Some Quick News

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Howdy, folks. :)

  • Part 2 of the Derrick Story’s “Photoshop CS3 Insiders” interview with Adobe’s Kevin Connor and Dave Story is now online. It’s an audio interview (called Podcast 85), so all you have to do is go to Derrick’s site and click the link for the interview.
  • Looking for some inspiration today? Check out my buddy Jeff Revell’s photo blog, which has some great photos of classic cars, plus some other cool images. Here’s the link.
  • This has nothing to do with Photoshop whatsoever, but if you really love popcorn, and you want the best popcorn on the planet, check out Garrett Popcorn (from Chicago). They ship nationwide, and their popcorn will change your life (in a good way). You can get two flavors, side-by-side, in one large can (try the half carmel, half cheese—it rocks!). It’s not cheap, but ask anyone whose waited in line for hour at one of their Chicago stores (there’s now one in NYC, too!), if it’s worth it (trust me–it is).
  • The photo above (click on it for a larger view) was taken by Marvin Derezin, (one of my Santa Fe Workshop students) as I was shooting the infrared photo of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi that I posted here on the blog on June 15th (scroll down to see the shot I was taking). Thanks to Marv for sending the photo.
  • I had a great comment posted yesterday by Trina, who wants to take a workshop, but wants to know what the difference between something like my Santa Fe Workshop and my upcoming GAPW workshop. In short, here’s the answer:

    The Santa Fe workshops that are based on Photoshop (like mine) take place mostly in a state-of-the-art hands-on digital lab, and you generally stay and work in that lab the entire week. Now, because of the way I teach Photoshop and Lightroom, I kind of break the lab rules a bit, and take my students out for a location shoot each day (sometimes quite early, before class), so we can learn the entire process from start to finish (we shoot, we process, we print). We do everything from architectural shoots, to portraits (and portrait retouching), to flowers, and everything in between (we even included a wedding shoot this time), so it’s very broad based, but main reason you come to my Santa Fe workshop is to learn Photoshop and Lightroom.

    In contrast, the GAPW workshops are focused on landscape photography—that’s why they’re held in such amazingly beautiful places, and we take you to some breathtaking locations to give you every opportunity to creates some shots of a lifetime. These are definitely landscape photography workshops, so we only shoot in good light. The rest of the time, we are back in the classroom (on your own laptop) learning how to process our landscape photography (and only landscape photography) using Photoshop and Lightroom.

    I hope that helps, Trina. And to Wayne who signed up yesterday for my Montana workshop—dude, we’re going to have a blast! :)

That’s it for now. Have a great Tuesday.


Monday News Update

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Good Monday everybody. Here’s what’s up:

  • If you’re looking for a GPS for your digital camera (one that will embed the exact Latitude and Longitude of where you take each shot into the metadata of the image file), check out Moose Peterson’s News blog today, as he reports on the super-small GPS unit he got for father’s day. Click here for the link.
  • When I was out at Santa Fe, one of the other instructors there, teaching a class called “Mastering the Portrait” was Karen Kuehn, and her presentation to the entire school just blew me away, and when I saw her student work (after taking her class out on location shoots all week), was just amazing. If you want to start off your week with some wonderful inspiration, check out Karen’s site. (The next class she teaches—I’m going to go as a student for sure!)
  • Want to do a photo workshop with me this fall? Then make sure you scroll down to the next post with all the details.
  • There’s a site called “Lightroom Galleries” that just rocks. They have developed some just amazing Flash-based Web galleries fyou can download for free for Lightroom’s Web module. You can see samples of them in action, and then download them right there. This is very cool stuff, and extends Lightroom’s Web power by quite a bit. Here’s the link.
  • Our buddy Vincent Versace is on this week’s “Inside Digital Photo” Podcast, with host Scott Sheppard. He’s talking about Capture NX (among other things), and Vinny is always fascinating to listen to, so make sure you check it out at Inside Digital Photo.com
  • I need your help: This weekend Matt, Dave, Corey, RC, and I are shooting in Nassau, Bahamas, and if you’ve got any ideas on great locations for landscape photography down there, please post a comment here on the blog. Really appreciate it. :-)

Well, that’s it for my Monday morning news. Should be an exciting week, so keep an eye out on the blog for the latest. Have a great Monday everybody. Keep shootin’ and pushing them pixels, yall!


