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Photoshop Hall of Famer Dan Margulis, the father of professional color correction using Photoshop, and the man who made Photoshop’s LAB color mode take the photographic world by storm in the past few years (thanks to his groundbreaking book on LAB color), is doing a special pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World called “The Latest in LAB.”

I have no idea what Dan’s going to teach, but I know this; each time he does a session like this—-everything changes because Dan is pretty much the bottomline when it comes to LAB mode (which is another reason he has such a legion of fans around the world).

If you’re going to Photoshop World this October in Vegas, make sure you check out Dan’s LAB pre-con (Note: Dan’s classes are pretty much for more advanced users, so if you’re kinda new to Photoshop, I’d skip this one and maybe look at either the Concert Photography Workshop [there’s only two spots left], or Ben Willmore’s “Shoot for Photoshop” (will be sold out soon), or the Canon Live Studio shoot (which will be sold out soon, too). Here’s the link for a list of the pre-cons.


Each year at Photoshop World we open the Exhibit Floor to the public for just two days, and if you’d like a free Expo-only pass (so you can see all the exhibitors, including Adobe), and catch the free expo floor classes and presentations, you can go right here to get yours.

We had a record-breaking number of Photoshop users and photographers visit the Expo floor at Boston Photoshop World, and I think the reason is there’s just so much going on there. Most of the vendors are now doing live demos, plus there are multiple theaters where you can catch some of the biggest names in Photoshop and photography live on stage, and getting to learn from, and meet all these superstars one-on-one creates a lot of energy and excitement on the floor.

Plus, this is a selling show, so a lot of the exhibitors run “show only” specials where they blow-out deals you won’t find anywhere else, and well…the whole thing is just a blast. Remember; the Expo-only pass is free if you register in advance, or its $20 per person at the door.


I know the prize package for the winner of the World Wide Photo Walk was pretty amazing, but of course, with 32,000 photographers who could enter up to two photos each, the competition was pretty amazing too, and your chances of winning were….well… can do the math.

That’s why I think the best opportunity for some killer prizes and big time recognition may be entering the Photoshop World Guru Awards competition (sponsored by, and competing to win the “Vincent Versace Award for Excellence in Digital Imaging” (which is a sub-category of the photography category. Everyone that enters the photography category is automatically eliglible to win the “Vinny” award, which is chosen by Vincent himself).

This contest was created to honor the work of Photoshop World attendees, so only other attendees to this year’s conference in Vegas can enter, and not of all them: (a) are photographers, and (b) will enter. In fact, only a few hundred people will actually enter the competition at all, but the list of prizes for just the Vinny alone are pretty staggering.

For example, the “Vinny” winner gets:

  1. An Epson 3880 printer
  2. A Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and wireless pen
  3. The Entire collection of Nik Software Photoshop Plug-ins
  4. Two (2) 8 gig 300x UDMA flash cards from Lexar
  5. An Induro 314 carbon fiber tripod
  6. An Xrite Color Munki
  7. The entire collection of OnOne Software’s Photoshop Plug-ins
  8. All of the Acme Educational titles
  9. An Expodisc and an Expoaperture
  10. A one-year subscription to Kelby Online Training
  11. A signed copy of David Duchemin’s “Within the Frame”
  12. A signed Vincent Versace print

That is just an amazing prize package, plus you get the Vinny Award itself (which Mr. Versace presents himself during the Guru Awards ceremony).

Best of all, there’s no entry fee (again, this competition is only open to registered Photoshop World attendees). Here’s a link with details on how to enter the Photoshop World Guru Awards and take your shot at winning “The Vinny.”

My thanks to Vincent for putting together such an amazing prize package, and thanks to Wacom, Lexar, OnOne Software, Nik Software, Xrite, Epson, Induro, and all the sponsors of this year’s Vincent Vercsace Award for Excellence in Digital Imaging.


Just a few quick, but important things about the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo (the world’s biggest Photoshop event, and NAPP Annual Convention) coming up in just 37 days in Las Vegas! (Oct. 1-3, 2009).

