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Adobe's Creative License Tour

Before we kick into the news, I just wanted to take a moment to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who posted such kind comments here on the blog, who emailed me, or called after the story ran last week in USA Today. I was sincerely touched by your words, and can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes, support, and for giving me the opportunity to do something I truly love for a living. It really means a lot.

Hope everybody had a great weekend. Here’s the latest:

  • Acclaimed artist and Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro has a really informative newsletter called “Insights” (I just got a copy this week in my inbox), and I went to his site and learned that you can sign up for it right there (it’s free). Here’s the link to sign up (highly recommended).
  • The amazing Terry White is going on tour with Adobe’s new CS3 Creative License Conference, produced by Adobe (see the graphic above). The two-day version of the tour is coming Los Angeles on June 19-20, and New York on June 25-26. The registration is $199 and you can find out more, and register on line (and see Terry live) at this link
  • If you’re a wedding photographer, I came across a new blog for pro wedding shooters called “FlashFlavor” and it looks like it’s going to be a really good resource. Check it out right here.
  • An email from PhotoJojo turned me on to this list of over 100 tips on taking travel/vacation photos from the people at Fodor’s. They’re separated into different categories, and there’s some pretty decent tips there. Check it out.
  • Thanks to everybody who emailed or commented on my video clip from last week showing how to use B&H Photo’s “Scott Kelby Location Kit.” Just so you know; I don’t get compensated for sales of the kit; B&H Photo put that together as a courtesy for students at my training sessions (where I’ve been using the kit live), and from requests here on the blog because both B&H and I have been swamped with requests for all the details (the name of the stands, the exact type of clamps, the name of the diffusers, etc.), so they put together a kit where it’s all in one convenient place. Thought you’d like to know.
  • Wondering about the whole HDR thing (and where Photoshop fits in?). PopSi just did an interesting article for people who maybe have heard the term, but don’t know much, if anything, about High Dynamic Range photography. If you’re totally new to HDR, it’s worth a quick read, by clicking here.
  • Our buddy Se¡n Duggan (who writes for Photoshop User magazine, and has authored a number of books) is doing a weeklong hands-on workshop in late July at the wonderful Santa Fe Workshops out in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His workshop is called “The Creative Digital Darkroom” and the class is based upon a book he and Katrin Eismann are working on with the same title. Click here for more info and/or or register online.
  • If you enjoy those Photoshop Retouching Before/Afters as much as I do, then check out this UK-based site called “RetouchMe.”

More news later on today, but I’ve got to get my son to school and then get to the office. Have a great Monday everybody!

Cover of the Money Section of USA Today

I am so psyched! USA Today ran a full-page feature article on me in the Technology section of today’s paper, (complete with photos taken by USA Today photographer Dan MacMedan) during my LA Lightroom seminar, and anyway….I’m in USA Today!!!!!

The photo you see above is on the cover of the Money section, and it leads you to the full page article on page 4B inside.

If you don’t get USA Today, and you’re not staying in a hotel in St. Louis (like I am, where it was sitting right outside my door this morning when I woke up), you can read the article online by clicking this link. Did I mention how psyched I am? Well, it’s pretty. Pretty psyched I mean. Look, this doesn’t happen to me every day. Or ever. So, I’m psyched. In fact, I’m so psyched that I’m using the word psyched almost as much as the word cool. This is just so cool! ;-)

P.S. I didn’t forget today’s “Wednesday News Update”—just scroll down to the next post.

Live, from a hotel in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, it’s the Wednesday news update (insert theme music here).

