Live Action Horse Racing Photography with Dave Black
In the latest addition to, Live Action Horse Racing Photography, join Dave Black on location at Tampa Downs and learn how to photograph horse racing from one of the top sports photographers in the world. Dave gets up early to document everything that happens in the course of a day at a working racetrack, while sharing tips and tricks he's learned over a career that spans 30 years. You'll learn about all the gear he uses, how to set up a remote camera, the importance of choosing the background in each of your shots, why you should focus on the small details as much as the wider panorama to help tell the story, and so much more!

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Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNallyRC Concepcion, Ben Willmore, or Matt Kloskowski? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby (these dates will be posted soon!)
July 29 - Colorado Springs, CO
Aug 16 - San Antonio, TX
Aug 21 - Indianapolis, IN
Aug 27 - San Jose, CA

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers with RC Concepcion
June 17 - Ottawa, ON
June 19 - Toronto, ON
June 21 - Calgary, AB
June 26 - New Orleans, LA

Photographic Artistry with Ben Willmore
July 22 – Cleveland, OH

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
July 31 – Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 7 – Charlotte, NC
Aug 9 – Pittsburgh, PA

Lightroom 5 with Matt Kloskowski
Aug 2 – Hartford, CT

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Frank Doorhof’s Live in New Jersey DVD
Frank Doorhof has released a 3-hour DVD filmed during his recent workshop in New Jersey! See his live shoots and see how he creates his images with limited gear, then watch as he takes those images into Lightroom and Photoshop to finish them. You can find out more about it here, purchase this or any of his other videos here (use the discount code UK99 to get 20% off), or find out how you can win a free copy from Frank here!

Photography FUNdamentals – FREE from Moose Peterson
Want a FREE book from Moose Peterson? Check out his just-released Photography FUNdamentals for the iPad! In this book, Moose covers all of the photography basics that you need to learn so well that they become second nature, which will allow you to focus on making great images instead of your camera settings. You can find out more about the book here, check out a video of Moose explaining the book here, and download it from iTunes here!

Photography Q&A by Zack Arias
Based on his incredibly popular Tumblr, Zack Arias has curated the best questions and answers from that blog and turned them into his brand new book, Photography Q&A! In the book, Zack answers readers questions based on his experiences in the photo industry and life in general. Here’s a sampling of topics from the table of contents… Finding Portrait Subjects, Best Piece of Gear Under $100, Cheap eBay Lights, Going To School for Photography, Finding Your Style, Setting Prices, plus plenty of others.

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Signed Joe McNally Book Set
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Tim Wallace Class Rental
– Tommy Botello

Kelby Training Live Ticket
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I want to thank Scott and Brad for sharing the space with so many great photographers. You guys are good people, and it's an honor to be here among such amazing photographers, creatives, and story tellers. Again, much thanks!

I spent the better part of the last 8 years living and working in far western China, running a photography tourism agency. Just last year I returned to the States to continue a career in the commercial photography market.

I mention western China only because where I predominantly photographed was far enough from the hyper-developed east coast that my life resembled nothing of the China you've seen in the news. I was just far enough out â˜in the boonies' that stories, legends, and mysteries were still afforded the chance to exist.

Over the years of photographing the wild places of China, I experienced many truly strange things, eaten some things I'm not too proud of, and collected my fair share of stories. Some experiences stand above others. Some stories remind us to put down the camera and enjoy the ride, enjoy the people.

This is one such story, and it is hands down one of my most favorite experiences from my life in China. I'm delighted to share it with you:

With high hopes, we pulled onto a dusty road, past a police outpost where three Chinese policemen sat bundled in Soviet-Era winter clothing. They huddled close around a small coal stove after enduring what must have been a miserable night in -40 Celsius temperatures. We jokingly waved as we passed them, curious if we'd be called over for inspection. Nothing. They stared at us and didn't budge. They were too cold to stop us - way too cold to care that two foreigners had just driven past their remote outpost - a common occurrence when photographing the Tibetan plateau in winter.

