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I just heard last night that the gang from royalty free stock photo provider Fotolia came up with a cool idea; they arranged for special permits from the city of Las Vegas to do a shoot on the Vegas Strip on Thursday and Friday nights with 40 lucky photographers.

To sign up to chance to be one of those 40 photogs on this “Bonus Vegas Strip Shoot,” stop by the Fotolia booth at Photoshop World next week (Fotolia is also hosting live shoots at their booth, so bring your camera gear. They’ll also have lenses you can use from

Hi Gang:
I’m in the middle of two projects (more about these tomorrow), and I’m kinda up to my ears in it (and totally beat), so I’m pulling the “No Blog Thursday” card.

In the meantime, below is a video clip from Tech TV (remember them?) when they did a story about Photoshop World when it was in San Francisco, and Bert Monroy was the guest host and gave a kind of a behind the scenes tour. It’s just a short clip, but worth a quick look (especially since I’ve lamed out on blogging today). Have a great Thursday and we’ll see you here tomorrow where hopefully I won’t be as lame (but of course, there are no guarantees). ;-)


Take a good look at the man in the photo above. His name is Robert Vanelli, but we call him either “Vanelli” or just “V.”

If you’re going to Photoshop World, you will definitely see him there, but more likely you’ll hear him coming first.

When you meet him (and trust me—you will), you’ll find him very charming. He has a big smile, a big heart, and arms like tree trunks, so you always feel like “if some %$&* goes down, he’s got your back.” However, be careful because he’s so charming, it’s easy to get sucked into his world, and months from now, when you’ve totally forgotten who he is, he will call your cell phone on a random Tuesday morning at like 5:00 am, just to say “hi,” and he will act like you guys just had dinner last night. That’s it—-he’s got you in his Web, and this is just one of many calls to come when you least expect it, for the rest of your natural life.

The best way I can describe it is the way it was described to me by an attendee who befriended Vanelli one year. He said (and I quote), “I just want my life back.”

There are just a few simple rules to keep in mind when you see him at Photoshop World:

  1. Don’t look him directly in the eyes
  2. Don’t speak directly to him (only address him through an intermediary).
  3. Don’t sit near him in a class (remember, accomplices get arrested, too)
  4. Don’t give him your full name, or city where you live (he will visit you. Often).
  5. But whatever you do; don’t give him your cell phone number. Ever.

Also, another of his “scams” is to tell you that his cell phone is dead, and he needs to call home to talk to his kids, so he borrows your cell phone. But then he actually calls his cell phone from your phone, and ‘boom’—he’s got your number. Rookie mistake.

Of all the things I’ve told you about the Photoshop World conference, this may be the most important. Ask anybody. ;-)

(P.S. You guys know I’m just kidding right? Vanelli’s my buddy, and this is a long-running gag with everybody who knows and loves him. Well, I was kidding about everything but the cell number–I still wouldn’t give that to him. ;-)

At the end of each Photoshop World Conference, we do a thing called “The Best of Photoshop World” where we look back at the week through video segments, and get special live presentations from some of the key instructors, and it’s really a fun and relaxing way to wrap up a wild week (and then we give away tons of prizes).

Anyway, my video crew took some of those video clips from our “Best of Photoshop World” presentation from our last Orlando, Florida event, and put them together into one short clip, and it really gives you a great feel for what Photoshop World is really like. Hope you like it.


A lot of people are surprised when they find out how much Lightroom Training there is at the upcoming Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas (which kicks off in just 15 days). This year’s conference has the most Lightroom training we’ve ever offered.

In fact, you can come to Photoshop World, and take nothing but Lightroom classes each day—all day—and never take a Photoshop class at all (which is the part of the experience we call “The Lightroom Conference at Photoshop World”).

Check out the amazing instructors teaching Lightroom at this part of the conference:

  • Katrin Eisman
  • Matt Kloskowski
  • Jack Davis
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Jeff Schewe
  • David Ziser
  • Kevin Ames
  • RC Concepcion
  • Chris Orwig
  • and Yours Truly

Take a look at the details of these daily Lightroom sessions, (click right here, and look each day at the dedicated Lightroom track) as I’d love to meet you there. :-)