Tomorrow’s Special Guest Blogger is…

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….my very good friend, Photoshop User TV co-host, and producer of the “Lightroom Killer Tips” weekly podcast and Lightroom Killer Tips blog, Matt Kloskowski.

When I had initially invited Matt to do a guest blog, I figured Matt would do a post that had to do with Lightroom, but right before I left for Italy Matt stopped by my office and ran his idea for his guest spot by me, and surprisingly it’s not about Lightroom at all (but you’re going to love it)! So, make sure you drop by tomorrow and check out what one of the most popular Photoshop and Lightroom trainers on the planet has in store.

In the meantime, check out his Lightroom Killer Tips blog by clicking right here.


Ciao! I’m back from 16 days in Northern Italy!

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Hi folks, I’m back (well, I got back late last night) from just an amazing vacation with my family and some friends. Here’s the story:

Q. So why you didn’t you tell us you were in Italy?
A. Because my whole family, and extended family, and some of our close friends were all there with us, and my wife didn’t want me to post on the blog, what would essentially be; “We’re out of the country, all our family members are here, too. Obviously, nobody’s home—so help yourself.” So, I promised not to mention it until I got back, and well…now we’re back.

Q. Ah, so that’s why you kept having Internet problems, eh?
A. Precisely. Part of our vacation was a cruise from Genova, with stops in Portofino, Viareggio, Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and a day trip out to Lucca in Tuscany. The Internet on board was…well, I’m not sure if you could call it Internet. But I was still able to get most of my posts up, and I could get incoming email on my laptop, but couldn’t send any outgoing emails.

Q. So who posted that “Scott’s post is going to be late” comment?
A. I was able to send a text-message from my iPhone to NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker when I realized there was no way to get that day’s post up, and I asked Larry to post that for me. In fact, one post last week was written entirely on my iPhone, and Larry posted it for me (By the way; Larry gets up early each day, reads my posts, and fixes any typos he comes across. It’s not one of his official duties; he just does it ’cause he’s a great guy—which he truly is).

Q. How many shots did you take?
Now, it really depends on how you look at it, because it can either sound like I was pretty conservative, or I was shooting like a bandit. For example, I took a 12-megapixel camera, so I used 8-GB memory cards (which are now routinely found for less than $100 at B&H Photo). I filled less than 1/2 a card per day. That’s not that Continue reading


Italy Photos, Part I (Venice): Click for Larger Views

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NOTE: New photo feature—once you’re at the larger view, if you move your cursor over the photo, a “NEXT” button appears on the top right side, so you can jump to the next image in the set without having to open and close each one individually. If you move your cursor over the left side, a PREVIOUS button appears. My thanks to Fred for adding this! :-)












Friday News Nuggets

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Howdy folks. I’m a bit under the weather (just a cold), so I’ll keep it short and sweet:

  • John Hubb, one of my readers, sent me this article from the UK’s Gaurdian newspaper called “Are photographers really a threat?” and it’s worth the quick read. (Here’s the link).
  • After I posted the NAPP discount on the Epson 1900, I saw a number of comments about the 1900 itself, and more specifically how it compared to the considerably more expensive Epson 3800. Lots of readers jumped in with some really great info (which is one of the things I love about this blog), but there was one thing I didn’t see anyone mention as a comparison, and that is; the 3800 makes up to 17″x22″ prints, whereas the 1900 only does up to 13″x19″ prints. Anyway, I hope that helps.
  • MD (another reader) sent this link to National Geographic’s online Photo tips. You can check them out right here.
  • Check out the video clip below, from USA Today’s Technology Writers Jefferson Graham, and Ed Baig, who host the technology podcast “USA Today Talking Tech.” They start this episode of their show with Ed asking Jefferson what the are first blogs he goes to each morning, and I’m incredibly honored that he included “The Photoshop Insider” among his first stops each day. Watch the video below to see their other favorite blogs picks (and more).

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/BDTqFeQINJM" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

That’s it for this week folks. Lots to share next week! Have a really great weekend, have some fun shooting, keep intimidating those pixels, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. Ciao!


Another Episode of “Scott’s School of Hard Knocks”

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First though, a big thanks to David Ziser for this wonderful post yesterday. I am such of fan of David’s work and his ability to pass on what he’s learned in the way he does, and it was an honor to have him here on the blog. Each special guest blogger has total free rein to write about any topic that’s on their minds, so it’s always a treat for me to see what they come up with.OK, now on to the story: I meant to actually write about this a few weeks back, when I was in New York for the Lou Manna Workshop and my B&H Photo class, but it completely slipped my mind (embarrassing stories have a way of doing that).

Anyway, RC Concepcion and I were to meet our buddy Matt Kloskowski the following evening for a shoot in New York, and we wanted to shoot some panos of the Manhattan skyline. RC heard of this nice view of Manhattan from across the river in Hoboken, New Jersey, where there was this long pier extending out into the river, so we went to check it out. When we got there, it looked empty enough at sunset, and far out enough that I didn’t think we’d have “The tripod police” ascend on us the following night (and thankfully, they didn’t).

So, we did our homework; we scouted the location the night before, and the following day we were ready for the shoot. Well got there 45 minutes early to get set-up and in place for that magic few minutes when the buildings reflect the setting sun, and turn that wonderful gold color you see in many great city skyline photos. RC couldn’t find a decent parking space tonight, so he dropped Matt and I off to go get set-up, which we did, and we were all set-up in place; we had the right lenses, our tripods, cable releases, etc.

Here comes the light!
I could see we were literally just minutes from that great light, and RC was still circling for a parking spot. So, I thought I’d crank off a few shots to kind of dial in the basic exposure and composition before the “magic light” hit because I’d only have a few minutes (and I was hoping RC would even get to see it). I went to push the shutter button and it wouldn’t fire. I looked at my LCD info window on the top of my camera and it said, “E” (no memory card). I had taken it out in my hotel room and forgot to put it back in for this shoot.

Now, this type of thing happens to me in more instances than I’d care to admit, but luckily Matt was five feet from with with a backpack full of gear, so I asked Matt if I could borrow a memory card. Matt had that frozen look on his face, and he said, “Oh no—-I don’t have an empty card. In fact, I only have the card in the camera, and it’s full of shots of my niece’s confirmation from this morning, and I haven’t backed them up yet, so I can’t shoot either.” So, there we were, Matt trying to free up a few empty shots by deleting and editing in the camera, and me looking on without a card altogether.

Matt and I were standing there futzing with all of this as we watched the magic light come and go without even firing a single frame. RC came up a few minutes later, and in true RC fashion—he had two empty cards for Matt and I, and within a few minutes there we were; three guys, shooting one of the world’s most recognizable skylines, with totally average “whatever” light, and we came away with the same average “whatever” shots that the tourists standing beside us probably got.

Now, none of us got the least bit mad—in fact, Matt and I just had to shake our heads and laugh, and we joked at the time, “Well, at least there’s a ‘School of Hard Knocks’ post there, that might help somebody else from making the same mistake.” However, we were able to console ourselves by going to Carmine’s on W. 44th street for an amazing dinner, and lots of laughs (mostly at ourselves).

The Moral of the Story:
So, the moral of the story is; use a pre-shoot checklist—a reminder list of what to bring to the shoot, and keep it in your camera bag, so you can check it before you head out the door. Also, if you’ve got any of your own checklists or ideas that you’d like to share here, please feel free. Oh, by the way; I had another episode this week, but you’ll have to wait for next week for that one.

Have a great Thursday everybody!

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