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Today we hit the ground running learning how to use Lightroom with Photoshop (and we went over some of my latest Photoshop CS3 tips, including my new “Hollywood Look” portrait effect which was a HUGE hit with my students).

In the afternoon I taught the class how to shoot tethered directly into Lightroom, then we did an afternoon shoot of some Calla Lillies. The actual flowers themselves looked pretty lame (they were somewhat damaged along the way), but I was really tickled at how my students worked those shots, and came up with creative ways to shoot them. When we were done they looked good enough that I used one of their shots to open my presentation to the entire student body tonight (National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier is also teaching here this week, and his presentation tonight was absolutely mind blowing!).

I’ve included three more shots (Above) I got during yesterday’s shoot at the Eaves Movie Set. Tomorrow, we’re doing more Photoshop CS3, more Lightroom, and we’ve got a live on-location photo shoot. Sounds like another great day ahead.  Wish you all were here!

Yesterday in my Santa Fe Workshops class we picked up where we left off in Lightroom, and we worked learning the Develop module, so we’d be able to fully process the images from the shoot we would be doing that afternoon at Eaves Movie Ranch (used in many famous Western Movies). The shot below is of one of the cowboy models we hired (we hired three, and a horse model. I had a hard time getting a model release out of the horse, but luckily the cowboy shown here [named “fiddles”], was more amenable.

The things that really struck a chord with my students yesterday were: (1) Virtual Copies (2) The Tone Curve (3) The Before/After views in the Develop Module (4) The White Balance preview in the Navigator palette (5) The Recovery control and the Vibrance control (6) And the Tonal Adjustment tools. We’re having a blast, and I’m really delighted to have so many great photographers in my class—it makes the day inspirational for all of us, and we’re constantly looking at each others images during the day while they’re processing their images.

I also started my one-on-one portfolio reviews yesterday, and they’re going great. More of those today, along with using Lightroom with Photoshop. Can’t wait!!!

Now, some quick news:

  • Corey Barker (AKA: the Photoshop Lad) has a great “Quick Makeover” video tutorial using Diffuse Glow over at (where he writes a daily Photoshop blog), and you’ve got to check it out here.
  • Next time you’re watching NAPP TV (Photoshop TV), we’ve added a new feature—on screen clickable links. So, when we mention a link to a cool site, or well…anything, you can click right on the video, and it will launch your Web browser and take you to that page. Thanks to our in-house video guru Jason Scrivner for pulling off this middle miracle.
  • I did an in-depth interview over at and it just went live yesterday. If you want to check it out, click right here.

Hopefully, I’ll have more news later today, but I’ve got to get to class. Have a great Wednesday. Wish you were here! :)


We kicked off my week-long hands on Workshop this morning, and we started right off with a segment on using Smart Objects. We created some very cool templates, based on Smart Objects, and I have to say it was really a kick seeing how excited the students were about learning this very cool technology.

We spent the rest of the morning working on some of my latest CS3 techniques, then we took an hour for lunch, and went out on a class photo shoot (three of my shots from today’s shoot are shown aboveâ”click for a larger version).

Then when we came back from our shoot, and headed back into Santa Fe’s Digital Lab, we started working right away in Lightroom. A few of the students hadn’t even used Lighroom before, but they picked it up really fast, so we worked in Lightroom for the rest of day.

After dinner, we watched three 30-minute photography presentations from three of the other instructors (there’s six of us total, teaching everything from Photoshop to Location Lighting, from to How to Market Your Work, to Portrature, and there’s even a beginner’s class on Digitial Photography). All three presentations were incredibly inspiring and informative and the crowd just ate them up. (My presentation is coming up on Wed. evening).

It was a great end to a wonderful day of sharing, learning, laughing, and fun, and I’m so honored to be a part of it. That’s it from Day 1–more tomorrow! :)

P.S. Reid Callanan, the Director of the Santa Fe Workshops, turned me on to this great photography blog from National Georgraphic photographer David Allen Harvey. Click here to see some great work.


The day before my Lightroom seminar in New York last week, my buddy Gabe Biderman surprised me and Dave Moser by chartering a helicopter to take us an aerial shooting tour of Manhattan (the photo above of me trying to mask my fear, is by Gabe).

