My Lightroom Tour Comes to Hawaii. Whoo Hoo!!!!

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I am very excited (read as: giddy), to announce that we’ve added a new date to my Lightroom Tour; Honolulu, Hawaii!!! The seminar is scheduled for December 3rd, at the Hawaii Convention Center, and with this much notice, you can use this as a very flimsy business-related excuse (as I have) to go to Hawaii for a work/vacation.

You can see a description of my class at, but I don’t think they’ve officially posted that date on the site yet, so, if you want to go just call the toll-free registration hot line at 1-800-201-7323 instead. (I wanted to give you as much advance notice as possible for travel planning purposes).


Catch my Interview on Photo Talk Radio

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This past Saturday I did an interview on “Photo Talk Radio,” and I have to say–they have a very clever way of doing a photography show on the radio. They have their listeners go to a special online Web gallery of their guest’s work so the listeners can see the photographer’s work as they discuss it on the air (here’s the link to my gallery at Photo Talk Radio). So, if you’d like to listen, go to that link first, then click here to jump to their site where you can listen to the show.

Also on the show was photographer Stephen Dantzig, and he and I chatted briefly on the show (we had met at San Diego Photoshop World a few years back), but it wasn’t until after I was off the line that it hit me that he was the author of a great book I’ve been reading, called “Softbox Lighting Techniques for Professional Photographers.” Here’s the link to his book on or Barnes &

>> Scroll down to the next post for more news. :)


Monday News Update

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Here’s a quick look at the news on this fine, fine Monday morning here on earth:

  • Start your Monday off with a smile by watching this very clever iPhone TV ad parody (the end will crack you up!). Click here to watch it online.
  • The Strobist is right; this never happens to me (click here)
  • If you’re a NAPP member, I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but as a member you get special members-only discounts from Apple (we have a special version of the Apple Online Store just for members, and you access it from the member’s Web site). If you’re buying iPods, or Macs, or displays, or just about anything [except the iPhone, of course], make sure you take advantage of this member benefit.
  • Guru Awards Deadline Extended: we had so many requests to extend the Guru Awards entry deadline that….we’re extending the entry deadline to midnight on this Wednesday (August 15th). You can enter by clicking here (remember, The Guru Awards, sponsored by CDW, is only open to registered attendees of Photoshop World Las Vegas).
  • Photographer David duChemin has released “The Pixelated Image” which is a limited edition monograph (there are only 100 copies) of David’s work (he’s got some really wonderful work), and you can find out more (and order your own limited edition), right here.

Gotta run—have a great Monday everybody!


It’s a Friday Thing

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Happy Friday everybody–here’s what’s up:

  • A friend sent me a link to the Web gallery you see above, which is actually a sample gallery posted by Apple to demo their new Web Gallery feature of their newly updated iPhoto ’08 app, and you’ve got to check it out, because it’s got some pretty ingenious features I haven’t seen before.First, here’s the link to that sample gallery. Of course, you get to decide a bunch of options for what people can do in your gallery (everything from downloading high res versions of the photo, to adding their own photos to your gallery), but there’s a visible options bar for people who come by your gallery, so they can decide the layout, thumbnail size, and even the background color they want to see your gallery in. It doesn’t use Flash, but you’d swear it was, because of the transitions, and reflections, and cool features (I think they’re using Ajax). Anyway, take a sec; try each gallery, and try the viewing options as well for a great look what can be done to enhance the user experience.
  • ABC has posted a collection of “Doctored magazine covers,” (which includes the Faith Hill cover we talked about here in the blog), and each photo gives an explaination of how it was revealed the photo was faked (often times it was the celebrity themselves who realized, “Hey—that’s not my body!” Worth a quick visit (click here).
  • I’m going a live radio interview with Photo Talk Radio on Saturday, and since it’s a live show they take callers on the air to ask me questions, and generally make me look foolish, so if you’d like to call in, here’s the link to the show. It airs this Saturday from 11:00-12:00 noon EST, and I hope I get a chance to take your call on the air. If you don’t get to listen in then, you can listen the taped version of the show right on the site (to listen to the show, click here, then click on the flashing banner near the top).
  • Book News: My new book (co-authored with my buddy Terry White) on Apple’s iPhone called “The iPhone Book” hits stores on Monday! It’s the first printed book available on the iPhone, and I used the exact same style and layout as my book, “The Digital Photography Book,” where each page covers just one tip, one topic, one feature of the iPhone. You can get your copy over at Barnes &,, or stop by your local bookstore this week! NOTE: here’s a link to the press release that crossed the wire this morning.
  • One more piece of book news: just posted an in-depth review of my latest book, “The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” (click here to read their review), and Moose Peterson just posted his review of the book over at Moose News Blog as well.
  • Brilliant landscape photographer Stephen Johnson (who has been called “the Modern Day Ansel Adams”) has just posted his August 2007 newsletter, along with this list of upcoming workshops. Click here to read it online.
  • I’ve now spent over a week with the Drobo (the robotic hard drive storage system that ensures that your photos are safe by constantly monitoring the health of your drives), and I have to say—this is probably the future of professional storage. I hope to have a full review sometime next week or the following, but I’ve had a number of emails asking how it was going, and all I can say at this point is that you get a new comfort level knowing your stuff is finally, really, safe.

