Today’s 5-Minute Update From Paris

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Belles femmes bonjour! [OK, I couldn't resist after my French mistake yesterday].

The crew is waiting for me in the hotel lobby, so I have to make this quick:

(1) Thanks to everybody who sent questions via Twitter, G+ and Facebook yesterday for Jay during our taping. Lots of great questions, and I was rattling them off to Jay during our walk down the Champs-Élysées yesterday. Keep those questions coming (you can post them here as comments), and I’ll pose them to Jay during the day.

(2) On the flight over here, I finished off my teaching outline for my class at the upcoming “Google+ Photographer’s Conference this month, and I’m really excited about teaching the class. If you’re going to the conference, I’ll hope you’ll stop by and check out my class (it’s on day one). If you’re not signed up yet, it’s not too late: Here’s the link. 

(3) Thanks to everyone who tweeted names of chocolate stores or bakeries here in Paris (my wife, who dearly loves chocolate and considers it its own food group) is here with me, and I wanted to find her some awesome chocolate). As it turns out, one of the chocolate stores that was mentioned often is literally directly next door to our hotel (I am not kidding — its wall butts up against the wall of our hotel). Another often-mentioned one is a block away.

(4) Matt Kloskowski was here last year, and met up with Paris-based photographer (and NAPP member) Serge Ramelli, and Matt just raved about Serge, and we are lucky (lucky like you cannot believe) that he is working with us this week. First, he’s a terrific photographer (here’s the link to his G+ page) and his French is actually pretty good, too (wink), but we’re really enjoying our time getting to know him, and his work. Just a great guy, and a huge help.

(5) We’re getting some amazing stuff from Jay. We’ve had many wonderful learning moments during Jay’s time here in Paris so far, and the whole team is really excited about what we’re getting. Jay has so much to give, and I can’t wait until the class is done to see it myself, because he says so many things as we walk and chat in cafe’s (all on camera) that I’m afraid I’ll miss some of it, so I’ll be watching it right along with you.

(6) I just saw where Amazon.com says they now have my Lightroom book in stock. Whoo Hoo!!!

Have a great day, everybody!! Merci! :-)


Greetings From the Streets of Paris!

by Scott Kelby  |  29 Comments

Bonjour mes amis:

Our crew landed here in Paris yesterday morning for our taping of a new class for Kelby Training Online called, “A Week in Paris with Jay Maisel.” 

Although we hadn’t planned on shooting on our first day, Jay was rev’d up and ready to go so we hit the streets of Paris, and wound up shooting at the church where they filmed parts for the movie “The DaVinci Code” and at the Luxembourg Gardens, and Senate buildings, as well as a little bit along the Seine river.

We’re literally heading out the door to begin another day of shooting today, but I can’t believe some of the eye-opening, thought-provoking moments I’ve already had with Jay. He really makes you think about your photography in new and different ways. Incredibly inspiring being around him.

Lots more to come, but the Pain du chocolats of Paris await! :-)

Ayez un beau jour!

-Mssr. Scott


The new issue of “Light It” magazine (our magazine for hot-shoe and studio photography” is finally (finally!) out

by Scott Kelby  |  51 Comments

Man, publishing a digital magazine should just not be this hard. First, our developer came out with a bug fix update, but because of a small technicality in the submission process, it got turned down (uggh), but now, at last, finally it’s out, along with the latest issue (the cover is shown above).

The bug fix addresses problems some users had with downloading back issues they had already purchased, and a bunch of other annoying stuff.

We still have a few more bugs we’re working on squashing, and our developer thinks they have now tracked down the subscription problem a small number of users are still suffering with, and we’ll be submitting an update to the App Store that should put that nasty problem to bed. Whew!!! It’s almost makes me miss print (nobody ever rejects your printed copies. Well, maybe the post office). ;-)

Anyway, it’s available now in the App store for $2.99.(That’s less than a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal) :)


I’m on my way to France to film “A Day With Jay Maisel in Paris” for Kelby Training Online

by Scott Kelby  |  15 Comments

Even though I just got back from London, I am not complaining about taking this trip!

Besides filming what will be another amazing, eye-opening, inspiring day of learning with Jay, I’ll be taping two online classes myself while I’m there:

(1) One on Shooting Travel Photography, and…

(2) One called Photoshop for Travel Photographers (based in part on my Photoshop World session of the same name, but a much expanded, and updated version).

I am as excited about these two classes as I was for my “Crush the Composition” online class because I’m teaching travel photography in a very different way than I have ever seen it taught before (and Paris is a perfect city for it!).

The wifey and some friends are coming along (ya know, for moral support), and of course our in-house video crew will be there along with “The Brad” (you can spot us easily — we’ll all be wearing black berets). :)

I’ll be posting some updates this weekend over on my Google+ page (link), so I’ll hope you’ll stop in there once or twice.

 Je serai de retour bientôt mes amis. Au revoir. Au revoir!


The first copy of my new “Lightroom 4 book for Digital Photographers” has arrived in-house

by Scott Kelby  |  21 Comments

My buddy Matt Kloskowski just me this iPhone shot of my latest book which just arrived at the office yesterday (I was working at home, getting caught up for my trip), so that means it’s already on its way to bookstores.

Really excited about this one! (I added lots of cool new stuff — more on that later, but I’m psyched). You can preorder yours from Amazon.com, or Barnes & Noble.com, (both are selling it around $27. Cheap!), or anywhere super cool books are sold.


Thank you London — What a Wonderful Way to Wrap Up My Live Tour!

by Scott Kelby  |  12 Comments

(Above: iPhone shot before the day got started).

It couldn’t have been a better crowd or location to wrap up my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” live tour than what we had last week in London, England.

What a great group of photographers — totally engaged, very responsive, lots of great questions, and some of the most kind, genuine folks I’ve had the honor to preset to. Some even brought gifts (I got everything from guitar picks (including some really cool ones), chocolate bars, British Kit Kats, and more.

My guest retoucher Glyn Dewis totally rocked it and gained LOTS of new fans, and it was such a kick sharing the stage with him. He showed loads of cool bonus stuff, and I sat in the crowd taking notes along with everyone else. Really a brilliant job and I learned a lot.

A big thanks to the awesome folks at “The Flash Centre”(http://www.theflashcentre.com/) who not only helped us with on our stage gear, but even gave away some cool Lastolite gear. Totally great folks (I visited their store in London, and if you haven’t, you definitely should — well stocked and super-helpful staff).

Also thanks to Adobe, who were there with a stand, and were kind enough to give away two copies of Lightroom 4 for our afternoon drawing.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the tour in London, to Flash Centre, to Adobe, to my mate Glyn for an outstanding job, to Dave Clayton for once again leading the charge to get us there in the first place, and to the warm people of England who’s big smiles and kind hearts made this a trip to remember. Can’t wait to come here and teach again soon!

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