Update From Santa Fe!

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Good morning everybody. I’m out here teaching a week-long hands-on workshop at the wonderful Santa Fe Workshops out in Santa Fe, New Mexico (if you haven’t been here, it’s an amazing learning experience, and I highly recommend it).

Here’s what’s goin’ on this morning:

  • There’s an interesting article about “How Photoshop Was Born” over at Web site. Check it out right here.
  • The day before my New York Lightroom seminar, I got to do a little shooting. I wish I had seen this New York Times article on “Where the pros go to shoot in New York” first, because I might have fit in a little more shooting time.
  • Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro has an exhibition of his New York, coming up August 4th-5th up in Cushin, Maine. For more info, visit his Website.
  • My buddy Jeff Revell turned me onto this major productivity killer. It’s a site with a very Photoshop-like color picker, and when you choose a color, it searches Flicker and then displays shots that match that color. It’s surprisngly cool, and will waste your time like nobody’s business. Here’s the link to mess up your day.
  • NAPP members—check this out: Adobe is offering big discounts to all NAPP members that purchase Photoshop CS3/Photoshop CS3 Extended and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom until August 30, 2007 through Adobe’s online store:>> Photoshop CS3 Upgrade and Photoshop Lightroom bundle – $368 (a $130 savings)
    >>Photoshop CS3 Extended Upgrade and Photoshop Lightroom bundle – $498 (a $150 savings)
    >> Photoshop CS3 Full and Photoshop Lightroom bundle – $751 (a $200 savings)
    >> Photoshop CS3 Extended Full and Photoshop Lightroom bundle – $1048 (a $250 savings)
    >> Photoshop Lightroom – $199 (a $100 savings)

    To take advantage of these members-only discounts at the store, you will need a unique offer code. To receive your special code, visit the NAPP member site, and go to the Discounts page (See, it pays to be a NAPP member!) Note: Each member may only purchase 1 copy of Photoshop Lightroom or the Photoshop Lightroom & Photoshop bundle per code.

  • Terry White has added an invaluable new page to his popular Tech Blog, and that is a list of Terry’s favorite gear (stuff that he himself uses, which is saying something!). Check it out right here.

That’s it from here. Hope you all have a great Monday! :-)


I Love New York! :)

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During the Live Bridal Shoot that kicks off the day



A big thanks to everyone who came out to my New York Lightroom Seminar yesterday (photos above by Dave Moser). It was really great seeing so many familiar faces and getting to meet so many new people, and lots of NAPP members. Plus, for me, it is just such a kick seeing so many pro photographers (over 800+ yesterday) getting so psyched about Lightroom, and the “New Digital Photography Workflow” using Lightroom and Photoshop. Just an amazing day and I can’t thank the wonderful people of New York City for their gracious hospitality.

Also, many thanks to my tour sponsors: Epson, Nikon, Westcott, Peachpit Press, and B&H Photo (all of whom had displays at our mini-expo). It was also the first time we had a display from Westcott, and it was absolutely jammed!!! People are so psyched about those SpiderLites (once you see ‘em live; you’ve got to have one. Or two!).

We’re working on the next group of tour dates (we’ll be coming to Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, somewhere in Florida, and a number of other cities as well), and I’ll post them here on the blog as soon as they’re locked down (any day now).

Now, for the Friday News Update (well, it’s actually the next post down). :-)


Friday News Wrap-up

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Well, I’m back home and back in the saddle (I have no idea what that means). Anyway, here’s what’s going on:

