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zackariassmI am just totally psyched to announced that we’ve added a brilliant new instructor to the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Orlando; the one, the only, Zack Arias!!!!

The whole NAPP crew is buzzing about having Zack on board, as he is just a fantastic instructor, super-talented photographer, and he brings a whole new perspective and teaching style to Photoshop World and we just couldn’t be more excited!

He’s teaching two sessions during the conference:

(1) Many Uses of a White Seamless Background
“Live” demo of shooting and post production. You’ll learn how to get the most out of one simple background. Zack will be showing students how to properly light a white seamless background to achieve looks from pure white to pure black and any shade in between.

After a “live” shooting demo, he will walk you through simple steps in post-production to further enhance images shot on a roll of white seamless. This workshop is based on his very popular blog series of the same name.

(2) Stuff You Need to Know to Be a Photographer
So you want to be a photographer? Here’s some stuff you HAVE to know: technique, light, and marketing. With all of the information on the Web today about how to be a better photographer, Zack hits on areas that aren’t being discussed as much as they need to be. Are these the cards that pro photographers are still keeping tight to their chest? Possibly. It may also be due to the fact that many who share are also busy shooting and don’t have the time to help.

Zack will cover his favorite parts from his Photo 101 workshop: understanding your meter, knowing which lens to use, finding light, modifying light, and finally marketing yourself.

If you haven’t had a chance to learn from Zack, (who coincidentally still holds the #1 most-commented guest post, or any post for that matter, here on my blog), he really cuts through the bull and just tells it like it is (ask anybody who has taken one of his classes, or bought his “One Light Workshop” DVDs—this guy is the real deal!

Here’s a link to Zack excellent blog, and I hope you’ll be there at Photoshop World in Orlando this March 24-26th (link) when he takes the stage.


Here are some images from the NPS (Nikon Professional Services) sponsored “Concert Photography Pre-Conference workshop” held last week at Photoshop World.

The sessions were taught by pro concert photographers Alan Hess (who guest blogged about concert photography here on my blog), and Scott Diussa from NPS (I featured a few of Scott’s articles on concert photography here as well), and the images you see here were taken by Alan during the class itself.

The idea was to start in the classroom, and then shoot a live concert, so the day before the opening keynote, we set the stage up like a full concert, and my band, “Big Electric Cat” (Felix Nelson, Tony Llanes, Scott Stahley, and myself played two three-song sets for the photographers who took the workshop (you only get to shoot the first three songs in a real concert setting, and they wanted this to be as realistic as possible). Note: Our lead singer, Kalebra, was coordinating things on the show floor during this workshop, so we did the gig ourselves, playing a bunch of Classic Rock tunes, including songs from The Clash, Korn, Van Halen, Daughtry, and Z.Z. Top).

I talked to a lot of the class participants, and they absolutely loved the class and they said exactly what we were thinking, “Where else are you going to find a class like this, taught by two seasoned pros, and then get to shoot a concert staged just for you!” It was an incredible opportunity, and Scott and Alan really hit one out of the park (they even had real stage photo-passes printed for the participants). Here’s a few shots from the sold-out workshop:









My Thanks to Scott, Alan, and all the participants for making this concert photography workshop such a success, and we look forward to hosting it again next March in Orlando, Florida.

This year at Photoshop World our theme was “Football” (The Game is On!) and during the opening keynote we showed a parody of the classic “Mean Joe Green” TV ad for Coca Cola (with me playing a twist on Mean Joe Green’s role). The parody ad also features Matt’s son Ryan, and it was directed by our own Jason “The Scriv” Scrivner (with vocals by Stephanie Cross). Hope you like it. (Here’s a link to the original ad from 1979).

Rather than writing some long drawn out report, I thought I’d give you the “a picture tells a thousands words” version, and just include lots of pictures (photos by Brad Moore and Drew Gurian). Here ya go!

DSC_1957 copy

View of the opening standing-room only Keynote presentation from Thursday morning. The screens aren’t actually white, but well, ya know, it’s an exposure thingy.

_SGK3536 copy

This guy is psyched because he knows that winning a Photoshop World Guru Award can be a career-changing experience. (Just ask NAPP’s own Corey Barker—–that’s how we found him!).

_JM26381 copy

Nothing like waiting for the Expo Floor to open.

_JM26430 copy

The “Adobe Halftime Report” kicks off the opening keynote (LtoR: Matt Kloskowski, Me, and Dave Cross”—“The Photoshop Guys.” We played it up as though it was a real halftime report, but of course, we replaced all the football lingo with Photoshop lingo. Sad, I know.

_JM26472 copy

Crowd favorite, Adobe VP John Loiacono (AKA Johnny L) scored big as the featured keynote speaker.

_SGK2723 copy

We totally pranked Johnny with a Vegas-style intro, complete with a parody of Toni Basil’s “Mickey” song, titled “Oh Johnny Your So Fine….” along with a live appearance from the UNLV Running Rebel cheerleaders. Johnny was speechless (Well, for a while anyway).