Losang and I had been scouting a photo workshop through the Sichuan mountains when we happened to glance at an old map. Serthar, it read in Tibetan, a generalized name marking a generalized location. Without much debate we both started plotting a route to what we assumed was Seda monastery, hoping to photograph a mystery.

Seda is one of the few places in Tibet that still retains its original mystery. A photographer's dream. Before our visit, I had heard about its size from a friend who had, years before, only seen the monastery from a hill overlooking the valley but was unable to get inside. Most people either knew little of Seda or nothing at all. The monastery, though 40,000 residents strong, remained a quiet mystery⦠barely more than a rumor and rarely photographed.

We took the last turn up the winding valley road, and there it was, almost too much to take in. The monastery literally covered three mountainsides - a hidden city, seldom spoken of, in the middle of the Tibetan Plateau.

We arrived at the top of the dusty road completely encompassed in a cloud of smoke, remnants of the coal Seda's residents burned in a futile attempt to keep warm through the brutal Tibetan nights. The cloud, thick and yellow, allowed only fleeting bursts of early morning light to reach the valley floor, intensifying the surreal mood of our surroundings. We watched as dark figures in maroon robes darted in and out of the smoke - monks rushing off to morning prayers.

Soon a vast mountain city materialized before us, as morning sun burned away its smoky veil. Losang and I had photographed hundreds of monasteries and developed a natural rhythm to exploring such places, but the enormous city that stood before us demanded pause. We stood silently, not knowing where to start.

Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere and said in near-perfect English, "Hello! Can I help you two?" The voice, out of place in both time and location, seemed to complete our shock – as if the monastery itself had spoken out loud.

My brain went into overdrive. I was sure I was hearing things.

I looked at Losang as he looked at me – both searching the other's face for signs that either of us was the owner of the voice we'd just heard.  We both knew that in western China, a local speaking perfect English was unheard of.

We slowly turned around to find a monk in his early 20's standing before us, smiling from ear to ear in his red robes, deriving great pleasure from our stunned expressions. He knew he was out of place - an apparition in the holy city.

"My name is Dondrup. I'm guessing by your blank stares that this is your first time to Seda? How about you two come to my house for lunch and tea?"

We spent a long while chatting with Dondrup, testing the limits of his English - testing his sheer existence. Eventually he led us up the long, nearly vertical path to his home. There we sat in his dark, cold house, drinking yak butter tea and sharing lunch like we were long lost friends – completely forgetting that we were there to scout future photo workshops. I specifically remember thinking, "Don't miss this experience. Don't miss this story!" That meant putting the camera away for a while. It's always about the people.

He told us the story of his childhood, how his family had left Tibet when he was very young, how he'd spent the better part of two decades hopping from country to country. He'd only recently returned to Tibet, coming to Seda to attend school and experience his home culture and language for the very first time. He was as much of a foreigner at Seda as we were, as surreal as Seda itself.

We left the city later that day to make the three-day Land Rover drive back to relative civilization. From time to time since that visit, I pick up the phone to hear Dondrup's voice, "Hey Brian! How are you doing man? I hope your family is having a great Christmas!" or "Hey, it's New Years in America right now, isn't it?" After each encounter, I call my friend Losang. and he always reports a recent call from Dondrup as well. More than once Losang and I have asked each other if what we experienced at Seda was real.

The pictures I brought home serve as visual proof, but they can't tell the whole story. To know Seda is to stand in the valley as the clouds part and the morning sun reveals the hillside city. To look into the eyes of its people. To hear their stories and find a friend. The people and places I see through the lens have incredible stories to share. But what I often fail to admit is that the stories need to extend beyond the image, that they'll tell themselves if I listen.

Sometimes we have to put down the camera, connect with people, and enjoy the the story as it unfolds.

In the short time we had at Seda, I was able climb to the top walls of Seda and capture this panorama. It's a huge place and the image doesn't do it justice considering the distance between the mountainsides and the compressed nature of a panoramic shot. Nonetheless, it's a good representation of the enormity of the monastery.

Click here to view the full-size image

You can see more of Brian’s work at, check out his photo tours at, and follow him on Twitter.


