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  • Day 5: Lighting Gear Week Wrap-up

    Mar 13th, 2008  |  2 Comments

    Well, we’ve made it to Day 5, and we’re wrapping up with studio lighting for on-location shoots. Shooting on location has its own challenges: When you’re shooting on location, one of the biggest hurdles you may have to face is electrical power. Even indoors, you might not have access to an electrical outlet anywhere nearbyContinue…

  • New Online Class from Taz Tally (and other news quickies)

    Mar 13th, 2008  |  1 Comments

    Here’s a couple of quick Thursday Things: Taz Tally, one of the highest rated trainers at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo has just joined the Kelby Training Online Experience, and his first class with us went live today. It’s called, “Photoshop For Printing,” and this class is designed for people who will be printingContinue…

  • Day 4: Lighting Gear Week

    Mar 13th, 2008  |  2 Comments

    Yesterday we talked about my continuous lighting set-up, but today we’re moving onto pro-quality studio flash. Here’s the thing: I could spend the day talking about really low cost strobes, but when it comes to strobes, this is one area where buying the “good stuff” really pays off (I learned this the hard way). BackContinue…

  • Day 3: Lighting Gear Week

    Mar 12th, 2008  |  7 Comments

    Today we’re moving into the studio, and we’re starting with a lighting set-up that is ideal for: Product photography Portrait photography Studio photography of anything that doesn’t move a whole lot Anyone who wants to get into studio lighting, but is unsure, afraid, or uncomfortable with the whole studio lighting world. I’m going to giveContinue…

  • Day 2 of Lighting Gear Week

    Mar 11th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    OK, so yesterday we looked at a very inexpensive way to do a location portrait shoot, or some wedding photography, using simple a “Hot Shoe” flash, one light stand and an umbrella. Today we’re going to take it up a notch. There are two main things I’d tell a friend to get next: An additionalContinue…

  • Welcome to “Lighting Gear Week”

    Mar 10th, 2008  |  3 Comments

    This past weekend I was talking to my Peachpit Press Editor, Ted Waitt, and he was asking for my advice about getting some new camera gear. The next thing he wanted to get into was lighting and he wanted to know what his options were. After talking for a few minutes, Ted said, “Ya know,Continue…

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