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  • On Friday I announced the winner and Honorable Mentions, but this year once again today I’m going to give my personal favorites in a bunch of different categories. Although these didn’t make the final cut, all of these were in the running at one point or another, and I felt they were so great that they deserved some recognition as well.

    I think these images, and the one’s you saw on Friday, are actually even better than they first appear because:

    • The photographers weren’t able to choose the location (it was chosen for them).
    • Or the time of day (also chosen for them).
    • They had to shoot in whatever lighting conditions at that time
    • They couldn’t go back later (or earlier) to shoot in better light.
    • They were only able to shoot for two hours.

    Compare that to most any other photo competition, where the photographers can choose any photo from your photo library, or any photo taken in the past year, etc., but in this case, the photographers hands were really tied.

    Yet they came away with images that are totally inspiring and very creative. Two hours. That’s it. And look what they came up with! To me, that makes these images all the more amazing.

    You and I could both make the case that any of these shots could have been one of the top 10 official Honorable Mentions, or even the Grand Prize winner which is what made the final picks so incredibly hard again this year, but at the end of the day, I had to make a decision, and I did, but it’s harder than it looks. Thanks to everybody who supported my decisions this year. You all have been incredibly gracious and it is much appreciated.

    The images that follow are my other favorites that didn’t make their way into a prize category, but are nonetheless deserving of recognition:


    Best Shot From Above
    Photo by: Mico Salamanca (San Fernando City, Llocos Philippines)

    Best Shot of an Adorable Little Girl
    Photo by: Magnar Myrtveit (Amersfoort) 

    Best Simple Composition (and use of color)
    Photo by: Hylas Kessler (Bleton, Texas)

    Best Shot of Another Photo Walker
    Photo by: Alexis Miranda (Avilés, Principado de Asturias, Spain)

    Yummiest Shot
    Photo by: Benjamin Bloom (Burlington, Vermont USA)

    Best Shot That I Really Wish Was In Focus
    Photo by: Prashant Kulli (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

    Best Shot of Chairs (and there were plenty)
    Photo by: Luis Martinex (Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)

    Best Flock of Seagulls
    Photo by: Yolande Richard (Cavendish, PE Canada)

    Best Shot of a Bird Crying
    Photo by: Chase Henderson (Charleston, West Virginia, USA)

    Best Shot That Gets Better Once You Spot The Subject
    Photo by: Victor Kintanar (Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines)

    Best Juxtaposition of Color and Form
    Photo by: Cindy Gaab (Dallas, Texas USA)

    Best Len Flare Shot
    Photo by: Jason Bradwell (Des Moines, Iowa USA)

    Best Shot With Sun As Subject
    Photo by: Jacqueline De Guzman (Doha, Ad Dawhah Qatar)

    Best Flower Shot (Well, my favorite anyway)
    Photo by: Edmond Joe (Fairfax, Virginia USA)

    Best Shot That Looks Like It Was Taken 70 Years Ago
    Photo by:Guido Masi, Firenze, Toscana Italia 

    Best Non-HDR Shot That Looks Like a Painting
    Photo by: Maria Randima Sorensen (Aahrus, Central Denmark Region)

    Best Fountain Shot
    Photo by: Suraj Lama (George Town, Grand Cayman Islands)

    Best “Why Didn’t I Hold My Photo Walk There?” Shot
    Photo by: Mikael Servier (Grenoble, RA France)


    Best Atmospheric Shot
    Photo by: Glenn Euloth (Halifax, NS Canada)

    Best Silhouette Photo
    Photo by: Omer Burney (Karachi, Sindh Pakistan)


    Best Dramatic Shadowy Shot
    Photo by: Annie Jensen (Kobenhavn, Hovedstaden Danmark)

    Best Shot Where the Subject is the Shadow
    Photo by: Doug Vaughn (Lexington, Kentucky USA)


    Best HDR at Night Shot
    Photo by: Tim Burgess (London, United Kingdom)

    Best Shot That Tells a Story
    Photo by: RJ Palad (Manilla, NCR Philippines [Intramuros])

    Best Shot That’s So Obviously Seattle, But Still Really Good
    Photo by: Ben Lucas (Seattle, Washington USA)

    Best B&W Shot
    Photo by: Jedsada Piamplyachat (Downtown Surin, Thailand)

    Most Interesting Flower Shot
    Photo by: Sheree Altobelle (Visalia, California USA)

    Best Shot Taken From a Moving Vehicle
    Photo by: Santiago Perella (Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain)

    Best Use of Color in an Non-Architectural Shot
    Photo by: Ali Nasri (Tehran, Tehran Iran)

    Best Shot Lit With An Off-Camera Flash
    Photo by: Sreejith V Raja (Sharjah, Sharjah United Arab Emirates)

    Best Water Drops Shot
    Photo by: Susan Liepa (Riverside, California USA)

    Best Shot Of Something Exploding During Their Photo Walk
    Photo by: Artem Zhushman (Mueang Phuket, Phuket Thailand)

    Best Shot That Looks Totally Staged
    Photo by: Dian Wahya Utami (Parkes, ACT Australia)


    Best Shot That Just Makes Me Smile Every Time I see It
    Photo by: Eddie Greenly (Portland, Oregon USA)


    My sincere congratulations to every one who entered the contest (it does take guts), and especially to all these fantastic photographers whose work I really felt deserved some extra recognition.





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