Join Me on My Montana/Glacier National Park Photography & Photoshop Workshop

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On September 19-23, 2007, I’m leading a photography workshop (in conjunction with the GAPW: Great American Photographic Workshops), along with my good friend and brilliant landscape photographer Bill Fortney (That’s one of Bill’s photos from Glacier shown above), and if you act quickly, you can snag one of the few remaining spots (it’s limited to just 20 participants).

In the early mornings and near sunset, we’ll be shooting some of the most amazing scenic landscapes in all of North America, and during the day we’ll be learning the “New Digital Photography” workflow using Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Plus, with Bill Fortney there, you’re going to learn a lot about your camera, a lot about landscape photography, and you’re going to laugh an awful lot (Bill is an absolute blast at these workshops, and his genuine love of people, and landscape photography, is absolutely infectious).

Here’s the direct link, to the GAPW site (and to the page with the detail on my workshop), but if you can’t make my workshop, both Matt (who just came back from leading a workshop in Banff) and Dave Cross have upcoming GAPW workshops as well, so click here for the full schedule.

I hope I’ll get to be shooting right alongside you, and sharing some of my favorite new techniques. And, with any luck at all, I’ll be eating all your snacks. ;-)


Cool Gear: The Hoodman Loupe Rocks!

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That wonderful LCD screen on the back of your camera is just about useless if you’re shooting outdoors in daylight. Last week during my first location shoot in Santa Fe, I would take a shot, look at the LCD and just laugh because it was so washed out with sunlight you really couldn’t see if there was a photo there or not.

On Friday’s shoot (at Pecos National Historical Park), I remembered that I had been traveling (for the past month or so), with a Hoodman Loupe in my bag, but I had never tried it (since I hadn’t tried it, I kept forgetting I had it). It works like a regular loupe (it hangs from a cord around your neck), but out in the field (in the daylight), you put it over your LCD, and it covers the entire screen; blocking out the light so you can see your screen perfectly. It worked WAY better than than I expected and everybody in my class who tried it out fell in love with it, so I thought I’d pass on my experience with it. (By the way, the Loupe itself is about the same size as a normal loupe and it’s very lightweight–you forget you’re even wearing it).

So, now that I’m sold on it, I have a new philosophy; either I take this Hoodman Loupe with me outdoors, or I turn off my LCD altogether and save the battery life. Here’s the link to their site for more info. Kudos to the people at Hoodman for coming up with such a clever gadget.


My Lightroom Book Goes On Press Today For It’s Third Printing! Whoo Hoo!

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Although it’s only been out around 60-days, I’m just delighted to announce that my book, “The Adobe Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers” (shown above–click for a larger photo) has already sold out of the first two printings of the book, and today the book’s publisher (New Riders Publishing, an Imprint of Peachpit Press), is going to press for its third printing.

Writing a book takes an awful lot of work, not just for me, but for my copy editors, and tech editors, and layout artists, and designers, and the crew at New Riders, and the printer (I could go on and on), but I can tell you that because so much effort goes into a book, it’s every author’s hope that it gets read, and helps, as many people as possible, so you can imagine how gratifying it is for me to see this new book already in its third printing.

Thanks SO much to everyone who has supported the book, for those of you who have shared your wonderful comments with me, and my thanks to my in-house editors (Kim Doty and Cindy Snyder), to my book designer Jessica Maldonado and to Felix Nelson my graphics guru, to my Layout team, (led by the Amazing Dave Damstra); to Ted Waitt and Marketing Maverick Scott Cowlin over at Peachpit; to my Publisher Nancy Ruenzel who had the foresight to publish a book like this on a brand new product, and to the brilliant sales staff at Pearson Education who helped to make the book such a success.

Also, my personal thanks to all the bookstores who helped to put my books into the hands of my valued readers. I am humbled by the job you’ve all done, and I can’t thank you all enough for your efforts in helping me spread the word about “The New Digital Photography Workflow” using Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book, you can pick it up at your local bookstore, or online from Barnes&Noble.com, or Amazon.com.

By the way; there’s more news today below (scroll down). :)


Shooting Cowboys (click for larger photos)

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Janine Smith (one of my students from my Santa Fe Workshop last week, and a great photographer in her own right), sent me the top shot shown here, which she took during our live class shoot in the Saloon at the Eaves Movie Ranch.

I thought it was pretty cool as you could see the set-up, and the final shot I took below it. Although we were primarily shooting with natural window light, eventually I did bring in a reflector to open up the shadows on the dark side of the cowboy’s face, but this photo was taken before we moved the reflector into place. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing both shots (thanks to Janine for sharing that “Live on Location” photo).

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