Now, I’ve only been in a helicopter once, and I don’t remember too much about it (I was mostly staring at the ground and praying), except I do remeber that when we finally landed my hands were beet red from clutching the handles so tightly on the back of the seat.

So, when they strapped me in with nothing more than a car seatbelt, and the pilot told me we would be leaving the side door open so we could have an unobstructed shooting view, I let the pilot know that there was no way in heck (and I didn’t say heck) I was going to be the guy sitting by the open door (which was good, because as we circled the Empire State Building, the chopper was tilted over so far I felt like I was going to fall out even with the door closed!).

As soon as I heard what Gabe had planned for us, I called Joe McNally for some tips on shooting from a chopper, seeing as he just taught a workshop in Dubai on shooting from a helicopter. Unfortunatley, I missed him and left a message. I didn’t get Joe’s return message until about an hour after we landed (of course, he had some great tips, as always). So, I wound up shooting about 362 of the lamest shots you’ve ever seen (except that you won’t see them—that’s how lame they are). Anyway, the flight was smooth (as opposed to my only other Helicopter experience, where I was bouncing around like a BB in a boxcar), and despite the fact that I took about 8 Gig of total rejects, I still had a blast!!!! Thanks Gabe—that was really a treat :)

Good morning everybody. I’m out here teaching a week-long hands-on workshop at the wonderful Santa Fe Workshops out in Santa Fe, New Mexico (if you haven’t been here, it’s an amazing learning experience, and I highly recommend it).

Here’s what’s goin’ on this morning:

  • There’s an interesting article about “How Photoshop Was Born” over at Web site. Check it out right here.
  • The day before my New York Lightroom seminar, I got to do a little shooting. I wish I had seen this New York Times article on “Where the pros go to shoot in New York” first, because I might have fit in a little more shooting time.
  • Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro has an exhibition of his New York, coming up August 4th-5th up in Cushin, Maine. For more info, visit his Website.
  • My buddy Jeff Revell turned me onto this major productivity killer. It’s a site with a very Photoshop-like color picker, and when you choose a color, it searches Flicker and then displays shots that match that color. It’s surprisngly cool, and will waste your time like nobody’s business. Here’s the link to mess up your day.
  • NAPP members—check this out: Adobe is offering big discounts to all NAPP members that purchase Photoshop CS3/Photoshop CS3 Extended and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom until August 30, 2007 through Adobe’s online store:>> Photoshop CS3 Upgrade and Photoshop Lightroom bundle – $368 (a $130 savings)
    >>Photoshop CS3 Extended Upgrade and Photoshop Lightroom bundle – $498 (a $150 savings)
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    To take advantage of these members-only discounts at the store, you will need a unique offer code. To receive your special code, visit the NAPP member site, and go to the Discounts page (See, it pays to be a NAPP member!) Note: Each member may only purchase 1 copy of Photoshop Lightroom or the Photoshop Lightroom & Photoshop bundle per code.

  • Terry White has added an invaluable new page to his popular Tech Blog, and that is a list of Terry’s favorite gear (stuff that he himself uses, which is saying something!). Check it out right here.

That’s it from here. Hope you all have a great Monday! :-)


During the Live Bridal Shoot that kicks off the day



A big thanks to everyone who came out to my New York Lightroom Seminar yesterday (photos above by Dave Moser). It was really great seeing so many familiar faces and getting to meet so many new people, and lots of NAPP members. Plus, for me, it is just such a kick seeing so many pro photographers (over 800+ yesterday) getting so psyched about Lightroom, and the “New Digital Photography Workflow” using Lightroom and Photoshop. Just an amazing day and I can’t thank the wonderful people of New York City for their gracious hospitality.

Also, many thanks to my tour sponsors: Epson, Nikon, Westcott, Peachpit Press, and B&H Photo (all of whom had displays at our mini-expo). It was also the first time we had a display from Westcott, and it was absolutely jammed!!! People are so psyched about those SpiderLites (once you see ’em live; you’ve got to have one. Or two!).

We’re working on the next group of tour dates (we’ll be coming to Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, somewhere in Florida, and a number of other cities as well), and I’ll post them here on the blog as soon as they’re locked down (any day now).

Now, for the Friday News Update (well, it’s actually the next post down). :-)