Hey Kelby Crew!! Thanks for tuning in to this video post that we put together for you! This clip is all about the business side of photography and is an excerpt taken from our business DVD that we recently put out called “Harvest, The 3 Step To Growing a Thriving Photography Business.”

While it is extremely important to work on your craft and be great at the technical side of photography, we can’t, as small business owners, neglect the management and entrepreneurial side of things.

Michael Gerber, writer of the E-Myth, says that we need to have all three of these areas (the technical side of shooting pics, the management side and the entrepreneurial side) all functioning together if we want our businesses to truly succeed. We hope that you enjoy this excerpt and don’t forget to focus running a great business!

You can see Zach & Jody’s work at ZachandJody.com, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook. And you can save $49 on Zach & Jody’s HARVEST DVD by using promo code “KELBYperks”

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  1. Zach & Jody,

    Cool video you guys put together for the guest blog post.
    Congrats on your success, you all seem to have a warm strategy working for Zach & Jody’s Photography; awesome!

    The message you guys shared was one that will help many if they truly practice it; it took me years to understand its importance. Years ago, exploring photography as a novice, I shot for the fun and love of it; those two things kept me going. I’d shoot anything and everything: people, landscapes, abstract etc.

    At that stage it was cool to shoot a variety of things because doing so will helped me better understand what I liked shooting more and at the same time it helped me handle my gear better and “see” better. However, when it is time to generate the profit from hobby / turning that hobby into a profession you must have your niche. If one wants to succeed like you’ve mentioned.

    For me the niche grew to showcasing the “fun” in lifestyles. When I got a clear understand of my niche and figured out the style that will brand my identity as a photographer, I took the break that I’m currently on for personal reasons. The batteries for my Nikon are on the charger at the moment as I explore within the music industry. (I paused shooting full time as a professional to focus building a name for myself as an alternative rap / hip-hop artist.)

    I appreciate the video you shared this morning because it was a good reminder that the same principle apply within the music industry as well….

    I’ll be linking to your video / share your video on my blog to my audience as well to avoid leaving an essay of a comment here with my response like this will turn into (:

    To close this before I end up doing so, congrats with the post and the information / best wishes for the continuation of success!

    Dwayne D.C. Tucker II
    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

  2. This might be an all time low for the guest blog. Most people asked to do this seem to take it a little more seriously…..this is nothing more than an add.
    I mean the video wasn’t even made for this blog…it is a clip from what they are selling.
    Now, before someone says I am a Zach and Jody hater….I am not. I very much enjoyed their class on creativelive. I guess I just think most of Scott’s guests offer more than just a commercial….
    Oh well…the beauty if there is always a new one the following week.

  3. I actually purchased Harvest after watching Zach and Jody on CreativeLive. I love their style of photography, business mindset, and they seem like great people. Of course it’s nothing more than an ad. Most of the stuff on the internet is an ad, including Scott Kelby’s blog. Do you think Scott spends time blogging 4-5 days a week because he has too much free time? His blog probably generates a huge amount of income, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    A lot of photographers that are seeking to learn have this mindset that knowledge should come for free and that anyone who charges to teach is a sell out or an outcast. I can’t think of any other industry that is plagued more by this way of thinking.

    I’m sure Zach and Jody have paid their dues in blood, sweat, tears, ……and MONEY …..and TIME to learn what they know now and why shouldn’t they charge to teach others? It’s valuable and for anyone who doesn’t feel that way is either too cheap or really doesn’t want to learn.

    By the way, I thought Harvest was absolutely awesome. I’ve spent tons of time, money, and energy into learning photography, lighting, and post processing. I know even have lighting workshops. Of course I can always learn more and I will learn more about the craft, but since I invested so much of myself into the craft, I neglected the business. My target audience (brides) had no idea who I was, what I offered, and how to contact me. I’m slowing shifting gears, actually quickly shifting gears, into learning more about marketing and the business aspects of being a successful photographer. Harvest was just what I was looking for. I’m even thinking of signing up for one of their one on one consulting/mentoring sessions.

    I think what Zach and Jody are doing is great. Keep it up guys.

    Will King

  4. Was the promo code only good for one day? I couldn’t get it to work : (

  5. Hey Brad!
    Thanks so much for getting this post together. I’ve been a long time fan of this blog and new big fan of zach and jody. I tried a couple of times to purchase the harvest DVD with the discount code but can’t seem to get it to work. Can anyone help? I would really love to get those dvd’s

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