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We just got an email from Photoshop World and KelbyOne instructor Erik Valind letting us know that he’s doing a lighting workshop in Nelson on Saturday! If you’re interested, here are all the details directly from Erik himself…

Date: Saturday, Sept 6th 12PM – 6PM
Location: Nelson’s Ghost Town

Attendees will learn how to master lighting on location using a variety of light sources and modifiers for every skill level and budget. This workshop will focus on getting the attendees behind the lens and creating killer images. I’ve hired local agency represented models and have made sure to keep the model to attendee ratio balanced to ensure maximum shooting time. I will walk them through a location and lighting scenario then my assistant Julio will step back to assist, as everyone gets a turn to direct and shoot.

We will cover the following:

  • Taming Natural Light
  • Working with speedlights and small flash
  • Overpowering the sun with studio strobes
  • Softboxes, Umbrellas, Reflectors, Diffusors, and Beauty Dishes

What is Provided:

  • Round-trip transportation from Mandalay Bay
  • Boxed lunch and plenty to drink
  • Professional models
  • An AMAZING location – Nelson’s ghost town

Again, you can find out more and register right here!

Hey everybody, sorry for the late post (it was a late nightâ¦), but anywayâ¦.greetings from Vegas!!!

It's here: Photoshop World kicks off today with the pre-conference workshops; the parties start tonight, and tomorrow we're live-streaming Adobe's keynote, so “it’s on.” Just a couple of quick things:

First,  get the latest Attendee Newsletter
Lots of important information in there for today. Here’s the link (or click on that graphic above).

Also, make sure you download the Photoshop World App
For iPhone and Android phones, and we've put every minute of the three-day conference and expo at your fingertips! (note: If you already have the app from our last conferences, it will automatically update with the new Las Vegas schedule. Make sure you refresh the app!). Here’s the link: IOS and Android.

Tomorrow’s Adobe Opening Keynote is being streamed LIVE
Adobe often uses this keynote to sneak peek some new technology, or make special announcements or releases  so you don't want to miss this, and you can watch it live, free, anywhere in the world. Here's the link (it starts a few minutes after 9:00 am PT (Noon East Coast time).

You can still get a Free Expo-Only Pass
If you just want to check out the Expo floor (and visit some vendors, see Adobe's booth, watch some expo floor classes or live shooting demos, thanks to friends at B&H Photo you can get a free Expo-only (available on site at the expo registration in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino).

There's no Guest Blog Wednesday tomorrow, as we'll be sharing Photoshop World photos, the Live Keynote stream links, and other conference fun stuff, so check back here to stay on top of the action. :)

Cheers everybody and Viva Las Vegas!


Mornin’ everybody! :)

If you’ve been following me here on the Blog for a while, you know I’ve been doing a series of articles for Coca Cola and their “Journey” project, and they just released my latest article â” this one is on travel photography and I shared a few of my very favorite tips, including some behind-the-scenes how-to shots.

It’s live now over at the CocaCola Company Website (here’s the link).

Hope you find it helpful. :)



P.S. Just a reminder â” the deadline to save $100 for the Photoshop World Conference in Vegas  (using the Early-Bird Discount) is tonight at Midnight. If you’re going to come join us â” sign up today and save that hundred bucks!!! (you can use that $100 for Blackjackâ¦.er, I mean taxi fares and burgers). Here’s the link. 

1. Did you miss Thursday’s “Photoshop World-a-thon?”
If you missed Thursday you missed out on a ton of Photoshop and Photography tips. Besides what “The Photoshop Guys” did live on the air (including my live shoot with a “Big ‘ol soft box”) a bunch of our instructors shared video clips of tips to air on the show, and it was literally packed-full of cool stuff (the idea of course, being we’d give you a sample of the stuff we’re teaching in our classes at Photoshop World Las Vegas and that you give you some idea of what we do for three solid days, and then you’d want to come and be a part of it all, and meet everybody in person, and all that. Here’s the link — you can watch the free rebroadcast right now:

2. They say this past Wednesday’s Episode of “The Grid” was one of our best ever!
The topic was: “”Why you’re not shooting video with your DSLR like you thought you would” and we did something we rarely do on “The Grid” we did a step-by-step tutorial (when you see it, you’ll see why). And, we did the entire tutorial in just 5 minutes (we ran a countdown timer), but you should start watching around the 20 minute mark (the first part was me giving my “most embarrassing photography story” and God knows you heard that already. Anyway  here’s just a few of the comments I saw online after the show aired:

> “Mind blown! You totally delivered. Looking up my unused videos now⦔

> “That show was an epiphany for me mate.”

> “…thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued sharing of things.”

> “Absolutely amazing episode. Hats off to you guys. Now i will starting editing all the videos that i shoot with my DSLR.”

> “You have blown my mind yet againâ¦that was the best ever Grid⦔

> “Absolutely amazing show.”

Hope you’ll check it out — if you’re sitting there with a bunch of video clips on your computer and no movies to show for it, this could change everything for you in just five minutes. Thanks for checking it out.

