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  • Today…on “The Grid”

    Apr 11th, 2011  |  8 Comments

    Matt and I are both back in the studio for today’s 12:00 noon LIVE taping of our new weekly talk show “The Grid” (remember, if you miss the live taping, you can catch the free rebroadcast tomorrow on the site, or in iTunes). When: Today at 12:00 pm noon EDT Where: KelbyTV.com/thegrid Topics: Adobe’s bigContinue…

  • We’re taping “The Grid” Live from Photoshop World

    Mar 29th, 2011  |  7 Comments

    Since we’re all at Photoshop World this week, we thought it would be cool to broadcast our new weekly talk show “The Grid” live from the Photoshop World Expo Floor, so…..that’s what we’re doing. Here’s the schedule: When: Thursday, March 31st Time: 4:00 pm (LIVE!) Where: Same as always: kelbytv.com/thegrid We’ll be having some coolContinue…

  • Don’t Forget to Catch “The Grid” today–live at 12:30 pm EDT

    Mar 21st, 2011  |  14 Comments

    Matt’s back from wandering around Europe, and we’ll be broadcasting live later today (and sharing your comments live during the show). When: Today at 12:30 PM EDT Where: KelbyTV.com/TheGrid Rebroadcasts: Start Tuesday morning. Same address, or on iTunes Share Your Comments: Send comments via by adding the hashtag #thegridlive Follow us: on Twitter @thegridlive (we’llContinue…

  • A Quick Q&A From Yesterday’s Premiere of “The Grid”

    Mar 8th, 2011  |  47 Comments

    A big thanks to everybody who tuned in yesterday. It was our biggest debut for any show we’ve ever done, and we’ve gotten loads of positive feedback from viewers, which really made our day! We also had lots of questions, so I thought I’d addresses a few of them here today in a quick Q&A.Continue…

  • “The Grid” Premieres Today: Live at 12:30 pm EST

    Mar 7th, 2011  |  45 Comments

    Today’s the big day as the Grid goes live at 12:30 pm EST!!!! PLUS, we have a VERY special in-studio guest for the entire show—the one and only Jeremy Cowart. We’ve got some great topics for the first show, and we’ll be taking your comments via twitter (@thegridlive), and you can catch the show liveContinue…

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