Thursday News Stuff (and news of a million new photos!)

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First, thanks to everybody who understood about yesterday’s “lame blog” and a special thanks to those who offered to “guest blog” in the future. I’ll definitely be calling on some of you to guest blog for me in the future. :)

Now, onto the news:

  • My friend, and New York photowalk leader, Gabriel Biederman pointed out a pretty amazing statistic about my Worldwide PhotoWalk and the photos it generated. If each participant took an average of only 125 shots during the two-hour walk (which I think it a pretty low average—I took 216 myself), then on that one day, August 23rd, more than one million photos were taken during that walk alone (more precisely, it was 1,017,125 photos). To me, that was just amazing!!!!!
  • At Photoshop World I got a brief chance to see a pre-production model of the new Nikon D90 DSLR, and I learned two interesting things: (1) the built-in video recording capabilities really work, but (2) the video taping feature uses manual focus. I dunno, that just surprised me, but I guess in the case of shooting video through a standard digital camera lens (that doesn’t zoom in/out automatically like a video camera lens does), I guess on some level it makes sense.
  • Here are some blogs that have posted their own coverage and photos of their Photoshop World experience:
  1. Mike Lao’s blog (link)
  2. Pixsylated (link)
  3. Nicolesy blog (link)
  4. Official Photoshop World photographer Josh Bradley’s blog (link)
  5. My Home-Sweet-Home online blog (link)
  6. The Pixel Diaries (link)
  • Jerry Courvoisier (Santa Fe Workshops and Photoshop World Instructor), has released a new book called “Lessons in DSLR photography with Lighroom and Photoshop” and in conjunction, Jerry did a podcast interview with Peachpit Press, and you can hear it right here.
  • Photoshop World video guru Rich Harrington just released a new online class at on Advanced Apple Motion. Click here to view the lessons.

That’s it for today folks. Here’s wishing you a fantastic Thursday!


It’s “Lame Blogger” Wednesday

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I totally messed up, and didn’t have anyone lined up for today as a guest blogger, so sadly what you’re now experiencing is “Lame Blogger Wednesday.” (Finding and coordinating a guest blogger each week may actually be more work than when I used to blog on Wednesdays. How I long for those days. ;-).

Anyway, I’ll get right on making sure I’ve got somebody lined up for next week, but in the meantime, we’re all stuck with Lame Blogger Wednesday. I know. It stinks.


Tuesday News Quickies (and a peek at the next version of Photoshop)

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keynote6.jpgHi everybody—here’s what’s up:

  • During Adobe’s opening keynote presentation at Photoshop World last week, John Loiacono (Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit), gave the crowd on hand a sneak peek at the “Next” version of Photoshop (he initially called it “CS Next”, but you’ll have to watch the video yourself for more details). Terry White, over at the Creative Suite Podcast, video’d “Johnny L’s” keynote presentation (that’s Johnny during the keynote above), and you can watch it online right here. (You can click the “Direct Download” link, or subscribe for free and watch it in Apple’s iTunes). Now, you’re going to see some really amazing technology that may or may not have to do with Adobe’s announcement last week that they’re unveiling something big on September 23rd (Sorry for being so vague—just trying to make sure I stay out of trouble). Anyway, go check out Terry’s podcast and then you’ll get it straight from Adobe (here’s that link again).
  • Some bloggers (and instructors) are already starting to post stories about their Photoshop World experience. Here’s one over at “LeggNet’s Digital Capture” (link) and lots of photos from instructor Jim DiVitale over at his blog (click here).
  • I saw a TV ad recently for Hanes, and it featured Jennifer Love Hewitt in a photo shoot, and at the bottom of the closing frame, in small letters, it had a link to see a “behind the scenes” video of a photo shoot. I don’t know how much real “behind the scenes” it shows (you do briefly see a C-stand, reflector, and the occasional strobe into an umbrellas), but the idea of seeing a high-end shoot like that is pretty cool (I just which they had actually done it). Here’s the link in case you’ve got two-minutes you don’t mind losing forever.

That’s it for this morning. Have a kick-butt Tuesday everybody! :)


Another Reason To Bring Your Camera to Photoshop World

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There are always opportunities for attendees to participate in some live shoots on the Expo floor at Photoshop World, and over the years we’ve had booths where you could walk up and shoot perfectly pre-lit motorcycles, and professional models, and a wide range of products and people, and these are usually hosted by lighting companies.

But this year, Microsoft Digital Imaging (one of Photoshop World’s sponsors) had a shooting opportunity this time, that I think was, hands down, the coolest one at any Photoshop World yet. In fact, it was so cool to see (and shoot) in person, that it created a huge buzz on the floor, and they were drawing big crowds the entire time.

They brought in Melissa, a professional ballerina/model, and had her leaping high into the air in front of a gray seamless paper background (the height was courtesy of a trampoline), and once she was airborne, she’d strike a ballet pose so you could capture the shot (a couple of mine are seen above).

Microsoft had a large strobe with a software and a wireless trigger available, and every hour she’d start leaping, and you could come up and start shooting. It was just amazing, and some of the photos people were getting were just incredible (they were shooting tethered to a large screen). My hats off to the digital imaging team at Microsoft for really thinking outside the box on this one, and coming up with a such a creative, fun way to get the attendees involved.

It really makes you want to make sure you bring your camera to the next Photoshop World, because you never know what shooting opportunities might crop up.


What an Amazing Week at Photoshop World Vegas!

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I’m back home, my Bucs lost in the last 44 seconds of the game, but nevertheless, I’m still buzzing from the amazing experience we had last week at Photoshop World in Vegas! (Click on the photo above for a larger view of some images from the show, taken by official Photoshop World photographers Josh Bradley and Brad Moore).

Over 3,000 Photoshop users from around the world came together for three days of learning and fun, and it was really something special to have been a part of it. I got to meet so many great people, including some regulars here on the blog, like Syl Arena, (pictured below left), the guy behind the PixSylated blog and a frequent commenter here on the blog, pictured with Mike Lao (below right), a longtime frequent commenter here on the blog, and leader of our Photowalk in Manila, Philippines. Two very great guys, and I was so tickled to get to talk to them during the show. I felt like we had all been old friends.


During the Expo part of the show, I did two live lighting demos on both Thursday and Friday; one at the Westcott Booth (on the Spiderlite TD-5s), and one over at B&H Photo booth on using the Lastolite Highlight Background, plus the Elinchrom Octabank and RX-600 Strobes, plus the new Skyport Wireless Triggers. Both demos were a blast, and the crowd that came couldn’t have been more attentive and appreciative, which really made it great fun for me. The photo below was taken during the B&H Photo booth demo. (Photo by Don Sturgis).


This was our biggest Expo ever, and the booths were jumping, and there were lots of live demos, entire training classes were taught on the floor, and there was just loads of wild new stuff (one thing that blew me away was “Flow” from Gridiron software. So much so, in fact, that I bought a copy right there on the spot. Here’s the link to their Website—take a minute and watch their guided tour. Just amazing technology!).

My thanks to all the instructors who gave of themselves, and held nothing back. My thanks to my in-house staff who worked tirelessly to give our members the best Photoshop World experience ever, and especially to everyone who came to spend a few days with us learning, laughing, and finding new ways to be more creative, more efficient, and more productive. I’m so glad you were a part of it. :)

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