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Hi Gang: I know a lot of you are heading to Photoshop World in Washington, DC at the end of this month (It’s kicks off on the 24th), and I was hoping you might consider checking out some of the sessions I’m teaching at the conference. (by the way —- those shots above are from previous Photoshop Worlds).

(1) Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it
This is a mini-version of my live tour, but I didn’t want to do the same lighting set-ups that I do on the tour (since a lot of you have seen the tour live), so I’m doing three different looks using just one single light; I’ll be doing the shoot live on stage (as always), and then I’ll take one or two of those images and take you through the entire start-to-finish retouch.

(2) Photoshop for Travel Photographers
When I taught this class at last year’s Las Vegas Photoshop World, I was hoping that anybody would show up at all (with multiple tracks going at once, you never how how many folks will actually chose your class), but it was standing room only, with nearly 1,200 photographer in that session. I was psyched, and we had an awesome time. I’ll be showing my latest Photoshop techniques for making the most of your travel photos, and how to create the color, depth, and dimension you saw when you were there, come through in your images.

(3) Lightroom 4 Killer Tips
OK, it’s actually a combination of cool stuff from Lightroom 3, and some new tricks for Lightroom 4, too, but if you use Lightroom — you’ve got to be there. I had so many people come up after I did this last time around, and they told me that one session was worth the entire price of the conference. I can’t swear that’s it that good, but I heard that comment again and again, and I hope when I teach in Washington, DC this month, I’ll look out and see you there.

I hope you’ll check out at least one of my sessions, and if you do make sure you come up and say “hi.” I always get a kick out of meeting people who read this blog (and if you’re a commenter, especially come up and say hi — that way I can put a face with a name.

Book signing
I’ll also be doing a book signing of my latest book, “The Digital Photography Book, Part 4” (and any other book of mine for that matter), at the Peachpit Press Bookstore on the expo floor on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

Maybe some more retouching
If I can work it out in my schedule, I’ll also be doing a special retouching session at the Wacom booth on the Expo floor, and I’ll be using the new Intous 5 tablet (Whoo Hoo!!!).

It’s not too late…
If you haven’t signed up  for Photoshop World, it’s not too late. Go to Photoshop right now and get all the details, grab a hotel room, and we’ll see you in just a few weeks for a learning experience that you’ll be talking about for years (don’t forget, if you go, you gotta come to one of my sessions). See you there! :)

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While you’re at registering, go ahead and book your hotel room as well! The travel page has direct links to hotel websites that automatically apply the Photoshop World discounted room rate, so make sure you take advantage of those links.

I’m going to be giving away a FREE full-conference pass to next month’s Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Washington DC to some lucky commenter here today, but before you rush down and enter (just leave a comment here of any sort, and you’re entered), watch this short video (only 1 min: 31 seconds), to get psyched up for it. It pretty much shows you why you gotta be there (and why you should enter today to see if you win the free ticket!).

We’re going to have an all-time record-breaking attendance for our East Coast show, and you’re invited to be there when Joe McNally, Dave Black, Moose Peterson, Jeremy Cowart, Joel Grimes, Ben Willmore, Jay Maisel, along with many of the best known names in the business (like Bert Monroy, Vincent Versace, David Ziser, Calvin Hollywood, Gregory Heisler, and John Paul Caponigro) and of course “The Photoshop Guys” (Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Pete Collins, Dave Cross, Cory Barker, Cliff Mautner, and me),take the stage to teach you our very latest techniques.

PLUS: Learn directly from Adobe, as their own gurus will teaching sessions, including Terry White, Julieanne Kost, Russell Brown, and Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan Hughes.

If you’re planning on going (ya know, in case you don’t win the ticket), just remember: there’s only FIVE days left to save $100 on the Early Bird registration, so sign up now, and I’ll see you at the world’s largest Photoshop and photography event: The Photoshop World Conference & Expo, March 24-26, 2012 in Washington DC. Here’s the link with more details and how to sign up.  (more…)

I didn’t think we could top Orlando, but thanks to an incredibly energized crowd in Vegas, I think they took it over the top. Amazing energy the whole week, and I couldn’t walk 2 feet without someone stopping me to tell me this was our best show ever.

Sometimes, it’s just a vibe in the air, or the fact that with the economy like it is, everybody needed to get away and get totally immersed in learning and creativity and that’s exactly what they did.

