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Hi Gang:
Here it is Friday, and it’s only my second post of the week. I had such high hopes about shooting all these photos on my iPhone, and uploading them live like I did in Las Vegas, and blogging at night, etc., but I have been just back-to-back slammed since the moment I got here, and this is the first time I’ve sat down all day, and it’s quarter to three in the morning (and I am just beat).

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to post more this week, but I did want to let you know that I’ll be back in full swing next week, with lots of details about the show. I had just an amazing time this week—one of my most fun and fascinating Photoshop World’s ever!

I’ve met such incredibly cool people, and I’ve got a lot of stories and photos to share (the one above of me, waiting off stage during the keynote, was taken by photographer Carol Sahley), but my head is about to hit the pillow. Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I hope you all have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

All my best,


Hey everyone, Brad here.  We wanted to share a few shots from the first day of Photoshop World so you can see what all the excitement is about!  (These were shot by myself and Drew Gurian)

RC goofing off before the opening keynote

Attendees taking pictures at the opening keynote

Everyone is really excited to be here! Really, they’re not trying to get free stuff ;)

Scott welcomes everyone to Orlando

Zack Arias teaches attendees about the many uses of white seamless

Vanelli welcomes Zack to his first Photoshop World

Dave Cross discovers some of the great lessons available on Kelby Training Online on the expo floor

Wes from Wacom talks about some of the new Cintiq features on the expo floor

We’ll get more posted from last night’s After Hours Part at BB King’s, and from day two at Photoshop World Orlando as soon as we can!


So tonight I’m sitting in the lounge having coffee with Larry Becker (well, I’m not sure what Larry was having, but I was having regular coffee), and a Photoshop World attendee came up and introduced himself, and I immediately recognized his name because he had sent me a personal letter, with some of his photography, just a week or so before.

His name is Ali Rajabi (that’s Ali and I above, in an iPhone photo taken in the hotel lobby by Brad), and he came all the way to Orlando from Iran. I was just amazed!

First, he’s just an incredibly great guy (and a very talented photographer, with great Photoshop skills as well). We sat for a half an hour as he told us the story of how he wound up getting a visa to attend Photoshop World. He told us how hard it is for an Iranian to get permission from the U.S. State Dept. to visit the US, but he visited the American Consulate in Dubai, with samples of his work, and his completed applications, reasons why he wanted to come to America, etc..

As luck would have it; the State Dept. official reviewing his request was a photographer himself, and knew of NAPP and the Photoshop World conference. They started talking about Ali’s photos, and his use of HDR, and the conference, and before you knew it, he stamped his request “Approved,” (which Ali assured us is very rare).

Ali teaches Photoshop in Iran, and he has a lot of my books (he named them all), which he gets from a relative living in Spain, and he watches Matt, Dave, and me on Photoshop User TV, so he knows us very well (while we were talking, RC walked up and Ali’s shouts “Hey, it’s RC!!!!” and he’s smiling from ear to ear!). Larry Becker was at the table with me, and Larry invited Ali to write a tutorial for the NAPP member Website, so hopefully we’ll have something up there from him soon, which will definitely be a first.

It was just a really fun experience to meet someone from so far away, who shares our same passions for Photoshop and photography, and I know he’s going to have a blast while he’s here (he told me “I’m going to Joe McNally and Moose’s Pre-Conference workshop tomorrow” (after a day with Joe and Moose, he’s going to take back some wild stories to Iran).

If you’re here at Photoshop World, and you see Ali in between sessions, on the show floor, or in class, I hope you’ll make him feel welcome. He’s not a government official of Iran. He’s a photographer. He’s a Photoshop instructor. He’s just like us, and he loves this stuff as much as we do, (and besides, he’s an incredibly warm, friendly guy, and he’d love it if you just said “hi” and offered a friendly smile).

When I meet people like Ali, it just reminds me that people all around the world are more the same than they are different. It’s just that we don’t usually get to meet them face-t0-face. If we did, I bet we’d find that we have much more in common, and much more to offer each other, than our governments would ever let us believe.

Here’s to a great Photoshop World, and to making new friends, wherever they may hail from.


Hi Gang—-it’s Photoshop World Week (Whoo Hoo!!!!).

In an effort to give you guys the “you are there” feel (and to make my blogging duties somewhat lighter during the conference), this week I’ll be posting live during the conference—mostly photos taken with my iPhone and posted using the iPhone App “Blog Press.”

I’ll also include a headline with the photos, and I’m going to see if at the end of each day, I can get Brad Moore (one of our official show photographers) to upload some quality images from the day’s events as well.

Also, we’ll be covering everything from the Keynote to the Expo live on Twitter (follow @NAPP_News for live wall-to-wall coverage), and keep an eye on the Photoshop World Website for photo uploads, and the Photoshop World blog as well.

If you’re at Photoshop World, make sure you stop me and say hi—-I always get a kick out of meeting the very people I write this blog for. :)   Hope to see you there!

expopassDon’t Forget—-we open the Photoshop World Expo floor to the public for two days (This Thursday and Friday), and all you have to do is register for your free pass online (here’s the link).

You’ll find booths with all the latest Photoshop plug-ins, printers, photo accessories, and about everything Photoshop or photography you can think of. And of course, Adobe is there as well, where you’ll meet some of the Photoshop product managers, and the development team behind Photoshop, face to face (they’re some of the coolest, most down-to-earth folks you’d ever want to meet).

Plus, there are live Expo Theater training sessions, along with free training presentations in the Peachpit Press Theater from lots of Peachpit authors, and loads of cool demos, and lots of fun stuff to check out. Hope to see you on the show floor!


Honoring the legacy of educator Dean Collins—his gift for teaching, his passion for quality, and his lifetime of contributions to the Photoshop and Photography community—the Dean Collins Scholarship is awarded annually to one high school or college educator nominated by his or her students.

The scholarship features an opportunity to attend NAPP’s annual convention – Photoshop World Conference & Expo and includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, a one-year NAPP membership, and subscription to Photoshop User magazine.

NancyStaggs1A big congratulations to educator Nancy Staggs, who teaches at Hueytown High School, in Hueytown, Alabama, as she’s the 2010 recipient of the Dean Collins Educational Scholarship.

She’ll be joining us next week in Orlando, where she’ll be recognized during the opening keynote presentation.