  • Hey, did I mention the whole USA Today thing? (Just kidding). Want some Photoshop tips? How about 101? Click this link to check out over 100 Photoshop tips in an online article by Gary Logsdon. Lots of nice tips there.
  • The Web site had a post about the “PhotoBloggies,” an annual award given to the best photography blogs, and they have live links to the 200 finalists, and of course the winning site as well. Check it out here.
  • There’s a wonderful article over at “Concerning Photography” on living legend Jay Maisel, and his influence on London-based photographer Ian Talbot, the author of the piece. It’s really a fun read (click here for the link). For past three Photoshop World’s we’ve been fortunate enough to have Jay speak for us, and this year when he did his segment during our after hours “Art of Digital Photography” session, he got a standing ovation from the 1,200 inspired photographers. If you’re going to Photoshop World Vegas, put Jay’s sessions on your “must attend” list.
  • While on the treadmill on Monday, I got to watch the first 45 minutes of famed wedding photographer David Ziser’s “Digital Wakeup Call” DVD, and it just blew me away. If you’re a professional wedding photographer, it’s like having David standing there stuffing money in your pockets, because it’s packed with so much practical advice on how to be competitive in this market where cameras have gotten so good, and so inexpensive, that everyone thinks they’re a pro wedding shooter. It’s a real eye-opener, and he shares lots of real world advice, sales strategies, and how to make your work stand out from the crowd. He was just getting into lighting patterns and stuff like that, so I’ll have more after I get back from St. Louis and get to watch the next section, but if the DVD was just this first section, for wedding photographers it would be worth 10 times the price (by the way, it’s a 4 1/2 hr. DVD for only $69. I think he WAY underpriced it). Here’s a link to his site, where you can order the DVD. Way to go David, for sharing all that you’ve learned, and for working to help the entire pro wedding photography industry.
  • A note to Trina, who posted a comment here in my blog asking if I would do a video clip on how to use the Westcott SpiderLites that I’m using on my Lightroom Tour. Trina; that’s an excellent idea. I’ll try to have it up by next week!!! :-)
  • Hi Mike. Hey Don. Hi, Jeff. I’m looking forward to your slideshows today.

Have a great Wednesday everybody, and don’t forget to stop by your local convenience store and pick up a copy of today’s USA Today. Ya know, for the sports scores and stuff. ;-)

Hope you had a great weekend; here’s what’s up:

  • If you’re in New York, and you’re at all passionate about photography, then get your butt over to the SoHo Apple Store on this Tuesday night, May 8th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm (it’s free) to catch one of the most talented, engaging, gifted, and just frickin’ brilliant photographers on the planet, as Joe McNally presents, “Having a Sense of Place in Your Work.” Every time I see Joe present, I learn something really important, I get inspired on a new level, I laugh out loud, and I come away much richer than when I went. If there’s any way you can get there, I promise you—-you’ll be posting rave reviews about it here on Wednesday. Here’s the link to the SoHo store’s calendar, and you can find directions there. Big love to Apple for bringing this living legend’s work and words to a group of darn lucky photographers on Tuesday night. Wish I was there.
  • A friend got me Monte Zucker’s DVD (produced by Software Cinema) called “Portrait Photography for Everyone” and I got a chance to sit down and watch it this weekend, and it was just wonderful. Monte was such a class act, and besides his wonderful way of communicating, he had such a warm way about him. You can tell, through the whole DVD, that he really loved what he was doing. Teaching photography was just his calling, and seeing Monte teach again brought both a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. You can find his wonderful DVDs at
  • Designorati has an interview with Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty, and if you’re into Lightroom, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Click here to read the interview online.
  • If you want some Monday Morning inspiration, check out the nightime photography of Arin Ahnell. His work is done primarily in camera, using gelled flashes, rather than in Photoshop, (but we won’t hold that against him). You know I’m kidding, right? Anyway, definitely a site worth checking out, and it’s a pretty cool niche he’s come up with for himself, and I really enjoyed the site, his work, and his willingness to share. Here’s the link.
  • I did finally get a chance to shoot a video on how to set-up and use B&H Photo’s “Scott Kelby Location Kit” and if it gets thru editing today, I’ll post a link to it, so check back later today. Note: I just checked and the kit is once again “out of stock” at B&H, but if you go to the page and enter your email, they’ll email you as soon as it’s back in stock. I’ve used this “email me when it comes in” feature and it’s really helpful.
  • Renown landscape photographer Stephen Johnson (who has been called “The Modern Day Ansel Adams”) just posted his upcoming 2007 workshop schedule. Stephen has trained for us at Photoshop World, and he’s just quite an amazing photographer, and individual, and if you get a chance to attend one of his workshops, it will transform your work. Here’s the link to his site, and his upcoming workshops.
  • I’m off to St Louis to do some training, but I’ll be posting again on Wednesday. In the meantime, have a great Monday, and shoot something, will ya? (I meant that in the photographic sense. You knew that, right). ;-)