’t forget to stop by for tomorrow’s guest blog, and some live reports from Photoshop World later in the week. Have a good one!


First, did David duChemin’s post rock yesterday or what??!!! Take a moment to read some of the comments people posted about it yesterday, and you can see how his words of advice resonated with and inspired so many photographers. Thank you David—that was awesome!

Now, onto the news:

  • Apparently the rumors of a Nikon D90 aren’t a rumor anymore, as USA Today ran a story on it last night. Apparently it has the larger 3inch LCD screen, 12 megapixels, LiveView, lower noise, built-in sensor cleaning, but the focus of the article was that it is the first DSLR that actually shoots video, too! Here’s a link to the USA Today article, and to Nikon USA’s info on the new D90 (which sells for $999 U.S.—body only).
  • Canon also has big news; they released their successor to the 40D, the new 15 megapixel Canon EOS 50D. I would tell you about it here, but just click on the comments and read Alessandro Rosa’s excellent news update on the features (Thanks, Alessandro!). :)
  • Most of the Worldwide PhotoWalk cities have picked their local winners, and now it’s up to me to choose the grand prize winner (hopefully by tomorrow). In the meantime, you’ve just got to check out some of the flickr groups from around the world to see some of the amazing shots taken during this event. There are just some flat out beautiful and intriguing shots!!! Here’s a link to the list of groups. Take a moment to check some out—it’ll make your day!
  • OK, it’s the week before Photoshop World, and I want to remind you of five things:
  1. It’s not too late to register, and we’d love to have you join us in Vegas next week (here’s the link)
  2. If you can’t make the full conference, don’t forget to come out for the Expo (which is open to the public for two days), and click here to get your free Expo pass.
  3. If you’re going to the party at The House of Blues, my band, “Big Electric Cat” will be playing a live set (see fake ticket above), so come prepared to dance and shake various and sundry body parts. Remember, “There ain’t no school like the old school!”
  4. I’m going to be doing a live demo of my “Westcott Scott Kelby Studio Kit” (which uses the Spiderlite TD-5s with the new brighter fluorescent bulbs), in the Westcott booth, and I’m doing a lighting demo at the B&H Photo booth as well (I should have times by tomorrow).
  5. I’ll be signing copies of my new just hot off the press “Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers” at the official NAPP bookstore, but there’s only a limited amount of copies available there, so I hope I get to sign one for you!
  • Sly Arena over at did a pretty cool post called “10 Tips for your first Photoshop World” (here’s the link), and my buddy Matt Kloskowski did a post called “The Insider’s Guide to Photoshop World” with some great advice for attendees on getting the most from the show (here’s that link).
  • One more bit of PhotoWalk news: here’s some final stats:
  1. We had 8.324 photographers register for local walks
  2. 47 Counties had participating cities
  3. 44 States in the US had photowalks
  4. For a total of 236 cities
  • Hey, where’s Joe McNally today? He’s out in Santa Fe, New Mexico on location with our video production crew taping another online class for Kelby Training. I cannot wait to see it! Also, this week we released another class from Photoshop World instructor and digital video guru Richard Harrington. This one’s called “Going Deeper Into Apple Motion.” Here’s the link.

OK, folks. That’s it for today. Have a “legendary” Thursday, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for some tasty Friday fish nuggets.


Our friends at MPIX (the only photo lab we use a NAPP headquarters) just took the wraps of their totally redesigned site. I’ve just been through their redesigned site and it’s way more than just a new look. The new site is much more visual, even easier to use, has much more functionality all the way around, and it makes the process of uploading, managing, and buying prints just crazy easy. (It’s such a big improvement, they’re calling it MPIX 2.0. I think it’s more like 3.0, or at least MPIX CS3).

Anyway, they’ve got an online tour of the new site you can take, and on the last page they have this little slogan that so nails what they do, that I think it oughta be their official slogan, in huge letters, right on their home page! It reads:

“Shoot today. Upload tonight. We ship tomorrow.”

I thought that pretty much nailed it (If I were MPIX, I’d have that flying on a flag outside the building!). Anyway, if you haven’t checked out their new site, click here to jump over there (don’t forget to take the tour if you’re new to MPIX).

One last thing; One of things I use MPIX pretty often for, is sending large prints, or specialty prints like metallic or stretched canvas prints as gifts, delivered right to their door. I just sent my brother’s girlfriend a huge print, and a canvas just this week, shipped straight from MPIX to her house. They shipped them same day (because I got the order in early), and they ship everything packaged flat—not rolled up. I totally love that. Anyway, I can’t recommend them enough (and if you have any doubts, go read the comments photographers who use MPIX posted after I wrote about them back in March. Here’ the link).


First, thanks to everyone who commented on my “accidental guest blog” yesterday. It was nice to see that I’m not the only one who has experienced it, and I’m not the only one it drives crazy. :)

Now, onto the news:

