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  • Category Archives Updates

    We are having just an incredible experience here at the wonderful Santa Fe Workshops (they've really created a wonderfully creative environment for learning). We started off Thursday morning with a Lightroom Q&A session, then we went over some questions the class had, and I did five mini-tutorials just to help cement some concepts we learned earlier in the week. I did some more portfolio reviews (I saw some really great photography today), and then we headed out for our on-location bridal shoot at a downtown church. As it turned out, the church was really, really tiny, and having 12 photographers and two assistants shooting looked like the papparazzi was in the church shooting a celebrity bride. We continued the shoot outside where we had lots more room. Luckily, we had great natural light inside and our bridal model was just great. After that we…

    When we were out at Eaves Movie Ranch yesterday, I did a three different mini-session on shooting on-location flash, including two using my "Scott Kelby Location Kit" (From B&H Photo). Here's a few shots of my wonderful Santa Fe Workshop Digital Lab assistant Susan Thelwell, taken during one of those mini-sessions. These were taken just outside the Saloon, under the front porch where she was backlit and totally in the shadows. I positioned one Nikon SB-800 flash unit (set to Wireless Remote) to the right of my camera (about 45°), about four feet in front of her and up high aiming downward. The goal was to show my students how easy it is to control the flash's power output (all done wirelessly, right from the back of my camera) so the light looks natural, like daylight, without the harsh look usually associated with on-camera…

    Today we hit the ground running learning how to use Lightroom with Photoshop (and we went over some of my latest Photoshop CS3 tips, including my new "Hollywood Look" portrait effect which was a HUGE hit with my students). In the afternoon I taught the class how to shoot tethered directly into Lightroom, then we did an afternoon shoot of some Calla Lillies. The actual flowers themselves looked pretty lame (they were somewhat damaged along the way), but I was really tickled at how my students worked those shots, and came up with creative ways to shoot them. When we were done they looked good enough that I used one of their shots to open my presentation to the entire student body tonight (National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier is also teaching here this week, and his presentation tonight was absolutely mind blowing!). I've included…

    Yesterday in my Santa Fe Workshops class we picked up where we left off in Lightroom, and we worked learning the Develop module, so we'd be able to fully process the images from the shoot we would be doing that afternoon at Eaves Movie Ranch (used in many famous Western Movies). The shot below is of one of the cowboy models we hired (we hired three, and a horse model. I had a hard time getting a model release out of the horse, but luckily the cowboy shown here [named "fiddles"], was more amenable. The things that really struck a chord with my students yesterday were: (1) Virtual Copies (2) The Tone Curve (3) The Before/After views in the Develop Module (4) The White Balance preview in the Navigator palette (5) The Recovery control and the Vibrance control (6) And the Tonal Adjustment tools.…

    We kicked off my week-long hands on Workshop this morning, and we started right off with a segment on using Smart Objects. We created some very cool templates, based on Smart Objects, and I have to say it was really a kick seeing how excited the students were about learning this very cool technology. We spent the rest of the morning working on some of my latest CS3 techniques, then we took an hour for lunch, and went out on a class photo shoot (three of my shots from today's shoot are shown above—click for a larger version). Then when we came back from our shoot, and headed back into Santa Fe's Digital Lab, we started working right away in Lightroom. A few of the students hadn't even used Lighroom before, but they picked it up really fast, so we worked in Lightroom for…

      The day before my Lightroom seminar in New York last week, my buddy Gabe Biderman surprised me and Dave Moser by chartering a helicopter to take us an aerial shooting tour of Manhattan (the photo above of me trying to mask my fear, is by Gabe). Now, I've only been in a helicopter once, and I don't remember too much about it (I was mostly staring at the ground and praying), except I do remeber that when we finally landed my hands were beet red from clutching the handles so tightly on the back of the seat. So, when they strapped me in with nothing more than a car seatbelt, and the pilot told me we would be leaving the side door open so we could have an unobstructed shooting view, I let the pilot know that there was no way in heck…