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First, a big thanks to Wes Maggio from Wacom for his great guest post yesterday. You can see from the comments, a lot of people totally dug his post (and it got people thinking big time about using their tablet in ways they hadn’t really considered).

I’m pretty careful anytime I ask someone to be a guest blogger that’s going to be talking about their company’s product, because I don’t want them to turn the Guest Blog into a sales piece, but I know Wes personally and was certain Wes would provide some real helpful info in his post and that’s exactly what he did. Thanks Wes. I picked up some stuff I didn’t know, too. Now, onto the news:

Have You Heard of a Program Like This?
I got a call yesterday from my buddy Paul Abell, and he was asking me if I knew of a program or utility that was designed to track all the models and serial numbers of your camera gear (mostly for insurance purposes). He seemed to remember reading about one, but can’t remember where he saw it (it was a while back). I thought it was a handy idea (in fact, I’d use it myself), but anyway, if any of you know of all application like this, can you please let us both know by posting a comment here on the blog? Many thanks.

Peachpit Press, David DuChemin, and Chris Orwig
Are Up to Something Really Cool

These three have come together to host a very cool contest for anyone attending Photoshop World. The scoop is basically this: you take some cool photos of neon signs in your neck of the woods, and if David and Chris pick your shot as one of their 20 winners, you’ll be invited to a special private Photo Walk at the famous Neon Sign Boneyard Museum near downtown Las Vegas, hosted by Peachpit and a number of Peachpit authors and instructors (includes transfer from the Mandalay Bay resort). The contest is called “Neon in Your Neighborhood” and you can get the whole scoop right here.

Adobe releases free update to Camera Raw & Lightroom
Tuesday Adobe released a Camera Raw (version 5.5)  and Lightroom update (version 2.5) that add support for new cameras (like the new Nikon D300s, and the D3000), among other little fixes. Click here for more details from Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty’s Lightroom Journal blog.

Chase Continues to Amaze
I don’t know if you’ve seen what Chase Jarvis has been doing out in New Zealand for his client San Disk, but if you’ve got a minute, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m constantly amazed at the stuff he comes up with! Here’s the link.

That’s it for this Thursday
I’m pretty much focused on getting ready for Photoshop World in a few weeks, so I’m keeping the blogging kinda light (which is probably a good thing), but we’ll have LOADS of blogging going on during Photoshop World itself (more on that soon). Have a great day!


Hi Gang:
It’s 1:49 am, and I’m up working on my seminar presentation tomorrow in Orlando, but I’ve about hit the wall (so I’ll hitting the sack), I just wanted to say a quick thank you now, because I’ll be at the seminar all day tomorrow.

First, thanks to everyone who posted here, or who contacted me yesterday with a kind word and offers to help our contest winner Alex. By 7:30 am yesterday morning I had already received emails from SIDs at a number of University’s offering to let Alex shoot on their sidelines, and I had offers of everything from major rock band concert shoots for him, to free software and gear loaners for Alex (read this post from Matt Lange for example). I heard from everybody from software developers, camera companies, accessory companies, to some of the biggest name photographers in our industry—-you name it. It was an amazing day!

So gang, don’t spend another day focusing on the all bitterness. Instead, lets celebrate the great things that happened, like first-class act Scott Bourne, at who contacted me and is sending a gift box to Alex, which includes:

  • The entire Nik Software plug-in suite (Brand new in a box),
  • A Think Tank Photo Rotation 360 in the box,
  • and a brand new Expo Disk from Expo Imaging.

Scott didn’t want any exposure or credit whatsoever for sending these to Alex. Too bad—-he did a kick-butt thing and I want everyone to know!!!!

Anyway gang, don’t worry—-with all the offers I got yesterday, Alex will be on the sidelines very soon (also don’t worry—–I won’t mention it until he’s done it, so he doesn’t get torpedoed once again).

Also, I want to thank my buddy Mike Olivella for being such a stand-up guy, and I think a lot of people really recognized and appreciated that. That’s a rare trait these days and I’m prouder than ever to call him my friend.

