Thursday News Update

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Howdy folks. I’ve returned from my trip out West, and I’m back in the saddle again. Here’s what’s going on:

  • Digital Photography magazine (another UK-based photography magazine), did a shoot out of noise reducing Photoshop plug-ins, and their winner was a plug-in I’ve never heard of before called “Neat Image.” Here’s what Digital Photography said, “Neat Image scooped the first prize due to its simplicity, features, and impressive results” and they praised it for its ability to reduce noise without making the image blurry. The other programs in the shoot out were Noise Ninja and Noiseware Pro (the plug-in I use for noise reduction). If you have any experience with Neat Image, let me know. Here’s the link to Neat Image’s web site.
  • You guys have heard me talk about Jeff Revell (from Jeff’s Photo Gallery blog), a number of times, and this week we had him on Photoshop User TV as a special in-studio guest (that’s Jeff above), and on the show Jeff revealed the new name for his blog; (for more about the name, and the man behind the site, check out Jeff’s interview right here).
  • Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any better, I just learned that I have won not just one—by TWO “Frankie” awards (one for this blog, and one for my CS3 for digital photographers book). This is an award so exclusive, so prestigious, and so secretive that even Frank’s wife didn’t know about it. Click here to view the list of all the Frankie Award Winners. (All joking aside—many thanks to Frank Weichmann for including my books on your list. I dig you, man!)
  • Confessions of a Pioneer Woman: How can you resist a photo blog with a name like this? I just recently found it, and I must confess, I’m really drawn to it (sorry for that lame “confess” pun). She’s got some nice photogaphy, and a lot of pioneer sass. Here’s the link. (I dig her, too!)
  • Weekly Photo Tips did a review of our recently launched online subscription service for learning Photoshop, photography, and other cool stuff. Here’s the link. Ivan Makarov over at IM Digital also posted a review and you can read it right here.
  • On the heels of this past week’s wonderful automotive photography from UK-based photographer Tim Wallace, comes the creative genius of California-based automotive photographer Steve Demmitt. He’s got a very slick style, including some amazing composites (like the three photo composite of the silver Bentley that loads first), and if you got a minute or two, check out his site at Amazing stuff!

That’s it for today, sports fans. See you back here for a wrap up tomorrow! :)


Wednesday News Stuff

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It’s Wednesday (in case you totally lost track of what day it was), and here’s what’s up:

  • First, I was thrilled to learn that in the February issue of PPA’s Professional Photographer magazine they gave my book, “The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” their highly coveted 2008 Hot One Award. I feel especially fortunate as it was the only book to win a Hot One award for the year (here’s a link to the complete list of 2008 winners). My thanks to the editors at Professional Photographer—-I’m so honored you chose this book! :)
  • I was reading Pro Photo (the UK-based magazine), and saw an article that talked about the “Flaghead Ringflash Adapter,” which turns your Nikon or Canon hotshoe mounted flash into a ring flash. Flaghead is a UK-based company, and I haven’t found anyone selling it in the US yet, and was wondering if any of you have had any experience with it? The price seems really right for the results they were getting. Let me know if you know anything about it (or where I can buy one).
  • There are some very cool tutorials right now over at, and a couple that particularly caught my attention are Corey’s new “Fire” tutorial (he’s been sending me samples for a week now), and the sketch-to-photo tutorial. Very slick stuff! Here’s the link.
  • Another new class went online at this week; it’s Moose Peterson’s “Landscape Photography, Part 2″ shot on location in Montana. Moose describes the class this way, “Using knowledge of light and sharpness, we compose by throwing out conventional wisdom and taking our landscape photography to a new level.” You can get a preview of his class right here.
  • Photoshop trainer extraodinairre Dave Cross is out on the road again with the Photoshop CS3 Power Tour as he’s in San Antonio tomorrow, and then he’s coming to Atlanta on January 28th. You can sign up (or find out more details) right here.
  • Ready for some Wednesday photographic inspiration? OK, this may sound weird at first, (at least, until you see the images): it’s the pet photography of Tonya Schabacker. Yes, pet photography (but really, really good pet photography). So good, you’ve got to check it out for yourself. It will put a smile on your face (plus, she’s got a very nicely designed site). Click here to check it out.

That’s it for today (my travel day), but I’ll be back tomorrow with more…well…stuff. It just won’t be Wednesday stuff. See you then!


I Just Saw the Next Version of Lightroom, and…

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…’s going to make a lot of people very happy! (Myself included).

So here’s the scoop: one of my meetings during my trip this week to Adobe’s Headquarters was with the Lightroom team where they’re showed me where Lightroom is going in the future. I’m under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Adobe, so I can’t reveal any specific features, or when Adobe plans to release it, or anything like that, but I can tell you this; I was very impressed (OK, a bit giddy was more like it).

As Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty mentioned in his blog post on Monday, to get all the things included on my 2.0 wishlist (now known as “our mutual wishlist” because your ideas are more important than mine) would take literally years (and after meeting with them, I have a much better understanding of why). In the coming weeks I’m going to work to find a way to connect you with the Lightroom team, and the brilliant engineers behind the product, and once you get a peek into their world, you’ll realize these things:

  1. They are listening to their customers at a level that would surprise you
  2. They want the exact same things you want
  3. They want them as soon as we do (maybe sooner)
  4. They’re thinking of the future of the product, and how it scales upward, in a way none of us ever have to consider. We’re lucky we don’t have to even think about that stuff.

It’s always enlightening, and motivating to spend time with the development team, and I’m sharing this with you to let you know that Adobe could not be more engaged, concerned, or dedicated to making Lightroom kick @#$ than they are. This is SUCH an exciting time to be a photographer, and it’s getting better all the time! :-)


Adobe is Listening!

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I met up with Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty yesterday in the halls of Adobe HQ out in San Jose, California and when I stopped him to talk for two seconds between meetings, he had in his hands a stack of paper; it was a print out of all the ideas you guys posted as comments to my “Lightroom 2.0 Wishlist” blog post from last Friday. :)

Tom had emailed me a nice note just a few hours after I had released my wishlist post on Friday, but I was even more excited to see with my own eyes how seriously Adobe was taking your suggestions and ideas. I wasn’t at all surprised—just totally psyched! Tom did his own follow-up post last night on the Adobe “Lightroom Journal” Blog (Tips and advice straight from the Lightroom team) and you can read it right here.

Thanks to everyone who posted such great ideas here last week, and a special thanks to the entire Lightroom team at Adobe for their dedication to their customers and for working to make a truly great product even better.


Katrin’s New Book is a Winner, and I Know Eight People I’m Sending a Copy to This Week!

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katrinseanbk.jpgBefore I left, I got my hands on Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan’s new book, “The Creative Digital Darkroom” (Published by O’Reilly publishing) and I have to say—it’s the most complete book I’ve seen on the topic, and packed with so much in-depth info they probably didn’t sleep for a year. Way to go you two!!!

While the ink is still wet on the pages, I want to send a copy of this great new book to eight people who posted killer ideas (as blog comments) to my “Lightroom 2.0 Wishlist” post from last week. These are ideas that struck a chord with me personally (and I hope will with Adobe, too!), and they were just so good, I wanted to do something special for them. The winners of Katrin and Sean’s new book are:

  • Bob Ellis, for his idea of adding a pop-up movable shortcuts palette you can have open while you work in Lightroom
  • Dain, for his idea to have Lightroom’s Back-up warning appear when you close Lightroom (or shut down), rather than when you first open it.
  • Eric, who suggested that Lightroom automatically create and embed a snapshot of the develop settings used when a photo is exported.
  • MRK is That Kid, for the idea of a built-in Neutral Density Gradient Filter.
  • Allen Gambrell, for the ability to output the print to an image file at a specific resolution to be able to send to a pro lab for prints.
  • Rui M Leai, for the suggestion of adding the ability to browse folders without importing
  • Josh Garretson, for the idea of adding filtering like the Adobe Bridge
  • Christer, for the idea of including perspective Corrections within Lightroom

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, with our readers, and most importantly; with Adobe. It matters.

If you didn’t win Katrin and Sean’s new book, you can find it at Barnes & or at, or wherever really good books are sold.


Monday News Fix

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Hope everybody had a great weekend. Here’s what’s up:

  • Last week I mentioned the site of UK photographer Tim Wallace, and pointed you to his amazing automotive photography. Well, Tim dropped me a line to introduce himself, and in our exchange of emails, I learned that he’s only been shooting cars for the past nine months. Talk about having a knack for something! Tim sent me this shot of his on-location gear (click on it for a larger view), and I saw he’s shooting the same Elinchrom Ranger Kit I use—I knew I liked this guy). If you didn’t get a chance to check out his work last week, here’s the link again.
  • The Digital Artistry blog did a quick review of the new Volume 2 of my book, The Digital Photography BookHere’s the link to see what he has to say.
  • Don’t know if you caught last week’s episode of Layers TV, but they had David Ziser on as a guest, and he did a tutorial on how to shoot window light portraits, and it’s very cool. You can watch it online right here.
  • If you got two minutes, check out this very cool design oriented blog called Creative Techs (here’s the link), and they offer “Left Brain Support for Right Brain Professionals.” I just ran across it two weeks ago, and I’m diggin’ it big time!

That’s it for now. I’ve got some cool stuff coming this week, so I hope I’ll see you back here! Have a great Monday (hey, that’s an oxymoron!)

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