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 The Westcott Scott Kelby Studio Lighting Kit

OK, it’s not a beautiful view of the kit (it’s from B&H’s site), but it’s the same Lighting kit (using Westcott’s TD-5 SpiderLites) I’ve been using on my Lightroom Live! Tour (not to be confused with B&H’s Scott Kelby Location Kit, which isn’t lighting at allâ”it’s diffusers, stands, Justin clamps, and reflectors for shooting with multiple wireless dedicated flashes, like Nikon SB-800s or Canon Speedlights).

Once you see these these SpiderLites in person, you have to have one (OK, two). Having continuous, cool, daylight fluorescent studio lighting that’s always on, and they’re so easy to work with it’s like cheating, is just incredibly compelling once you see it live. (I did a studio shoot using SpiderLites and my buddy Terry White came along, and he was so impressed with them, that he got online and ordered his right in the lobby of his hotel when I dropped him off that night).

Anyway, the good news is that B&H Photo has put together this kit, using the same lights, and backdrop I use in the live shoot at my seminar. The bad news? Just like my location kit; it’s already sold out. However, you can visit the page on B&H’s site (click here) and get on their email notification list, so as soon as it’s back in stock, they’ll email you right away.

One last note: B&H photo put this kit together after receiving so many requests from students at my seminars. I don’t get a kick-back, or a cut, or…well…. anything from the sale of these kits—B&H put it together as a courtesy to make things easier for my students. So even if you buy 50 kits, it won’t help send my kids to college (although it will probably send somebody’s kid at B&H Photo’s to a really nice university. Probably Harvard).


On this Memorial Day, just a humble word of thanks to the dedicated men and women of our armed services and to all those who came before them who laid down their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy each day.

All we have of freedom, all we use or know –
This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.
~Rudyard Kipling, The Old Issue, 1899

Goods new: We had been sold out for the Atlanta stop of my Adobe Lightroom Tour Live! next Friday, but we were able to move into a larger hall, so if you were on a cancellation waiting list for a spot to open up; it’s opened up! If you weren’t on the list, you can grab a seat today at

Registration for the full-day seminar is $99 (only $79 for NAPP members). Hope to see you in Atlanta on Friday, or up in New York City on June 7th (don’t forget, if you read my blog, come up and say hi during one of the breaks between sessions!) :-)


I’ve had lots of emails and posts about when I’m going to release the CS3 version of my “Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers.” Well, I’m delighted to let you know that I’m just wrapping up the latest edition and the book should be available in late June. I made an awful lot of changes since the last edition (for CS2), with completely “rewritten from the ground up” chapters on The CS3 Bridge, Camera Raw 4.0, Color Correction, and printing & color management.

I guess what surprised me the most was how many new techniques I’ve learned since the CS2 version of the book came out over two years ago. So, I not only added in the new features of CS3, I also updated a lot of the existing techniques with new settings or faster, better, easier or more effective ways to pull them off. Plus, of course I couldn’t help but add all my latest stuff, and my favorite new techniques, photo effects, photo fixes, and repair techniques.

The big challenge is keeping the book from becoming 700 or 800 pages long (most readers don’t like those huge unwieldy-sized book). This is more challenging than you might think, because each time a new version of Photoshop comes out, I add in all the new techniques for photographers, and this book started back on version 7, so if you add only 100 pages for each version, it’s not long before you’ve got a “phone book-sized” tome. So I carefully went through this new version to “cherry pick” only the best, most useful, most relevant techniques for the book (the real meat and potatoes of what serious photographers will really use), and the more obvious, or esoteric techniques will be available online just to people who buy the book at a special Web site I’m creating just for them. Of course, even with all that, the book is pretty darn big, but know that I did my level best to keep the page count under control.

If you want to be among the first to get it as soon as it comes off press, you can pre-order it from


I’m excited to introduce you to the "new kid in town," and the latest addition to NAPP's in-house team of Photoshop gurus, Rafael Concepcion (he prefers to go by just "RC").

We first met RC a couple of years ago at Photoshop World Miami during a preconference workshop based on the TV Show "So you think you can dance?" called "So you think you can teach Photoshop?" This pre-con was designed for Photoshop instructors, and besides teaching NAPP criteria for becoming a Photoshop World instructor, each student would give a 10-minute presentation in front of the class and each session would be critiqued by the instructors (Matt, Dave, and myself). Then, at the end of the day the class would choose the best instructor, and that instructor would then get to teach a 30-minute session in the NAPP theater on the Expo floor.

Well, RC won the competition in a unanimous vote, but it was his live Expo floor session that caught our attention. He was doing such a great job, that the moderator for that class was grabbing staffers off the floor to come and see this guy in action—he was that good! Since then we’ve been talking on and off to RC and when it was time to add another Photoshop expert to our team, his abilities, and his personality, were a perfect fit for our team and we’re just tickled to have him on board.

He was based in Long Island, New York and he’s in process of relocating to our Tampa, Florida home base (apparently this is a natural move for New Yorkers and didn’t phase him in the least), and we hope you’ll help welcome RC into our NAPP family (feel free to leave him any comments here on the blog). Also, we introduce RC on this week’s show, and on next week’s episode he’s showing a cool trick using Photoshop CS3 Extended.

Before we get into the main news, at the absolute insistence of my wife I have to include this first:

>> Yesterday my publisher (Peachpit Press and Pearson Education), announced that for the third straight year I am #1 bestselling author of computer and technology books across all categories (according to Nielson Bookscan data for the calendar year 2006). You can read the full press release here (which will make my wife very happy).

Now, onto the news:

  • Panos FX has released “Analysis” another way cool set of 10 Photoshop Special Effects Actions (my hats off to Greece-based Photoshop expert Panos Efstathiadis, who continues to amaze me with the incredible stuff he comes up with). Here’s how he describes his latest set: “They break down an image into a number of elements such as book pages, individual photos, filmstrips, stripes, and more. At the end the original image is presented as a combination of these elements.” You get all 10 effects for (plus variations of each) for only $9.99 (about a buck a piece, which is a bargain). Check them out at
  • Our man Matt Kloskowski is profiled this week over at Jason Moore’s excellent Photography and Photoshop blog. Click here to learn more about “the man behind the Houseski.”
  •  Seth Resnick’s acclaimed (and consistently sold-out) D-65 workshop is coming to San Diego on 10-13, 2007, and if you move quick, you can snag one of the few remaing seats for “Digital Workflow, Not Workslow: Accelerate & Automate Your Workflow.” Seth is a brilliant teacher (I got to sit in on one of his sessions last year, and not only was I impressed with his skills as an instructor—I learn a ton!). Here’s a link to his workshop schedule for the rest of 2007.
  • Fascinating article in the LA Times, from Lou Dolinar called “Turn Throwaways into Keepers with Lightroom.” If you’re curious about Lightroom, make sure you read this.
  • It’s stuff like this that makes me want to write more books.

More news as it develops (please note the lame use of the word Develop. It wasn’t funny, but it’s all I’ve got). I’m going into my Wednesday meeting—have a great day everybody! :-)