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Hi Everybody! Sorry we had to experience “No Blog Thursday,” but it was just crazy yesterday (absolutely a blast, but still crazy). Later today I’m going to try and toss up some photos (I only have one class to teach today; Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks, so my schedule isn’t as crazy).

Yesterday we kicked things off with the opening keynote, and this year we had a Motown Theme, which featured a live performance from that fictitious 1960s Motown singing group, “Scott Kelby & the Histograms.” Then we made some major announcements about NAPP (scroll down to the next posts for that), and then Adobe’s John Loiacono gave a very cool presentation, which included a sneak peek at the new online version of Photoshop, called Photoshop Express. John Nack (who’s here at the show), has a post on this blog today about the sneak peek, with a screen cap of the app, so check it out right here.

After the keynote, we headed off the first conference sessions, and then at 1:00 pm we opened the expo floor and it was just jammin! At 5:00 pm we taped an “All Tips” live episode of Photoshop User TV from the Kelby Training booth on the Expo floor, then we wrapped that up and headed to the ESPN Zone at the New York New York Casino & Resort for our private attendee party, where my band “Big Electric Cat” played a live set (photo above from David Ziser), and everybody was dancin’, drinking, and having a ball. It was the perfect way to end the first day. (UPDATE: Check out David Ziser’s “Digital ProTalk” blog for photos of Big Electric Cat during last night’s ESPN Zone party, and shots from his on location wedding shoot pre-conference workshop).

Today the conference gets into full swing, with conference sessions running all day, and the public is allowed onto the Expo floor. I haven’t had to chance to get over the Nikon meeting room to check out the new D3 and the D300 yet, but hope to today. I did get a chance to hold some of the new Canon gear, but haven’t shot anything with it yet.

I did a quick live demo (On Photoshop User TV) of the Really Right Stuff wedding flash bracket I talked about last week here on the blog, as their booth was just two aisles over from our stage, so I went over and borrowed one for the show. Also, Wacom released a new, very cool all-black special edition tablet that was way cool, and I showed that on the show as well.

Check back later today and hopefully I’ll either have photos to post, or my Web team will have posted some shots on the Photoshop World site.

For the NAPP announcements, scroll down to the next post.


I am absolutely thrilled, honored, and just plain excited out of my mind to announce that Bert Monroy (Photoshop author, artist, and instuctor extrodinairre), has joined the NAPP team full time, and will be creating exclusive content for NAPP members around the world.

Bert is a icon in this industry, is a gifted Photoshop trainer, and is regarded as the absolute master of Photoshop illustration techniques. Honestly, there is just nobody like Bert, and to have Bert join our team is really a dream come true for us, and a tremendous boon for our members who will get to learn directly from this Photoshop Hall of Famer.

So expect to see a lot more of Bert in our mags, in our live seminars, on Photoshop User TV, and pretty much everywhere, ’cause this guy is just amazing!!!

For more on Bert, and to see some of his photorealistic work, visit


Another announcement from yesterday’s Photoshop World keynote was that the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has now surpassed 70,000 members. This is a true testament to the real passion people around the world have for Adobe Photoshop and the community that has grown to support it.

We when started NAPP, nearly 10 years ago, we never dreamed that one day it would grow to become what it has, and it’s so gratifying to see so many members from around the world helping each other, supporting each other, and coming together as part of this global community. I don’t think there’s ever been another program that has the power to bring users together like Photoshop does, and my hats-off, and a sincere congrats to the amazing people at Adobe who have created something amazing, that it has literally changed our world.

Thanks to all our loyal members, sponsors, partners, and friends who’ve supported NAPP over the years, and helped to build this vibrant, growing worldwide community.



Hi everybody, and greetings from Photoshop World Las Vegas. :-)

Yesterday afternoon I snuck out for a shoot at the Valley of Fire National Park, about an hour or so outside of Las Vegas, and it was really a blast. I was invited to the shoot by Canon’s Steve Inglima (who runs Canon’s Explorer of Light Program–that’s Steve back in the cave), and we were joined by two other Explorers of Light; renowned landscape photographer Steven Johnson (on the far right in the hat), and the amazing Eddie Tapp, along with Judy (Eddie’s sweetie, who happens to be just a wonderful photographer, specializing in portraits of children, and mother/child shots), next to me.