I hope everybody, including all the sports photographers on both sides of this issue, have their best weekend ever, and next week let’s put this silly stuff behind us, and move on to stuff that really matters (like who the Bucs are going to choose for their starting Quarterback). Just kidding! Have a great one!!!


I’m just totally psyched to announce that Nikon Professional Services (NPS) will be officially sponsoring the Live Concert Shoot workshop at the upcoming Photoshop World in Las Vegas.

The Instructor for the class, Nikon shooter Alan Hess, will be joined by Nikon’s own Scott Diussa (remember when I linked to Scott’s great article on shooting concerts earlier this year?) will be together giving you a concert shooting learning experience you just can’t find anywhere else.

The workshop is already more than half full, so if you’re going to Photoshop World, and want an amazing experience at the pre-conference workshop (held Sept 30th—the day before the conference kicks off), then sign up fast, because this one will be sold out soon!

Thanks to our friends at Nikon for their support of this very cool, very unique educational experience. You guys rock!

First, a big thanks to Kelly for his great Guest Blog yesterday. It created a somewhat lively debate, but for the most part it stayed pretty civil, and got a lot of people talking and thinking, which was good. Thanks Kelly.

A Tough Portrait Nicely Done
Each week NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker choose an image posted in the NAPP member portfolios to feature as “Image of the Week” and this week Larry choose a very cool portrait by photographer Adam Daniels as this week’s winner. Without giving it away; it’s just pretty darn cool (it’s a tough subject, very well executed). Here’s the link to check it out.

Countdown To The Photoshop World Early Bird Deadline
If you want to save a full $100 on registration to the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (coming up Oct. 1-3 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas), the Early Bird deadline is fast approaching (it’s next Friday, the 28th of August). Hope you’ll be joining us there! (here’s the link for more info).

Corey Comes Up An Award-Winner (once again)
Our in-house video crew at Kelby Training participated in the 48-hour Film challenge just a few weeks ago (they have 48 hours to write, film, and edit a project from scratch), and their entry “Bedlam” wound up being nominated in two separate categories. At the award ceremony last week, they won the award for Best Graphics, and to accept the award—-the guy who designed them—-our own graphics guru, Corey Barker. Congrats to Corey, and to our entire video team of kick-$#@ editors, camera operators, and creative video sharks. Way to go guys! (Here’s the link to the challenge site).

Another review posted of  “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3”
This one’s over at the Blog Here’s the link.

Your Logo Makes Me Barf
My buddy Jim Workman sent me this one, and if you’ve got a quick minute check out this hilarious site which features the worst looking, real corporate logos you’ve ever seen. It’s so funny because it’s true. :) Here’s the link.

Just Two Days Left To Enter the “Shoot On the Sidelines With Scott & Mike” Contest
Don’t forget—-we’re just two days away from the deadline to enter the sport shooter’s dream contest. Here’s where you’ll find all the details.

That’s it for today folks. Hope you guys have a great Thursday! :)

Hello there.  Me again.  Scott has been in Portland since yesterday morning and spent the day shooting with Laurie Excell.  Today is the next stop on his Lightroom Tour (fingers crossed that this one will run smoothly), and he gave away a free ticket to the seminar to a lucky follower on Twitter last night.

For those wondering about Scott’s computer, it was a hard drive failure (as he always says, it’s not if your drive fails, it’s when!).  And, yes, he did have everything backed up with Apple’s Time Machine.  I’m sure he’ll give you the full run-down when he gets back next week.

One of the things on said hard drive was an embarrassing photo, which was supposed to be for yesterday’s blog.  You’ll will get to see that next week :)

For those keeping up with Photo Walk news, I’m posting daily over on the Photo Walk Blog.  Swing by and check it out!

For fans of Joe McNally, he just posted a video on YouTube from when he was testing out the Nikon D3.  If you like cameras, elephants, frogs, birds, or snakes, you might enjoy it.  You might also catch a glimpse of me.  I’m the guy wearing the red shirt and goofy hat when our friend Suzie the Elephant was with us in the desert.  That was a great day :)

And lastly, there’s a new episode of DTown TV up, which includes tips on AF Priority modes, features on the new D5000, info on Picture Control settings, and a tip on shutter speeds when using studio lights.

That’s it for today.  Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!