That’s it for this week. I hope to have some photos to post next week from a shoot I’m doing. Have a great weekend! :-)


Thursday News Update

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Hi everybody—here’s the latest:

  • I’m working on my 2nd annual “Scott’s Gonzo Holiday Gadget Guide” for the magazine, and for an online version as well, and I’ve gotten a lot of great gear and gadget ideas from readers in the past, so if you know of a really cool product, accessory, plug-in, etc. that I should know about, just post a comment here on the blog, or send me an email at
  • Just a quick note: is now showing that my “Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” is in stock, so now both B&N and Amazon show the book ready to ship. I’m also starting to get emails from readers who have received the book already, so I’m glad to see it’s getting in the pipeline. :)
  • If you’re looking for a really cool shooting opportunity, Moose Peterson’s Digital Landscape Workshop Series (DLWS) has a workshop coming up on the Great Lakes and Michigan Shoreline on Sept. 16-19, 2007. The DLWS crew (which includes instructors Laurie Excell and Joe McNally) have scoped out some incredible shooting locations that may provide some of their best shoots of the year. I think this is one of the workshops that people are going to be talking about for a while, so if you’re looking for something new and fresh, snag one of the few available spots over at
  • If you’re signed up for Photoshop World, make absolutely certain you enter the Photoshop Guru Awards competition–sponsored by our friends at CDW (which is only open to people who attend Photoshop World). If you win the Guru Award in any of the categories, you win a 500GB “The Book” hard drive from Western Digital, and if you win “Best of Show” you win a Nikon D80 Kit (with a 28-135mm zoom lens). If you win the “Vincent Versace Award for Excellence in Digital Photography” you win an Epson 3800 Stylus Pro printer (for printing up to 17″x22″ prints), and OnOne’s Software’s Photoshop Plug-in Suite, and a signed original print from Mr. Versace himself. For details, visit
  • On this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV, my buddy Matt Kloskowski has a great tutorial on how to create an action that creates multiple Black & White conversions of any color photo, so you can just sit back and pick the version that looks best to you. It’s very cool, and you can watch it right here online by clicking here.

Well, that’s it for today. Have a great day and we’ll see you all tomorrow!


Some Tuesday News

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Howdy folks! Let’s get to it:

  • Let’s start this Tuesday off right with some inspiration–I came across the photography of Erik Almas, and I was just blown away. His portrait work has a surreal feel to it that is just so captivating, and his landscapes, and well…everything he does is just amazing. Click here to visit his site, and start your Tuesday off right (hey, that rhymes). Note: He has several galleries and one of them is called Nudes. Now, I didn’t click that particular link, but I’m assuming that the Nudes gallery will have photos of people without their clothes on (it’s just a hunch). So, if nudity offends you—-don’t click that link (I hate to have to give that warning, but believe me—I have to give that warning!).
  • Dave Cross (who is, hands-down one of the finest Photoshop teachers on the planet) is leading a Photoshop and Photography workshop on October 17-21, 2007 up to one of the most beautiful landscape shooting locations in North America—as he, and the wonderful Neil and Susan Silverman, take 20 very lucky people up to Acadia National Park, in Bar Harbour, Maine.This workshop is produced by the GAPW (Great American Photo Workshops—the same folks behind my upcoming Glacier National Park workshop, and Matt’s recent Banff workshop). It’s just an amazing place to be shooting alongside Dave and the Silverman’s (they are amazing photographers and absolutely charming people to boot), and when the good light is gone you’ll be in the classroom learning Photoshop from one of the very best there is. There are only a few spots left, so sign up today over at
  • PanosFX has made some great free Photoshop actions (yes, free!) available once again, and this time the actions make a photo-realistic watch, (and the action has some cool options, too), and best of all–did I mention—they’re free!!! Check it out over at Kudos to Panos Efstathiadis over in Greece, for making these available.
  • I saw a mention of my “Digital Photography Book” snuck into a post called “Ramblings, Links, and Surprise” over at Adobe’s Genesis Project blog (click here to check it out–and the Genesis Project blog itself).
  • If you use Adobe’s Creative Suite, make sure you head over to Layers Magazine (the how-to magazine for everything Adobe), and get on the list to get a free “tip of the day” delivered to your inbox. Very cool stuff on everything from Photoshop to Illustrator to InDesign to Dreamweaver, Flash, the Bridge, and more. Here’s the link to the site (the sign-up field is on the left–about half way down the home page).
  • Back in April of this year we moved this blog over to WordPress (which I love), but before that my blog was over at (which is a great place to start blogging–and its free). Anyway, the reason I mention this is—if you want to see archived posts from this, my “Photoshop Insider” blog, prior to April of 2007, then click this link to visit the old site, and you’ll see archive links (along the right side) that go back to June of 2005, when this blog first started.

Well, that’s it so far for a Tuesday. Have a great one everybody, and we’ll catch you tomorrow!

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