3. This year at Photoshop World Nikon is doing free camera cleanings, too!
Canon has been doing free DSLR Sensor cleanings for the past few Photoshop World’s (how awesome is  that!), and this year we’re delighted to announce that Nikon Professional Services (NPS) will be there as well doing cleanings for Nikon DSLR shooters. If you’re going to Photoshop World, all you have to do is sign up in advance at this link.

4. Our new Kelby One “Trailblazers: Powerful Women of Photography” Series
I was very fortunate to have the incredibly talented Mia McCormick (above) as my Guest Blogger here last Wednesday, and she did such a fascinating post that gives you some insight into what it’s like to be a journalist/photography storyteller sharing the stories of folks like Joe McNally, Joel Grimes, Lindsay Adler, and Gregory Heisler among many others,  and it was really wonderful. But in her post she made a very important introduction to a new series Mia is producing for KelbyOne online training called “Trailblazers: Powerful Women of Photography” and I didn’t want that announcement to slip under the radar â” she’s really onto something special here. The series launches in just a few weeks, but in the meantime make sure you check out Mia’s post from last Wednesday. I promise, you’ll totally dig it. Here’s that link.

5. If you’re a Canon EOS 1Dx shooter, I did a video on the free Firmware 2.0
If you’re a sports or wildlife photographer shooting a Canon 1Dx, I did a short video for Canon going through all the new auto focus features in the free Firmware 2.0 update (and I’ve embedded it right above). Hope you 1Dx shooters find it helpful. Here’s a behind the scenes from the shoot (below).

6. We’re giving away FIVE signed copies of my new book, “The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes”
Over on the KelbyOne Twitter page, they are doing a giveaway of my new book (and I believe they are choosing the winners today). Here’s the deal (I copied this tweet from the K1 page):

“If u want to win an autographed copy of @ScottKelby‘s NEW Digital Photography Book Part 5, tell us why & use the hashtag #DigitalPhotoBook5

Needless to say I’ve already seen my share of tweets that say stuff along the lines of “Because he has a selective color effect in his book.” Funny. Ugh. ;-)

7. Let’s wrap up with some inspiration with a look at an amazing photographer: Chris Burkard
It’s another installment of SmugMug Film’s brilliant series on photographers, and this one is called “Arctic Swell: Surfing The End of the Earth.  called SmugMug Films. It’s incredibly well done from start to finish (you should subscribe to their youtube page — – all their videos are really just incredible). My hats off to SmugMug for bringing these photographer’s stories to life through tho series.

Well, that’s it folks — thanks so much for stopping by, and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow. Feel the love! :)



That’s right baby, for the first time ever it’s one of the leading automotive photographers in the world, and my vote for the best automotive photography teacher on the planet, the one and only Tim Wallace. 

Oh yeah! He’s coming to Vegas from the UK, and he’s doing a live car shoot class, a session on Photoshop retouching for car and product photography, and a business class (he is one heck of a businessman, too!).

We are so excited to have Tim teaching for us in Vegas this September at Photoshop World. If you’re going, even if you have never taken a car shot, you gotta check out at least one of Tim’s sessions. If you’re not going, why the heck not! Get your ticket right here and come to Vegas and spend three days that will supercharge your career!

Above: That’s Tim and me when he was in town taping some classes for KelbyOne. 

By the way, we have some other very cool new instructors teaching for their first time with us in Vegas, but I’ll reveal those another day, but I just had to share this news about Tim since he’s one of my heroes of photography.

Spin the Reels — I bet you get something (wink).

Have a great Tuesday, and here’s to learning from the best instructors on the planet! :)


P.S. Here’s a link where you can download a PDF of the brochure and class schedule for the Photoshop World Conference in Vegas. Ya know, just in case. ;-)

OK, first last night we launched a totally new Photoshop World Conference & Expo Web site (seen above), with better, easier, and more “Vegas-ie” navigation plus lots of cool photos and stuff to help you plan your trip to Vegas with us. OK, enough of that (but if you jumped over there right now to see the new site, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit). [wink] ;-)

Next, who’s new to our teaching roster this September: I’ll tell ya — it’s cool people. Really cool people, like:

Tim Wallace
UK-based Automotive Photographer

> Amazing teacher and talent (I love this guy!)
> Looks better in person than this photo
> Not as good looking as me of course, but certainly handsome
> He’ll be shooting a car right in his class. We’ll patch the bullet holes with Bondo.



Roberto Valenzuela
LA-based Photographer and trainer, Book Author, Lover (by looking at his photo)

> This guy’s books are killin’ it! The dude can write.
> He can shoot and teach like a boss!
> If he looks this good in person, I’m going to cut him from the roster.
> He’s part of our new Wedding Photography Track, that runs all three days. He’s “Berry Sessy!”


Frank Salas
Master Wedding Photographer and instructor

> Another handsome guy. Not helping me.
> His bio is a mile long, but in short, he was named one of the best wedding photographers in the world
> He crushed the classes he did for KelbyOne. Plus, some of our staff have crushes on him. Just sayin’
> He’s on our new Wedding Track, too! You knew that, right?


Peter Hurley
Stud. Also shoot head shots.