  • By now you’ve learned that my link to Moose Peterson’s News Blog (referenced on Wed.) was missing a letter, and that made the link broken. Sorry about that. The correct link is here.
  • Renown Landscape Photographer Stephen Johnson has just released his June 2007 Newsletter, and you can read it online from his site (while you’re there, make sure you check out some of his amazing photography).
  • I just ran across a great site with Web Gallery templates for Lightroom, including some very cool Flash templates. It’s called, and if you’re into Lightroom, you’ve gotta check it out.
  • Apparently, you’ve gotta be really quick if you want one of B&H Photo’s “Scott Kelby Location Kits.” I saw this comment posted by “Ade” yesterday: “I got the “location kit available” e-mail late on Tuesday morning, and placed my order as soon as I could. I’ve got a UPS tracking number. On Wednesday, I wanted to buy a second kit for a friend and was suprised to find out that it was out of stock again! So, it would seem that whatever kits B&H had probably sold out on Tuesday!” So, if you want one of those kits, I would go to the page on B&H’s site (here’s the link), and click the “Notify When in Stock” link. Then B&H will email you when it’s in stock, and when you get that email; go right then and get yours.
  • Dave Cross, like you’ve never seen him (even more animated than usual), and how to quickly create your own animated “you.” You’ve just gotta see it (click here).
  • A really great, insightful interview with our buddy, and world class photographer Joe McNally over at Joe is one of the hottest photographers on the planet (this guy is everywhere), and the article gives you some great background and insights into the artist and his work (I think this interview was conducted while Joe was in Dubai recently teaching a workshop on shooting from a helicopter). Click here to read it online.
  • Digital Artist (and Photoshop World instructor) Fay Sirkis was at my Lightroom Seminar in New York yesterday, and she just released an in-depth DVD called “A celebration of art; Paint like a Master.” She had the DVDs available for sale on the breaks yesterday and she completely sold out!!!!! Fay’s classes at Photoshop World are standing-room-only, and her pre-conference workshop is always among the first (if not first) to sell-out in advance. Fay is just a gifted, passionate, and engaging instructor and her DVD is already getting rave reviews. If you didn’t pick up a copy yesterday, you can order it online right here.

That’s it for my Friday update. Have a great weekend everybody! :-)


Update From Gate E-66

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Yup, I’m on the road again (this time off to New York for my Lightroom Tour tomorrow, where we’ll have just over 800 photographers learning “The New Digital Photography Workflow using Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS3). Here’s what’s going on:

A very kind person posted that yesterday they got an email from B&H Photo letting them know that the Scott Kelby Location Kit is now back in stock. If you’ve been waiting for it, here’s the direct link (also, here’s the link to my video on how the kit works.

Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, and Laurie Excel are, right this very minute, out in Oregon holding their Digital Landscape Workshop Series (DLWS) that you’ve heard me talking about here on the blog. I SO wanted to be out there with me, but it ran at the same time as my NYC Lightroom Tour, so I had to miss this one. To make matters worse, Moose has posted some just beautiful images from their shoots on his News blog. Click here to feel as jealous as I do that we’re not there.

Time to board. Gotta run! :)


Great Interview on Photoshop CS3

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Derrick Story’s “The Digital Story” features a great in-depth interview he did out at Adobe’s San Jose Headquarters with Adobe’s Kevin Connor and Dave Story, which gives some great insights into the development of Photoshop CS3 and the new Photoshop CS3 Extended edition.

Give it a listen right here.


The Monday News Thingy

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Good Monday everybody!!!

First, a quick thanks to everyone who came out to the Atlanta stop on my Lightroom Tour last Friday. I met some really great people (they definitely rolled out the Southern Hospitality), and I really had a great time all the way around. Thanks for making me feel so at home up there. :-) Now, onto the news thingy:

  • Congrats go out to our friend, digital video genius, and Photoshop World instuctor Richard Harrington, the proud daddy to an adorable bouncing baby girl (Mom and baby are doing just great) Way to go, dad!!!! They named the baby “Sorenson Codec Harrington” (not really, but you know he probably considered it).
  • By now you’ve heard that Adobe released a major update to Camera Raw, and the new 4.1 adds a number of very cool features. Well, Jeff Schewe over at did a wonderful in-depth article on all the new features and if you use Camera Raw, this is absolutely a must-read article. Click here to go there.
  • I’m up in New York on Thursday with my Lightroom Tour, at the Jacob Javits Center. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to get on board with the New Digital Photography Workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop CS3. :-)
  • If you haven’t downloaded the free Adobe Media Gallery (AMG) for creating Flash and HTML Web Galleries from directly within the CS3 Bridge, it’s really well done and a big improvement on anything Photoshop’s offered before. You can (Note: you’ll need the download it from Adobe update to Bridge 2.1 before you can use AMG, so download that first, then download AMG).
  • Next week I begin my week-long workshop at the amazing Santa Fe Workshops in Santa Fe New Mexico. If you’ve never had the chance to take a workshop there—I highly recommend it. I can tell you, as an instructor, teaching there is one of the most fun, energetic, exhausting, and exhilarating experiences an educator can have. One can only imagine what an incredible experience it must be for a student to learn in such an energy-charged creative environment). It’s a first class educational experience top-to-bottom and if you’re serious about photography, or Photoshop, or both, click this link to see the list of their upcoming classes for the rest of 2007.

That’s it for now, gang! Have a great Monday (well, have the best Monday you can), and we’ll talk again tomorrow. :)

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