I took around 245 shots on our 3+ hour hike/shoot and the photos above were taken with a Canon 5D, and a 16-35mm f/2.8 lens (click on it for a much larger view). It was processed in Lightroom, sharpened in Photoshop, but has no color enhancements at all (Just exposure, shadows, recovery, etc.—no Saturation or Vibrance boost, or other color tweaks—it’s just so colorful already). I haven’t had to chance to really go though the entire shoot yet, but on a quick glance, the top shot was one I liked. I’ll post more when I get a chance.

I had a really great time (and awful lot of laughs), and it was an honor to get to shoot with such amazing photographers and genuinely nice people. Now, onto the news:

  • Terry White sent me a link to a very interesting article on C| about Geotagging; how to organize your digital photos by where they were taken; not just when. It’s definitely worth a read (here’s the link).
  • I ran across this blog last night, and I really like it because it has tips, and little videos, articles, hints, etc. on a wide range of stuff for creative people. It’s called Creativetechs, and there’s some very clever, and interesting stuff there (including some mini-workshops). Check it out right here.
  • Jeff Schewe (over at, has posted a load of photos, and a “play-by-play” of my Chicago Lightroom Tour, and he really did a great job giving you a look at the day (complete with captions for each photo), but also giving you a behind-the-scenes look as well. Here’s the link to the article at Also, Dan Ablans did a two-part review of the day on his blog, starting while he was sitting in the class itself, and he then did a follow-up after the seminar. Here’s the link to Dan’s report.
  • I mentioned the special session tonight in Vegas called Capture & Creativity (on Portrait and Wedding photography) that is a tribute to Monte Zucker, featuring Clay Blackmore and Jane Conner-Ziser. Well, after Photoshop World they’re taking their “show on the road, with a nationwide tour. Their tour sounds fantastic (I’m going to try and sneak into one of their stops myself). The full info on their tour is right here.

That’s it from Vegas, baby! I’ll try to blog at some point tomorrow, but it’s kind of crazy on opening day, with the keynote, and I’ve got a session, and the Expo floor opens, and….well, it could easily be “No Blog Thursday.” But ya never know. :) Have a great one everybody!

Hi Everybody. It’s a beautiful morning here in Vegas, as we start our preparations for the conference, which starts with the pre-conference workshops tomorrow, and then the official opening keynote and tradeshow opening on Thursday. But, right now, it’s time for the news:

  • First a reminder: if you want a free Expo pass to check out the tradeshow here at Photoshop World on Friday (the one day we open the show floor to the public), head over to right now and get your pass. Otherwise, you’ll pay $25 a head at the door.
  • The Strobist (the hottest site for on/off camera flash technique, and one of my absolute favorite blogs), posted a link where you can download some of Joe McNally’s amazing work which appears in a promo piece called “Simply Lit” for the fine folks over a Bogen Imaging. It gives a behinds-the-scene look at how Joe lights portrait scenes and the whole thing is really nicely done—definitely worth the quick download. Here’s the link to the story on the Strobist (if you’re into on-camera flash; check out the whole site while you’re there–you’ll love it!).
  • I found a blog review of my recent Chicago Lightroom Tour, from photographer Samuel Barr, which includes loads of photos he took during the event (I only posted two photos; he’s got like 30+, so you really get a feel for the day). But if you go there, scroll down past the post and check out some of his own photography. He’s got some really nice images, and the farther down you scroll, the more cool stuff you see. Here’s the link.
  • I’m in Washington DC on Monday with my Lightroom Tour, so if you’re anywhere near there, I hope you’ll join me for the day. Here’s all the info.
  • If you’re at Photoshop World this week, don’t forget; there’s a special free bonus after hour sessions tomorrow night, from celebrated wedding photographer Clay Blackmore, along with photographer and Photoshop retoucher Jane Conner-Ziser, who are doing a special class on weddings and portraits, called “Capture & Creativity; A tribute to Monte Zucker.” This special workshop, which starts at 5:30 pm and runs to around 9:30 pm) is open to ANY Photoshop World attendee (not just pre-conference workshop attendees), and it should be an amazing experience. I hope you’ll take advantage of it. :)
  • Want to see some cool shots? Go check out Moose’s News Blog. He’s got a really great portrait shot from his recent photo workshop at sea, with Vinny Versace, Laurie Excell, and our home boy Dave Cross. Don’t miss the shot of Adobe’s Russell Brown. It’s a classic. :)

Well kids, that’s it from Vegas today. I’ve got a shoot late this afternoon, and I’m hoping to have some shots to post tomorrow (I always try to slide a little shooting into every trip). See a really great Tuesday, and I hope I get to see you in person this week here in Vegas!!!