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It’s up! Last Thursday we did a special bonus episode of “The Grid” called, and on in-studio guest was none other than Adobe’s Senior Product Manager for Photoshop, Bryan O’Neil Hughes.

Anyway, it now online and you can hear the sizzle as we lightly skew one of our favorite people (imagine what would have happened if we didn’t like him). ;-)

Anyway, it was a wild show, and we totally didn’t pull any punches. Unfortunately, Bryan didn’t crumble under the pressure, and was a pure, cool, calm pro throughout the whole thing, which was very disappointing to say the least. ;-)

Here’s the link to watch this very special episode of Blossom (I mean), “The Grid.”

Some are calling it “Our best episode ever” and although I can’t swear that it is, it’s definitely our longest show ever (we were on a roll and just couldn’t stop).

On the latest episode of “The Grid” (our free weekly talk show about photography), during our discussion of the Fuji x100 camera (started by my posts on Google+) RC Concepcion (filling in for Matt Kloskowski, who was out shooting college baseball team portraits), and I broke into a spontaneous rendition of “The Fuji x100 Blues” (see above).

We also covered the “Five stages of owning a Fuji x100″ (it’s all in fun. Kinda), and if you want to watch the Fuji “lack of lovefest” part, scrub to about 53:00 minutes into the show (you can start right there, no problem).

The first half of the show was all about why I like Google+ for photographers. Here’s the link to this week’s episode:

NOTE: The Grid airs LIVE each week at it’s new time: Wednesday’s at 4:00 pm EDT. If you miss the live cast, we rebroadcast the show on demand (for free) starting the following afternoon, so you can watch it whenever you’d like.

P.S. I’m off to Cologne, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands tonight for our Tour Stops there. I’m really excited about our first tour ever in Europe, and I hope I get to meet some of you in person while I’m there.

Hey gang, just a quick reminder that Matt Kloskowski and I will be LIVE at 4pm EDT today on The Grid!

Today we’ll be talking about Google+ for Photographers and their terms of service, plus people’s reaction to the Fuji X100 (not the camera’s features, but the public’s reaction).

Tune in live at today at 4pm! (You can also subscribe to the show in iTunes if you can’t watch the live broadcast)

Well, because of seminars (and my vacation), I missed the last two weeks of our weekly photography talk show “The Grid,” and I just realized that I’m leaving a day early for my Calgary seminar (to shoot in Banff today and tomorrow), and now I’m going to miss this week’s show too. Uggh!

We moved the show’s live broadcast to Wednesday at 4:00 pm EDT so more people here in the US and around the world would be able to watch the show live (I know, I know, when you move the time and date, somebody somewhere blows a gasket, but we heard LOTS of feedback that we really needed to move it to be a better time). Of course, we always post the rebroadcast in its entirety the following day at and we post it to iTunes as well where you can subscribe for free and automatically get each episode.

iTunes Top Charts Ranking!
One cool thing—-A couple of weeks ago I was looking in iTunes at their Top Video Podcasts ranking and I was tickled to see that not only was Photoshop User TV still in their Top 100 of ALL video Podcasts (which is saying a lot, since there a ton of broadcast and cable Podcast shows that we’re competing within that category), but “The Grid” was in their top 100, too (as seen in the capture from iTunes above)!

Although I’ll miss tomorrow’s show, I will be back on The Grid next week, and that’s probably when we’ll drop totally out of the Top 100. Hope you can tune in LIVE tomorrow at 4:00 pm right here for Matt and friends covering a topic that I’m sure will make somebody, somewhere, really mad (just kidding. Kinda).