> Looks like a model. Was a model. A model prisoner. (unconfirmed rumor)
>  Taught at Atlanta Photoshop World, so he’s not “technically” new but he’s new to our Vegas conference, soâ¦.
> He was a huge hit in Atlanta. He’s a huge hit everywhere he goes. Peter Hurley for President
> Not nearly this good looking in person. Looks more like Comedian Gilbert Godfrey. Quite possibly his twin.


These are some awesome instructors who we’re thrilled to have back on our “Instructor Dream Team:”

Lindsay Adler
NYC-based Fashion Photographer 

> Awesome photographer and fantastic teacher
> Wears dangerously high heels when teaching. Could fall at any time which adds drama.
> Really good at lighting, posing, and knows many colorful New York phrases
> Great business sense. Great fashion sense. May have Spidey sense.


David Curedon
Retoucher, Photographer, Big Ol’ Teddy Bear

> We have missed this guy — his retouching is off the chain (plus, we just love him)
> He has a ton of fans at KelbyOne for his online retouching classes (and cool custom retouching brushes)
> His head is smaller than all the other instructors but we don’t mention it (feelings matter).
>  Suffers from Aulophobia (the fear of flutes), but still is a great teacher as long as “Aqualung” doesn’t come on


James Schmelzer
Senior Portrait Photographer and Lighting Ninja

> Has mad skills. Does a lot of teaching for the Westcott lighting folks. Awesome instructor!
> Is based in Michigan but yet owns a foreign car. That’s one strike.
> Has been spotted several times in North Korea on “business.” Strike two!
> Is not Peter Hurley. Good save. #schmelzerforthewin


It’s an instructor dream team of the best of the best:

> Scott Kelby (Devastatingly handsome man. That alone should be enough)
> Joe McNally
(Magical Unicorn of Flash)
> Dave Black (Sports Legend and Untapped Source of Energy)
> Joel Grimes (Compositing and Lighting Shogun)
> Moose Peterson (Love Machine)
> Tamara Lackey (She Shoots Kids. Erâ¦photographs children)
> Jay Maisel (Cranky New Yorker)
> Matt Kloskowski (Landscape Photographer. Photoshop Guy. Carb Collector & Licensed Calorie Trustee).
> Ben Willmore (Photoshop Rainmaker specializing in classic bus repair)
> Brian Smith (Celebrity Photo Guru and has really cool glasses)
> Corey Barker (Insane Photoshop Skills. Too good for his own good. Not sure what that means)
> David Ziser (Wedding Wunderkind and Certified Kentucky Colonel)
> Frank Doorhof (He’s Dutch!)
> Pete Collins (Photoshop Guy often seen wearing an Urban Sombrero)
> Bill Fortney (A man barely alive)
> Russell Brown (Adobe’s own madman of Photoshop and flight. Distills his own bourbon)
> Jason Groupp (Best dressed Wedding photographer in Northern Hemisphere)
> Kevin Ames (Knows many good restaurants in Atlanta. Only drinks Coke products)
> Terry White (Adobe Guy. Owns several Apple products. Possible Vegan)
> RC Concepcion (Photoshop Guy, 43.3% Clairvoyant. Master Sergeant of HDR and other acronyms)
> Glyn Dewis (Has a funny accent. Could be foreign. Will probably be deported.)
> Jim DiVitale (His name means love in seven languages)
> Helene Glassman (Gets awfully cozy with Jim Divitale)
> Jack Davis (Graphics Guru from Cali […ain’t no party like a west coast party cause a west coast party don’t stop])
> Faye Sirkis (Passionate Artist with a shoplifting habit)
> Erik Valind (He’s young and in love. Probably).
> Dave Cross (Stealing American jobs for more than a decade)
> Scott Diussa (Concert photographer & screaming lead guitar player)
> Alan Hess (Concert photographer, can’t play anything but has great hair)
> Bert Monroy (Not a concert photographer, but could draw a very convincing concert scene)
> Julieanne Kost (Adobe’s own Diva of Lightroom. Probably using a stage name)
> Bryan Hughes (Adobe power broker. Deadly at Pai Gow Poker)
> Colin Smith (Sounds Australian. Check his papers).
> Joe Glyda (Shoots food. It sometimes shoots back. Loves Red Dye #3)

Well, we’ve got a whole lotta classes — over 100, in seven different training tracks, over three days. Whew!

Not 100% sure? Then watch this quick video below that shows some of these awesome instructors in action (no way you can not go after watching that video. No way! It’s Vegas for you baby!)

Of course you do. Just say it out loud, “This is the year. I’m going!”

If you sign up right now, you can save money and get a full conference pass for only $525 (for KelbyOne members, it’s only $449. Seriously, that’s crazy!).

That’s for all three days, all the classes, the expo floor, the special events, the Adobe keynote, the get-togethers, the fun, the networking, the learning, the e-coli (just checking to see if you were still reading), and you’ll get to meet all your favorite KelbyOne instructors in person — so come and be with us out in Vegas — you’ll never forget it!

Here’s the link — head over there right now, then book your flights. See you in September! :)