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Today I’m up in New York City for the PhotoPlus Expo, which starts today and runs through Saturday. I’ll be doing a few sessions in the “Kelby Training” booth on the show floor today, so if you’re up in NYC for the show, make sure you stop by and check out my portrait retouching sessions. , and I’ll be checking out the latest gear, and reporting back on anything really slick I run across. I’ll be dangerously close to B&H Photo, so I fully expect to come back with a lighter wallet. :)

Now, onto some Thursday News Stuff:

  • Derrick Story has a great interview with Photoshop Elements Product Manager Mark Dalm (who is really a terrific guy, with a really engaging personality—the kind of guy you’d hope was managing a product as important as Elements), over at this Digital Story Podcast, and if you want the full scoop on what’s new in Photoshop Elements 6, make sure you check this out (click here).
  • Our man Corey Barker (The Photoshop Lad), will be teaching some sessions at the Voices That Matter Web Design Conference coming up next week on Oct. 22-25, 2007 at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. Corey is a brilliant teacher (if you’ve ever seen him on Layers TV you already know that), and he’ll be teaching sessions on a number of different topics, and the whole conference looks like it will be just an amazing experience. Click here for more info.
  • If you’re interested in photography copyright issues or photography and the law, you’ve got to listen to episode #71 of “The Digital Photography Show,” as it features a fascinating interview with Carolyn Wright, The Photo Attorney. Here’s the link.
  • Don’t forget; I’ll be in Tampa on October 30th for my only Florida stop this year on my “Lightroom Live Tour.” It’s $99 for the full day, or if you’re a NAPP member, it’s only $79. I hope I’ll see you there (here’s the link to what I cover in the class).

That it for this morning. More to report tomorrow. Have a great Thursday everybody! :)


Thanks to msacks and wade who both posted comments asking if they could see the “before” untouched shot of the house image (shown above–click for a larger view), to see how the Seven Point System was applied to create the final image posted yesterday.

I also think it’s helpful to see the “before” windows (the open windows I covered), and the large truck and the DLWS van on the sides, which I had to clone out, though the edge vignette effect (which is also included in the Seven Point book, even though it’s not one of the “Seven Points”), did help to minimize distraction around the edges of the image, too.

Thanks again to msacks and wade for the suggestion. :)


Inside Digital Photo radio has just posted an in-depth radio interview with me about my new Photoshop 7-point-system, and a whole bunch of other stuff (It was one of the most fun interviews I’ve done, because after a short while, the host Scott Shepard and I kind of forgot it was an interview, and it turned into two buddies talking on the phone, and we talked about my Canon experience, and Nikon stuff, and iPhone stuff, and well…you name it). Here’s the link. 


On Tuesday about an hour before sunset we headed out to a lighthouse, right near a public beach, where I got this very “Cape Cod-like” shot (click on it for a much larger view). Same camera and lens as the shot I posted yesterday, but at 50mm, with an exposure of f/11 at 1/20 of a second, shot in Aperture priority mode (I shoot all outdoor shots in Aperture priority so I can control the focus of the background).

NOTE: I had a number of comments and emails yesterday about how yesterday’s photo was post-processed. For the image you see here, and yesterday’s image, I used my “Photoshop Seven Point System” for all image toning, but in yesterday’s image I had to do some serious cloning, because on the right side of the house, you could see the DLWS van in the parking lot, so I cloned that out. But worse yet, on the left side of the house, in front of the front porch, was a huge Army Corp of Engineer’s truck that had to be cloned out, and it took some time, but it was totally ruining the shot.

Although those two things HAD to be removed to save the shot (believe me, I tried recomposing as best I could, but that truck was REALLY big and in just the wrong place), then I cheated a little bit. If you look at the third window from the right on the bottom floor, it looks just like the other windows. In reality, that window was open, and it didn’t look very good, so I copied the window to the left of it up onto its own layer, and then I dragged that nice golden reflection window over the open window, and used Free Transform to shrink it down just a little bit so it was a perfect fit (this “window swap” was much easier than it sounds–it took all of 30-seconds). I did the exact same thing for one of the windows above the front porch–I copied the closed reflecting window to the left of it, and put it over the open window.

Other than the two window swaps, and cloning out the truck and the van, the rest was just toning use my Seven Point System. By the way, I got my first printed copy of the book on Friday right before I left for Detroit, and I was really psyched. Also, if you’re going to PhotoPlus in NYC this week, we can’t promise it, but Peachpit Press has a booth there, and they hope to have a limited number of copies there for sale. Hey, you didn’t hear it from me. ;-)


We got there early enough to get in position for sunrise and that moment when its beautiful light first kisses the front of this wonderful landmark on the beach (click on it for a larger version). INFO: Taken with a Nikon D200 on a tripod, using a Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 lens at 22mm, at f/8, with the ISO set at 100, and the shutter speed set to 1/8 of a second.

I’ll post more when I get a chance but we’ve been just goin’, goin’, goin! (but we’re having an absolute blast). Last night I also did a session where I turned them on to my new “Photoshop 7-point System,” which really struck a chord with the class, big time!


This past Sunday, I got the chance to present a live version of my new “Photoshop 7-Point System” to MacGroup Detroit (the group founded and run by the amazing Terry White), and I have to tell you; I’ve never received a warmer welcome for any speaking engagement ever. As we drove up to the conference hall, members of MacGroup were standing outside, each holding a letter that spelled out “Welcome Scott,” (photo above by James Cutler) and they had balloons and even a gift of a stars and stripes “Rocky” jacket, that they had me put on as soon as I stepped out of the car.

For photos of the event itself, visit Terry’s Tech Blog by clicking here. 

Thanks so much to everyone at MacGroup Detroit, for their gracious hospitality, and for making me feel so welcome. You guys are just the best, and I had a wonderful time seeing all my old friends, and making new ones!