Here’s my take on the show (photos by official PSW photographers Brad Moore, Jim Sykes, and Josh Bradley):

Totally Cracked Me Up
I sat down at the instructor table for my “Photoshop for Travel Photographers” class, and I’m setting up my laptop when I hear a text message alert on my phone. It says “I’m in this class. Make it good.” It was Ken Toney.

Owned the Expo Floor. Again.
Westcott once again ruled the floor, with their creative live shootout booths, complete with live models, full sets, costumes, and lighting. This is a HUGE  hit with the attendees and anytime you went by there, there was a big crowd at every set (they could all shoot simultaniously because the sets were lit with Westcott TD-6 Spiderlites).

He looked like a wounded sloth…

Vanelli. He was very subdued this year. It’s possible he finally got off the crank. (totally kidding. I think he hurt his foot in the tub or something equally less glamorous, but it didn’t slow him down too much, but it did a little).

The “Tweet Up” goes Prime Time

A couple of years ago, it was 30 people. When it was 300 hundred. Now it’s so big that it’s an official part of Photoshop World, and it’s a perfect place to make new friends (and goof off in front of a really big softbox). Brian Matiash from OnOne had loads of giveaways, and that didn’t hurt either. ;-)

Pulling huge crowds on the show floor…
Wacom’s in-booth theater was a big hit. They tried it in Orlando, and people loved it so much that they took it up a notch in Vegas.

Their product announcements were the talk of the Expo floor

Nik Software releasing their major update to their Photoshop (and Lightroom) plug-in  “Color Efex Pro 4” and OnOne Software releasing their “Perfect Photo Suite 6” with lots of big updates. More on both of these coming soon, but everybody that saw either was over-the-top about them.

A first-timer making lots of noise on the floor
Camera filter manufacturer Tiffen. They had a big booth, and it was packed every time I went by.

An honor to have him teaching at Photoshop World:
Gregory Heisler. What a fascinating, witty, and amazing photographer. What a treat to have him at our event.

Coolest “New Kid on the Block:”
Compositing master Joel Grimes taught his first classes at Photoshop World, and he was an instant hit. His students loved him, and we loved him. He’s the real deal.

Got a Standing Ovation…

Joe McNally’s “Faces of Ground Zero” presentation during the after hours “The Art of Digital Photography” panel. His words and images have incredible impact, and the timing was not lost on the crowd. A very emotional, yet somehow uplifting talk.

He was a rockstar!
Intellectual Property Attorney Ed Greenberg’s class was such a hit, that he continued the class, for 45 minutes, out in the lobby outside his class. His insights and advice for photographers is absolutely invaluable!

America loves him!

Frank Doorhof. He loves them right back. What a great teacher, and such a nice guy.

The other expo hit:
iStockPhoto’s “Photoshop Wars” booth was rocking, and people loved watching, and joining in on the fun. You could hear people cheering no matter where you were on the Expo floor.

Didn’t sleep for five days straight:

RC Concepcion. He was like a human glow-stick. Everywhere he went, he was lit (kidding). Seriously though, I don’t know who had more fun at Photoshop World, RC or Frank Doorhof, because these two guys did everything, went everywhere, and created new ends for the candle to burn. They’re both probably going to sleep until Thanksgiving.

I was tickled to see

My first copies of my new book in the bookstore. I did a book signing, and during the book signing Thomas Knoll came over and said hi. Couldn’t talk him into buying a book, though. ;-)

Took it easy this time.

Believe it or not…me. I cut nine things out of my Orlando schedule, and I actually had to time to see the Expo floor, visit with friends, have nice dinners with my wife, and generally enjoy myself. It was a very different experience, but I liked it. A lot.

We listened when they said, “We want more Jeremy Cowart!”
And not surprisingly, people loved him. Big time. He was even on the “Art of Digital Photography” panel. I know he had to be nervous, being wedged between Joe McNally and Jay Maisel, but he totally fit right in, and everybody totally dug his work and his message.

Best Booth Design

Adobe takes it again, with this open, airy layout and inviting design. It was more like a coffee house, with Adobe as your host, and people were loving it.

Really cool to see….

Senior Photoshop Product Manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes get inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. A very humble, classy, and freakin’ smart guy.

Gettin’ “the props” they deserve
Our award-winning video team captured so much of the event, and they were everything covering every thing. They are probably the only people who sleep less than RC, but man do they rock it!!! At the Closing Wrap Up Rally, we showcased their winning entry in the 48-hour film festival and they crowd loved it. It was great seeing this wonderful team getting the recognition they deserve. Really warmed my heart.

