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  • Category Archives Updates

    This past year I've spent a lot of time immersed in learning, using, and teaching Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I traveled around the country with my Lightroom Live Tour and trained literally thousands of Lightroom users in person. Between that tour, my Lightroom hands-on workshops, the magazine, and hearing from readers of my Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers, I've gotten more real world, down in the trenches, tell-it-like-it-is feedback of what photographers want to see next in Lightroom than you can imagine. I love Lightroom---it's changed my digital workflow forever, and because it's so important to me (and to so many people I've trained this year), I wanted to share the comments and ideas I heard most---including those most-asked-for features and enhancements. I know Adobe gets a lot of input from high-end power users of Lightroom, but I also want to make sure that they…

    In the last free update to Lightroom, Adobe did something very cool; they snuck in three very slick Flash-based web site templates (which are completely customizable), designed by the gang over at Airtight Interactive. In Lightroom, these three templates actually appear in the Gallery Panel on the right side, and they're called: Airtight Postcard Viewer (shown above top), which arranges your photos like they're on a Light table, and when you click on any one, it zooms into a large size (seen in the image right below it). Click on either image to see larger versions. Airtight Auto Viewer (shown above--click for larger version), which gives you a row of interactive panels, and the center panel displays your full color image while the panels on either side are dimmed back. People viewing your Web site have the choice of clicking the play button to…

    The amazing David Ziser has been in town since last week working on his on-location wedding shoot for KelbyTraining.com, and I stopped by and crashed their shoot yesterday at a local church. I stayed just long enough to take a few quick shots (as seen above), but while I was there I watched him tape a short segment and I have to tell you---David Ziser flat out rocks! He is, without a doubt, one of the best teachers out there, and the stuff he imparts in his teaching you just don't find anywhere else. He makes it all so clear, so simple, and it just makes so much sense. I can't wait to watch his entire class when it goes online (should be within just few weeks). Besides traveling the world shooting high-end weddings, and teaching both the photography and the business side of…

    Hi folks: here's what's up: Photographer Alan Hess from ShotLivePhoto.com sent me the photo above (click for a larger version) which he took of Nikon shooters on the sidelines of the San Diego Chargers vs. Detroit Lions game late last year. Thanks Alan, for sharing your photo with my readers (and check out Alan's fantastic concert photography if you get a chance--here's the link). When I was checking out Terry's video on Elements 6 for Mac yesterday, I wound up over at Terry's Tech Blog, where he's got a great in-depth review of Wacom's new lightweight 12" Cintiq 12WX and if you've ever dreamed of having a Cintiq, this is your chance. By the way, Corey Barker's been using one here in his office, and I got to play around with it, and I've got to tell ya---it absolutely rocks! Here's the link to…

    Don't miss this week's episode of Photoshop User TV (you can watch it right online), as we taped the show last week live from the KelbyTraining.com booth on the show floor of PPA's Imaging USA show at the Tampa Convention Center (the photo above was taken during the taping by Corey Barker). Matt, Dave, and I each gave previews from some of our online classes, and RC did a tour of the Expo, along with some interviews with vendors and photographers at the show. You can watch the show right here.

    A huge congratulations to my buddy Matt Kloskowski, who yesterday ran in the Disney Marathon (that's Matt and his brother crossing the finish line after running 26.2 miles in the 80°+ Florida heat! Click on the photo for a much larger view). RC, my brother Jeff, and I were there to photograph Matt's race, and text him with unmotivating messages while he ran, (including a play-by-play of our breakfast at Disney's Polynesian Resort while Matt was in the middle of his race. I'd text him with stuff like, "Hey, RC, can you pass the maple syrup? Whoops, sorry Matt--that text was supposed to be for RC." and stuff like, "Man, we've been waiting so long in this breakfast line. I'm beat!" and worse). Despite all our text jokes, Matt finished the race and we're all so proud of him, and just amazed at his…