  • We’re just TWO days away from my Worldwide Photo Walk, and as I write this we have 7,297 people signed up to walk on Saturday. I am just blown away!!! Hey—it’s not too late to join us (here’s the link to see if there’s a city hosting a walk near you). Hope you can make it!
  • On a related note; participants who are walking in San Jose, California probably don’t realize it, but their walk leader, Frederick Johnson, just happens to be Adobe’s Lighroom Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Professional Photography (he’s also the guy who ponied up the 10 copies of Lightroom for runners up, and the full Creative Suite for the Grand Prize!). If you’re signed up for that walk—make sure you high-five Frederick for me!
  • I’ve had a number of questions relating to a post I did last week about shooting tethered, and the question is; what is that stand you’re using for your laptop on location? I actually use two stands:
  1. When I want to go really light, I use an incredibly portable laptop stand Larry Becker turned me on to from the SkyMall catalog (the one you find in the seatback pocket on airplanes). It’s called the Lizell QuickStand Workstation Plus, which I found at for $139.
  2. The other is a heavy duty Bogen Double-Head Support Arm with a Gitzo G065 13×15.5-Inch laptop platform attached. I learned about this dynamic duo from Joe McNally, and though it’s not really heavy, it is heavy duty (but it is a lot larger to carry around). However, it’s built so your laptop sits on one side of the arm, and you can put a ballhead on the other end to hold your camera. Here’s the link to the Double-Head support, and Here’s the link to the Platform at B&H Photo.
  • On Tuesday I showed how one of our London Leaders got some nice radio play for his PhotoWalk on BBC radio. Well, one of our leaders in Hawaii, my friend Jo Evans, got the write-up you see above in the local Hawaii island newspaper. You guys are doing a great job of spreading the word!!! (No wonder we have more than 7,000 walkers!). Way to go, Jo!
  • Every single week we launch one or more new online training courses at, and last week we released two classes: (1) Digital Arsenal from NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker, which is essentially a class that teaches you how to deal with the most common digital photography problems in Photoshop, (link), and (2) The Business Side of Photography, from well-known photographer, author and instructor Rick Sammon (link). This week, we just released “Photographing Florida Birds” with legendary wildlife photographer Moose Peterson (link).
  • Lastly, I did an interview with my Book Publisher, Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel (at Peachpit Press) about my new book, The Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers and we talked about this weekend’s Worldwide Photowalk, and some other stuff. The interview is up online now, and you can listen right here.

That’s it for today, gang. I’ll be back tomorrow with a weekend wrap-up, and some last words about the PhotoWalk. I can’t wait!!!! :-)


First, just a quick word of thanks to Corey Barker for his incredibly creative blog post and bonus video yesterday. That video really turned a lot of people on (if you didn’t see it, scroll down to yesterday and check it out. It will get your creative juices flowing), and it got a lot of folks thinking about using Photoshop in new ways, which I think is cool. Now, onto the news:

  • One of my readers, Bill Mitchell, dropped me a very helpful article about the new Nikon SB-900 Flashes and the challenge of fitting them in Justin Clamps, and some other off-camera hot shoe mounts. Here’s what he wrote:

“I just purchased some SB900’s and after a couple days shooting I thought you might like to know this. The Nikon SB900 does not fit many cold shoes like the Justin Clamp or Crane cold shoe. It does fit the Really Right Stuff cold shoe perfectly. And of course it fits the camera hot shoes.

After looking at it and trying on several shoes I thought it was because the body of the flash was lower to the flash shoe and most of the shoes it would not fit were plastic and had a thicker top lip than is on a camera hot shoe or the RRS cold shoe. Others on the web seem to think the shoe is bigger. I don’t think so; or if it is, it doesn’t affect the fit in a Nikon hot shoe.

So I took a Crane cold shoe (from B&H) for Nikon flashes and sanded down the top. And now the SB900 fits the shoe. Same for the Justin Clamp shoe. I started with coarse sand paper then to medium then to very fine and it worked great. If you do it just keep the shoe level (I lay the sand paper on a flat surface and work with the shoe) and only do enough to get the shoe to fit. Too much and you will weaken a plastic shoe. Be sure to finish with the very fine so the flash will slide on easy.

While I can’t guarantee this is the only solution, it worked for me. I’m sure that Bogen and other companies will modify their cold shoes to work in the future. I have been working to get the word out about this because it’s a problem for lots of photographers.”

Thanks for your research, and for sharing this with us, Bill. It’s much appreciated!

  • Jeff Revell over at did a really nice follow-up post to my tethered shooting follow-up post, where he showcases two new products for shooting tethered outdoors. Well, there goes another $110, cause now I’ve gotta get ’em both (please don’t tell my wife). Here’s the link.
  • Landscape Legend Stephen Johnson is offering NAPP members 10% off on his upcoming 3-day Zion National Park workshop, coming up the week before Photoshop World. Zion is breathtaking, Stephen is one of the best in the business, and this is an incredible opportunity to shoot and learn in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Here’s the link for more info, and/or to sign up.
  • If you’re going to Photoshop World; do yourself a favor—go and download Dave Cross’ free “Photoshop World Planner 2.0,” which is a very clever PDF that helps you choose which classes to attend on each day (Here’s the link). I used it last year to make sure I got to some classes myself, and it was absolutely invaluable. I highly recommend it for anyone coming to the show. And if you’re not coming—it’s not too late; here’s the link to Photoshop World.
  • Worldwide PhotoWalk Update: Although we’ve closed the submission of new cities (because the walk is just nine days away), in the last few days we have released four new cities, so take a look at the city list to see if your city was added). By the way; we have over 5,600 photographers signed up for walks. Whoo Hooo! :)
  • Here are the blogs that, if you haven’t been there in a few weeks, you definitely should drop by for a refresher:
    1. Joe McNally’s Blog (link)
    2. Digital Pro Talk (link)
    3. Moose Peterson’s Blog (link)
    4. John Paul Caponigro’s New Blog (link)
    5. Imaging Insider (link)
    6. Terry White’s Tech Blog (link)
    7. 1001 Noisy Cameras (link)
    8. The Pixelated Image (link)
    9. (link)
    10. The Online Photographer (link)
  • Also, I plan on doing a field report tomorrow on the Nikon D700 DSLR (I say I ‘plan’ on it, because I can’t swear that I’ll be able to get to it, but at least, it’s my plan).

Have a great Thursday everybody! See you tomorrow. :)