Classes that I heard totally rocked it:

I heard numerous mentions for Dave Black’s light painting and sports photography class, Jeremy Cowart’s sessions, Matt Kloskowski’s Compositing class absolutely killed it, the social media for photographers track was a very big hit;  Helene Glassman’s posing class was mobbed, Rich Harrington’s DSLR classes got lots of love, as did Julieanne Kost’s class on Time Lapse photography. Cliff Mautner gets big love, too! Also, heard lots of great comments about Joel Grimes classes. Of course, Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, and Jay Maisel all had jaws dropping the entire week.

Lots of Adobe folks at the show

Besides having a big presence on the trade show floor, Adobe was there in full force with Photoshop team members attending the show as well, including Senior Photoshop Product Manager Bryan O’Neal Hughes. I think it’s so cool that our participants get to meet face-to-face, one-on-one with the crew from Adobe.

One last thing…
If you did your own coverage of the show, including posting photos from the event, or blogging about it, or posting videos on YouTube, let me know and I’ll post some links here on the blog. Thanks again to everyone who participated in Photoshop World, from the instructors to the attendees, to the staff. Together you all make it a very special event, and it’s an honor and a blast to be a part of it.

What a fantastic week!!! I heard it again and again for attendees who’ve been to multiple Photoshop World’s in the past—this was the best one yet!!! It was a total attendance record breaker for us, with big crowds showing up for the two days the expo was open to the public, and with new products being introduced at the show from Adobe, OnOne software, and Nik Software (among others) the excitement on the show floor was a full blast!

Lots to share (tomorrow), but in the meantime, here are some images from the week that was (Photos by official PSW photographers Brad Moore, Jim Sykes, and Josh Bradley). Thanks to all the instructors, attendees, vendors, and staff who all came together for a very special event. Can’t wait to our next Photoshop World—the first time ever in Washington D.C. in the spring.

(Above: The keynote kicks off with a Photoshop-inspired fashion show)

(Above: Adobe’s Julieanne Kost during her keynote demo)

(Above: A crowd full of photographers means thousands of keynote photos!)

(Above: NAPP’s own Larry Becker kicks off the 2011 Photoshop World Guru Awards competition)

(Above: The Superstar panelists of our special evening presentation: The Art of Digital Photography. From L to R: Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Dave Black, Joe Glyda, Julieanne Kost, Jay Maisel, Jim DiVitale, Gregory Heisler, and Jeremy Cowart).

(Above: Vanelli leads the Midnight Madness crew as the doors open for a wild night!)

(Above: Chatting one-on-one with the vendors. I stopped by the Rogue booth, and their flash gel system is very clever, and utterly simple. I’ll be using them starting now!)

(Above: I met lots of great folks during my book signing for my new book, just released at the show, called “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it!”)

(Above: Adobe V.P. Winston Henderickson during Adobe’s opening keynote presentation)

(Above: Adobe’s own Photoshop madman Russell Preston Brown, in 3D [sort of])

(Above: I’m doing an interview with Jeremy Cowart for an upcoming issue of “Light It” magazine, when Joe McNally sneaks up and photo bombs the interview. Caught me totally off guard, and I couldn’t stop laughing for two more takes)

(Above: Erik Valand set up a photo studio “near poolside” and everybody was getting into the act. Note to self: dont’ give Nancy a costume budget for the tweet-up. ;-) )

(Above: Eddie Tapp teaching Camera Raw in one of his conference session classes)

(Above: Jim Schmelzer during one of his conference sessions on studio lighting)

(Above: Here’s Jim again working with the model during his pre-conference sessions on lighting senior portraits.)

(Above: Larry Becker poses on stage with one of our Guru Award winners.)

(Above: Dave Black and Ron Taniwaki during Dave’s sold-out Light Painting pre-conference workshop.)

(Above: Jim Schmelzer does a lighting demo on the expo floor at FJ Westcott’s booth)

(Above: There was lots of fun gear to check out on the expo floor!)

(Above: Here’s one of the images taken during Dave Black’s class on light painting during the regular conference tracks)

(Above: Here’s filmmaker Vincent Laforet during his Canon-sponsored pre-conference workshop.)

(Above: That’s me, during the opening keynote, saying “You need to be at Photoshop World in Washington DC next spring. OK, that’s not what I was really saying, but it’s implied.)

That’s a few images. Check back tomorrow for my unofficial yet still semi-official “best of show” awards.