_SGK2964 copy

Johnny L and Adobe’s Russell Preston Brown (AKA Dr. Brown), sneak-peeked some “future Photoshop technology” that had the crowd oooohhing and ahhhhing. Well, mostly oooohhhing, but I did hear the occasional Ahhh, and a gasp or two.

_JM26013 copy

After the keynote, it’s time to get to class. Here’s Joe McNally in one of his lightning technique classes, enjoying a shallow depth of field.

DSC_2989 copy

McNally shooting a portrait of Vanelli. This is a particularly important photo, historically speaking, because this is the longest period of time Vanelli stood still the entire conference. That’s Drew Gurian, Joe’s assistant, getting all dressed up for the event, in some really nice shorts and flip flops.

_SGK2502 copy

Fighting for their right to Party! (Warning: Obscure Beastie Boys reference alert).

DSC_3074 copy

In Part 2 of my Retouching session, I did a live shoot in the classroom, and then retouched the portrait using the techniques we had learned in Part 1, and the first half of Part 2.

_SGK2320 copy

Here’s a shot from the Canon Live Studio Shoot pre-conference workshop. They created some amazing shots that day, and one lucky student won a Canon 50D camera and some other goodies (the winner was chosen by applause from the keynote crowd).

_SGK3596 copy

Photographer Laurie Excell during one of her sessions on the Show Floor. (By the way: Laurie rocks—–people love her style of teaching!).

DSC_3313 copy

RC Concepcion during one of his classroom sessions (Besides Vanelli, I think RC probably had the best time of anybody at Photoshop World—that guys was everywhere doing everything. I’m not sure he slept).

DSC_3128 copy

Getting up close and personal during my live Elinchrom lighting demo at the Bogen Imaging Booth. I showed how we use the Elinchrom BXRI’s, spot grids, strip banks, and the HiLite background in the studio. Great crowd, and lots of great questions and interaction. Had a ball!

DSC_2437 copy

Moose Peterson once again brings an attendee to tears during the portfolio reviews (totally kidding—this was staged just for laughs). Made ya look for a sec, though, didn’t it? ;-)

_SGK4075 copy

Ben Willmore during one of his sessions (See, I wasn’t kidding—-Ben really did get a Mohawk haircut). I know. I was asking the same thing.

_SGK3709 copy

Jeff Schewe during one of this Real World Camera Raw sessions (If I remember right, at the moment this photo was taken, he was saying something along the lines of “Hey, did you see Ben Willmore’s Mohawk?).

DSC_3891 copy

Things got a little out of hand at Photoshop Midnight Madness (just ask Terry Reinert, shown above, what happened next. Hint: the woman standing behind me [my assistant Kathy Siler] walked up and slapped him right across the face. Luckily, it was all a set-up to pull a prank on the crowd, who thought one of them might be next).

DSC_3623 copy

Your hosts for Photoshop Midnight Madness; Terry “T-Bone” White, Yours Truly (wearing a Bucs jersey, not realizing that we would be 0 and 4 just a few days later), and DJ ‘Roddy Rod’ Mac-Daddy, Mad-Dog, Harlan.

DSC_3917 copy

This poor guy entered our Midnight Madness “Photoshop Tips Challenge EXTREME” and had to give the audience a Photoshop tip while under extreme conditions (loud tension music playing, two red heat lamps aiming at him, he had two guys right up on him, he had to wear goggles while Terry used a black magic marker to scribble on the front of the glasses, while Matt was standing off camera firing a Nerf pistol at his face, among other things). It was a beautiful moment of love.

_SGK3355 copy

Photoshop World instructor Dave Cross, with NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker, during his induction into the Photoshop Hall of Fame

There’s more to show you (including some cool stuff coming up on Thursday), but this post is so long I thought I’d better wrap it up for now. Next year we’re in Orlando in late March or early April (I can’t remember which), but it’s going to be even bigger, even better, with lots of new classes, some new instructors, and some wild new stuff to take everything up a big notch, and if you didn’t make it to Vegas this year, I hope I’ll see you in Orlando next year. It is simply an amazing, creative, learning experience and three-day Photoshop love fest you’ll never forget. I can’t wait!!!!

P.S. Catch Scott Bourne’s Wrap-up Coverage of Photoshop World, over at PhotoFocus, right here.


Hi gang:
I just got back on the red-eye from Vegas, so I’m at half power and still blurry-eyed this morning, but man did we have an amazing time out at Photoshop World!!!! I was hoping to get a few photos posted, (and I will tomorrow along with more detailed coverage) , but in the meantime, here’s some links to cool stuff:

(1) Terry White video’d the entire opening keynote, including Adobe’s “sneak peek” at future Photoshop technology, and you can watch that right here.

(2) To see some photos from the first day of Photoshop World, click here.

(3) You can also catch the live blogging from the keynote right here.

See you guys tomorrow for my complete coverage of the big show! Now I’m heading back to bed. ;-)