Our own Photoshop Guys, Corey Barker and Pete Collins, share some cool tips on using a Wacom Intuos5 Tablet (and why it’s their go-to tool for photo retouching and editing). At the end of the video they announce an exclusive $50 off discount on the Wacom Intuos5 Medium-size Tablet exclusively for and NAPP Members (this $50 off makes it the best price Ive seen anywhere on this tablet).

The offer (only valid at the official Wacom online store in the USA only) expires June 23rd, 2013. Members can find the Discount Code either on the Kelby Training site ( or on the NAPP Member Site:

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Lightroom 5 is now shipping — and to celebrate; one week from today you’re invited to come join me, Julieanne Kost and Katrin Eismann for B&H Photo’s “Lightroom Digital Photography Summit”

It’s a FREE, all-day learning event at the Javits Center, coming up on Monday, June 17th and if you’re in the New York area, you gotta come down (you’ll have loads of fun and you’ll learn a bunch).

I’ll be showing some of my favorite Lightroom tips; I’m doing a live shoot (then handing off the images to Julieanne and Katrin to retouch and finish), plus a lot more.

Seating is limited (and it’s almost already sold out in advance), so grab your seat at “The Summit” right here.

Hope you can join us. See you in New York next week!


I’m coming to:

  • San Antonio on Friday, August 16th
  • Indianapolis on  Wednesday, August 21st
  • San Jose on Tuesday, August 27th
  • Colorado Springs on July 29th
It’s my first time teaching in three of these four cities — (I’ve only taught in Indy). Can’t wait! :-)

Here’s the link to reserve your seat ($99 for the full day of training. $79 if you’re a NAPP member).

Introducing Beginners Start Here on
Join Scott Kelby tonight, June 6 at 7:00pm ET for a live webcast where he will introduce the latest initiative from, Beginners Start Here. This is a program for beginners that starts them off with classes to learn the basics of their camera, then help them master their photographic interests!

Register for this free webcast right here and you’ll be entered for the chance to win a Sony A58 DSLR! Plus, on the day of the webcast, you’ll be able to get free 3-day rentals of the Canon, Nikon, and Sony DSLR Basics classes and take advantage of discounted subscriptions!

St. Lucia Photo Workshops with Joe McNally, RC Concepcion, and David Burnett
Joe McNally is headed back to the beautiful Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain in St. Lucia this August, and this time he's taking RC Concepcion and David Burnett with him!

August 18-23, Joe will be joined by world-renowned photojournalist David Burnett as they teach you how to tell stories with your camera. You'll learn everything from using available and artificial light, to street photography, to portraiture, and even get to hear Joe and David share stories from their long careers shooting for publications like National Geographic and LIFE Magazine.

Then from August 25-30, Joe will be joined by RC Concepcion, known for his technical prowess behind both the camera and computer. During this week, you'll learn about portrait lighting, how to tame harsh available light, post processing, shooting and processing for HDR, business strategies, and building a website.

You can sign up for one or both of these workshops and get more info right here. And leave a comment for your chance to win a signed book set from Joe McNally!

Learn Automotive Photography In A Flash with Tim Wallace
Tim Wallace is back with his latest class for, Learn Automotive Photography In A Flash! In this class, Tim keeps things simple and will show you the possibilities of automotive photography using just one camera, one lens, and one light. Tim starts off with the importance of choosing a great location, then covers the gear he’ll use for the shoot. Once he shows you how to set up your camera, he goes through lighting the interior and exterior of the car, as well as the location. From there, he shows how to put all of the shots together in Photoshop using layers and masks to create a beautiful finished image!

Check it out at, and leave a comment for your chance to win a free rental of this class!

Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby or RC Concepcion? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby (these dates will be posted soon!)
July 29 – Colorado Springs, CO
Aug 16 – San Antonio, TX
Aug 21 – Indianapolis, IN
Aug 27 – San Jose, CA

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers with RC Concepcion
June 12 - Nashville, TN
June 17 - Ottawa, ON
June 19 - Toronto, ON
June 21 - Calgary, AB
June 26 - New Orleans, LA

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Cliff Mautner Class Rental
– R Frazier

Kelby Training Live Ticket
– Todd

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