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This is a shot I took of the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine taken on Friday during a daytime scouting shoot (click on it for a larger view). I broke ‘the golden rule of landscape photography’ by shooting in the middle of the day, but remember; this was just a scouting shoot to see if I could find a decent location to shoot the Lighthouse from. If I came up with a decent shooting spot, I would drive back and shoot it again another day in either at dawn or dusk, (but since dawn here is around 5:13 am and I’m on vacation…it would definitely be a dusk shoot).

Because of the cloud cover that day, the light wasn’t too harsh, but every time I look at that shot, I think to myself “Boy, if I had just shot that in good light….” Anyway, we had planned to head back up there Sunday for the reshoot (about 45 minutes from here), but a thunderstorm moved in around 1:00 pm that just wouldn’t go away, so that shoot was totally out. Maybe the weather will cooperate today. Either way—who cares—I’m on vacation. Whoo Hooo! :)

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Not just shooting, but learning Lightroom, and Photoshop, and you’re not just shooting with me; the real stars of this show (and the other people you’ll be shooting alongside and learning from) are three of this industry’s most gifted, most talented, and fun digital photography instructors on the planet: Moose Peterson, Laurie Excell, and Joe McNally as the Digital Landscape Workshop Series (DLWS) heads to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

I am so honored to be asked back to teach a little with “Moose and the Gang” at this amazing workshop, which runs from Oct. 14-17, 2007 (if you register right now you can snag one of the few remaining spots, and before you know it you and I will be standing around, at the crack of dawn, coffee cup in one hand, tripod in the other, saying things like “I can’t believe I’m up this early,” and “I didn’t realize people got up this early” and other things you say in the dark at 5:00 in the morning).

I’ll be teaching a session called “The New Digital Photography Workflow using Photoshop and Lightroom,” and the whole workshop, from beginning to end, is not only an unmatched learning experience, and an incredibly inspiring event, but it’s just an awful lot of fun, so I hope you can make it. For more information, or to sign up, visit the DLWS web site by clicking here.

Hope to see you in Cape Cod! There’s still two more posts today, so scroll on down, Bunky! :)


“The Photoshop Guys” have a new TV studio, a new set and new look, and today we’re revealing our long-awaited our new official name, which is “Photoshop User TV” (produced by Photoshop User Magazine and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals–NAPP). S0, the name NAPP TV rides off into the sunset, as Photoshop User TV goes “On The Air!”

Now, because I’m on vacation I honestly have no earthly idea where they taped this show this past week’s episode, so I’ll be downloading it just too see what they came up with. When I get back from vacation, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on the new studio, and kicking off the new set and look, so I’m really excited to get back and see how it’s progressed, but since the name is now official, I thought I’d “spill the beans” here on the blog.

Thanks so much to all our viewers who’ve been so patient through our name changes, and we hope you enjoy our new look, new tutorials, new tips, new tricks, and the same ol’ cheesy jokes, delivered by the same ol’ cheesy guys. :-)

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Here’s a couple of quickies:

  • Finally, there’s a free Photoshop plug-in that lets you upload photos directly from Photoshop to (albeit, one at a time, but heyâ”ya gotta start somewhere, right?). Click here to download the free plug-in (there’s one version for CS2, and an updated version for CS3).
  • If you’ve ever struggled with understanding Histograms, check out this in-depth article called “Histograms, Huh?” from Aaron over at Single Serving Photo. Click here to go there.
  • We’re taking our buddy (and Photoshop genius) Bert Monroy and his Photoshop Creativity Tour up to Canada starting, um…..well…. today, where he’s in Vancouver. But his next stops are in Calgary on the 18th; Toronto on the 20th; on to Montreal on the 23rd, and then wrapping up in Ottawa on the 25th. To catch Bert’s tour, visit
  • Just a quick heads up if you’re into Lightroom: (1) We’ve added an entire track dedicated to Lightroom at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo coming up this September 6-8, 2007 at the Mandalay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas (2) if you’re a NAPP member, you get a special 15% discount on everything you buy from the Adobe’s Online Store (for a limited time—visit the NAPP member homepage for more details), and of course you get Lightroom for just $199 ($100 off the retail price—not bad considering NAPP membership only costs $99). :)
  • This isn’t Photoshop related, but you’ll get a good laugh out of this product that helps keep your iPhone or iPod from getting stolen, by hiding it inside a case that looks exactly like a Microsoft “Zune” MP3/Video player. It’ll only take a minute to visit “HideaPod”, but you’ve got to check this out to start your Monday off right. (Thanks to Larry Becker for sending me this one).

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My brother Jeff and I went shooting for an hour or so last night after dinner. The sky had great color but all the good clouds were pretty much behind us, but we had a blast just being together and shooting anyway. At one point, I took a shot, looked over at Jeff who was shooting nearby and said “I think I just qualified for the ‘Clich© Maine Harbor Shot’ Hall of Fame.” We stood there laughing until what was left of the good light went away. :)

Anyway, here’s a couple of shots from tonight’s shoot, (click on them for a larger version—if you dare). ;-)


Hi everybody. I’ve been really enjoying my vacation time off here in Maine, and my family is just loving it (I got this shot of my 17-month-old daughter the first day we got here–click on it for a larger version). The weather has been overcast (with gray skies every day), so I haven’t done really any outdoor shooting, and yesterday my brother and I played a great local golf course (it was nice and cool—unlike the swealtering heat of Tampa back home). However, today is just beautiful, and I hope to exploring the area today with camera in hand. It’s the first time I’ll be trying out the new Gitzo Traveler Tripod with the smaller “Really Right Stuff BH-40” ballhead (the little brother to the world class BH-55) that my wife got me for Father’s Day.

Now, onto some news:

  • You know how I love retouching sites, and this one is pretty cool. I found this site (from retoucher Rodrigo Bessane) from an Extreme Photoshop Retouching video he posted on YouTube, and I followed the link to his site. Although he’s not doing tutorials, just seeing what he retouched, and how the final image came out is an education unto itself, and definitely worth a visit (click right here).
  • For the past few month I’ve been using X-Rite’s Eye-One Display 2 hardware calibration system (and loving it by the way—I wrote about it in my new “CS3 Book for Digital Photographers), and I just learned that they’re hosting a one-day seminar in various US Cities. It’s called the “Picture Perfect Color Seminar” and it’s taught by pro photographer Phil Nelson. For details on their tour, click this link.
  • Corey Barker (The Photoshop Lad) has just released a new 21-day online course called “Adobe Illustrator Down & Dirty Tricks,” and if you’re an Illustrator user, you’ve got to check it out. It’s over at
  • Adobe’s photography evangelist George Jardine has just posted the latest installment of his Lightroom Podcast series, and this episode features an interview with Eric Scouten from the Lightroom Team. Check it out right here.
  • I saw on Rob where photojournalist David Honl (who I’ve mentioned here in the blog), has just come out with a really interesting looking set of dedicated flash modifiers (in fact, I might have to pick up a set myself—they really look helpful). I’d start with Rob’s article (there’s a really great photo of the modifiers there), and check out his article on it, and then if you want to pick them up, head over to David’s site. Here’s the link to Rob’s coverage.
  • Want a little Thursday inspiration? Check out the photography of John Lehet (I was turned on to his work by a NAPP member named Harold [he didn’t give his last name]). It’s a nice way to start your Thursday.

Well, breakfast is here, and I’ve got to run. Have a great Thursday everybody!

Your “Maine” Man! ;-)