Just four days left to save $100 using the Early Bird Discount
The Early Bird $100-off price ends this Friday at midnight, so if you want to come and join us in Vegas, don’t wait another day—sign up now and save 100 bucks! (Here’s the link).

The Pre-Conference Workshops are Selling Out Fast!

  1. Matt and RC’s “Real World HDR” workshop is now sold out.
  2. So is Dave Cross and Corey Barker’s “Shoot, Design, & Print Movie Poster” Workshop.
  3. The Photo Safari is long since sold out
  4. David Ziser’s On Location Wedding shoot workshop is sold out.
  5. Deke’s Channels and Masks workshop only has 3 seats left, and I predict the Nikon NPS Concert Shooting Live! workshop, Ben Willmore’s “Shooting for Photoshop” and the Canon Live Studio Shoot will all be sold out in the next week or two.

There are still a few workshops with seats available, but they’re filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so better snag yours now! Here’s where you go for details on all the optional Pre Conference workshops.

Already going? Get Dave’s Photoshop World Planner
Each year Dave Cross puts together an invaluable tool for helping you plan each day’s classes. It’s a free PDF called “Dave’s Photoshop World Planner” and it has all the classes listed by time and day. You just choose which ones you think you want to see from the pop-up menu, and now you can see at a glance exactly which classes you plan on attending (and what your other options are). It’s really well designed, and past attendees have told us that now they can’t live without it. Download yours here.

Adobe’s own John Loiacono (AKA “Johnny L”) Featured Keynote Speaker
We are honored to have Photoshop World favorite, and one of the most engaging speakers in our industry, Adobe VP John Loiacono, (shown above) kick off the conference as our featured keynote speaker. It’s always an incredibly exciting time when Johnny takes the stage, and he always unveils something to wow the crowd, so make sure get there early and get a great seat!

That’s it, folks! Remember, you’re invited to join us for the world’s biggest Photoshop love fest!!! Where will you be when the world’s best Photoshop and photography instructors take the stage on October 1st? I hope you’ll be right there with us. Visit for all the juicy details. See you in Vegas, baby!

airefareWhen I went to the Photoshop World Conference travel page the other day, they had added a little widget thingy on the bottom of the page with a scrolling updated list of roundtrip airfare deals to Las Vegas, from cities big and small all over the U.S., and there are some smokin’ deals I missed the other day.

Now, the one you see here to the left is just a screen capture, because I couldn’t figure out how to get the real thing embedded into my blog, but if you click this link, it’ll take you to the Photoshop World travel page, and if you scroll down you’ll find the real thing there.

Anyway, I’m still amazed at some of the deals, so….whatdaya waitin’ for? See you in Vegas, baby!!!


Do you guys remember a while back when I had concert photographer Alan Hess here as my guest blogger? He did a kick-butt article on how to shoot concerts, and it was a huge hit.

Anyway, that got me to thinking; we’re always trying to bring new really cool things to Photoshop World—stuff you wouldn’t find at any other conference, and that’s why I’m psyched to tell you that Alan himself will be teaching a pre-conference workshop at  the upcoming Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas.

Here’s how we have the day structured:

  1. It starts in the Classroom, where Alan will show you the ins and outs, tricks of the trade, and all the inside stuff you need to know (everything from which gear to use, to shooting under ever-changing concert lighting conditions, to “getting the shot” when you’ve only got the standard three-song limit to get a killer shot).
  2. Then the class heads to a live concert shoot where they get to take the skills they just learned in the classroom and put them to use.
  3. After the shoot, it’s back into the classroom for more learning, and critiques of the work from the day’s shoot.

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot concerts, this is an incredible opportunity to learn from a seasoned pro, and actually get some hands-on experience in the process.

This optional pre-conference workshop is limited to just 40 participants, and takes place on Sept 30th (the day before the actual conference kicks off). Here’s the link to the Photoshop World site to sign up (by the way; if you’re already registered for Photoshop World, just call 1-800-738-8513 to reserve your pre-conference class spot).